10 Best Shows on US Netflix in June 2021

June is just around the corner, and with that, it’s time to revive your binge-watch list with our best shows on US Netflix in the June guide. When it comes to entertainment, there is nothing better than Netflix. From horror to wake you up at night to comedy to cackle the ribs – Netflix offers you a bouquet of all you can watch.

Netflix is offering its users a lot of options of Netflix original in June. The focus on the kid’s show is not lost on us as it attempts to entertain the children bored by their homes’ confines. June will be an exciting month for Netflix users as they can have their pick of Netflix Originals.

The shows’ trailers seem promising, so we have listed the best shows on US Netflix in June to help you pick must-watch shows. Even if you don’t live in the US, you can watch the recommended shows with our pick of VPNs that work with Netflix.

Best Shows on US Netflix in June 2021

1. L.A.’s Finest

After the huge success of Bad Boys, its spin-off L.A’s Finest will be available on Netflix to entertain you. The story revolves around two detectives who are working for the Los Angeles Police Department. The otherwise serious job is full of quirks and fun as the detective figures out how to make the best of the situation and be a better detective.

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Genre: Comedy

Cast: Jessica Alba, Gabrielle Union, Duane Martin, Zach Gilford

Created By: Sony Pictures Television, Jerry Bruckheimer Television

Coming on Netflix: 9th June 2021

2. Sweet Tooth

The world as we know it has ended and surviving in the post-apocalyptic is pretty challenging. This fantasy drama follows the story of a rare specimen, a boy who is half human and half deer. He is accompanied by a gruff protector who is helping him to search for a new beginning.

Genre: Fantasy

Cast: Nonso Anozie, Christian Convery, Stefania LaVie Owen, Aliza Vellani

Created By: Netflix

Coming on Netflix: 4th June 2021

3. Summertime

In the town of Cesenatico, Summer and Ale are two individuals with inverse ways of life. Summer is an exceptionally independent young lady; she loathes the summer and chooses to get a new line of work at The Grand Hotel Cesenatico.

Ale is a young fellow initially from Rome who is a renowned motorcyclist. He has taken a break from contending with his racing group for the summer after a risky racing accident almost executes him. What will happen when these totally different personalities fall in love?

Genre: Romance

Cast: Rebecca Coco Edogamhe, Ludovico Tersigni, Amanda Campana, Andrea Lattanzi

Created By: Netflix

Coming on Netflix: 3rd June 2021

4. Locombians

Locombians is a standup comedy series that leave you in stitches. With the promise of a new episode on the weekly basis, you can fulfill your much-needed quota of laughter and fun. Get ready to have fun and get the best jokes to overcome this pandemic depression.

Genre: Comedy

Cast: Pamela Ospina, Freddy Beltrán, Diego Camargo, Catalina Guzmán

Created By: Netflix

Coming on Netflix: 10th June 2021

5. Trese

If you are a fan of the animated series, Trese will be the perfect choice for you. Based on the mythical creatures and their struggle to hide from humans is the core concept of this series. The show is Philippines-based and can help you enjoy the subtle cultural values and norms.

Genre: Fantasy

Cast: Nicole Scherzinger, Carlos Alazraqui, Manny Jacinto

Created By: Netflix

Coming on Netflix: 10th June 2021

6. Elite Short Stories: Guzman Caye Rebe

Rebe is the focus of the story who is hosting an intimate house party for her friend. With the arrival of unexpected guests and drugs, her entertainment section of the party is ruined and she finds herself struggling.

Genre: Adventure

Cast: Miguel Bernardeau, Georgina Amorós, Claudia Salas

Created By: Netflix

Coming on Netflix: 14th June 2021

7. Haunted

It is a true horror series that will leave you fearing your shadow. It is focused on the stories of individuals who have experienced supernatural events involving multiple entities, including monsters, ghosts, apparitions, and poltergeists. If you enjoy a good horror story, this series will leave you with nightmares.

Genre: Horror

Cast: Vanda Chaloupková, Hana Baronová, Vojtech Hýzdal, Janek Gregor, Jan Papírník

Created By: Netflix

Coming on Netflix: 14th June 2021

8. Let’s Eat

Lets Eat is a Korean rom-com revolving around the boring life of a single woman. Her life changed when a murder is reported in her neighborhood. The story also focuses on the struggles of four other individuals who are divorced or searching for their partners.

Genre: Rom-com

Cast: Doo-Joon Yoon, Hee-won Kim, Jee-Young Kim, Hyeon-jin Seo

Created By: Orion Cinema Network

Coming on Netflix: 15th June 2021

9. Penguin Town

Who doesn’t love penguins with their cute little bodies and a funny walk? If you are a fan of penguins, you cannot miss this documentary series where penguins are breaking all the rules. Funny voices, cute walks, and a lot of attitudes, this is what Penguin Town will bring you in June.

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Genre: Documentary series

Cast: N/A

Created By: Netflix

Coming on Netflix: 16th June 2021

10. Black Summer

Focusing on the zombie apocalypse, the story continues with the return of this spiritual successor to Z-Nation. If you are a fan of zombie action and the survival of mankind, this series is perfect for you. From brain-eating zombies to intense thrill, all you have to do is wait for June for this action thriller.

Genre: Action 

Cast: Justin Chu Cary, Jaime King, Christine Lee, Sal Velez Jr.

Created By: Netflix 

Coming on Netflix: 17th June 2021


Now you have the list of the best shows on US Netflix that will grace your screens in June 2021. All you need now is a couch, a bucket of popcorn, and the time to spare for streaming! You can bet that it will be an exciting month for US Netflix users whether they want to watch fiction or comedy.


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