30 Best Shows on US Netflix You Can’t Miss [Updated December 2021]

December is just around the corner, and with that, it’s time to revive your binge-watch list with our best shows on US Netflix in the Deceember guide. When it comes to entertainment, there is nothing better than Netflix. From horror to wake you up at night to comedy to cackle the ribs – Netflix offers you a bouquet of all you can watch.

Netflix is offering its users a lot of options of Netflix original in December. The focus on the kid’s show is not lost on us as it attempts to entertain the children bored by their homes’ confines. December will be an exciting month for Netflix users as they can have their pick of Netflix Originals.

The shows’ trailers seem promising, so we have listed the best shows on US Netflix in December to help you pick must-watch shows. Even if you don’t live in the US, you can watch the recommended shows with our pick of VPNs that work with Netflix.

Best Shows on US Netflix in December 2021

1. Squid Game

Squid Game-Best Shows to watch on Netflix

Squid Game is about a group of folks in South Korea who are deeply in debt. They’re duped into a dangerous children’s game competition.

Many of them agree to return since they realize the games are their only opportunity to gain the money they need to survive.


2. Ozark

Ozark 1

A family is dragged from Chicago to the Missouri Ozarks, where a financial advisor must launder money to appease a drug lord.

Ozark 2

The story reflects the greed and risks humans take to get their hands on more and more money because easy money is never enough.


3. Angry Birds: Season 4

Angry Birds Season 4

Except for Red, who can’t seem to get over life’s annoyances, the flightless birds live a fairly happy lifestyle.

His temperament leads him to an anger management class, where he meets Chuck and Bomb, two other misfits. When his feathery companions welcome green pigs to their island paradise, Red becomes even angrier.

Red joins forces with Chuck and Bomb to explore the true reason for the swine’s odd entrance as the pigs begin to irritate him.


4. Clickbait

Clickbait 1-Shows to watch on Netflix

Clickbait investigates how hazardous and uncontrollable urges are fueled in the era of social media, as well as the growing divides between virtual and real-life identities.


For example, the Brewer Family finds that one of their own, Nick Brewer, has gone missing after appearing in a viral video with a terrifying message stating that if the video reaches 5 million views, he will perish.


5. You

You 2

A New York bookshop manager, Joe Goldberg, meets Guinevere Beck, an aspiring writer, and falls in love with her after meeting her.

You-Best Shows to watch on Netflix

Unfortunately, he feeds his poisonous obsession by using social media and other technologies to follow her locations and remove barriers to their romance.


6. Mindhunters

Mindhunters 1

Mindhunter follows FBI agents Holden Ford and Bill Tench, as well as psychologist Wendy Carr.


They work at the FBI Academy in Quantico, where they find how twisted a criminal’s mind can be.


7. Big Mouth: Season 5

Big Mouth season 5

Big Mouth is a half-hour edgy adult animated comedy created by real-life best friends Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg about the magnificent horror of adolescence.

Big Mouth Season 5

The last season brings something extra in an otherwise exceptional comedy making you laugh out loud.


8. Better Call Saul

Better Call Saul 1

James ‘Jimmy’ McGill’s transition from con artist to a reputable lawyer is the episode’s subject. It is a spinoff and prequel to the popular television series Breaking Bad.’

Better Call Saul 2

Better Call Saul tells the narrative of Jimmy’s day-to-day transformation into Saul Godman’s persona. Saul is a criminal lawyer who represents drug traffickers.


9. House Of Cards

House Of Cards 1-Best Shows Netflix

Frank Underwood, the House majority whip and a power-hungry Democratic congressman from South Carolina, celebrates President Garrett Walker’s election in 2012 after he agreed to name him Secretary of State.

House Of Cards 2

However, Underwood discovers that the President wants him to support his agenda in Congress and that their deal would not be honored.

Underwood, who is internally raging, presents himself to Walker as a helpful lieutenant. But, in reality, Underwood hatches a complex scheme behind President’s back.


10. Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders is an epic drama about an Irish Traveller or Romani criminal family set in Birmingham, England, in 1919, a few months after World War I ended in November 1918.

The plot revolves around the Peaky Blinders gang and Tommy Shelby, their ambitious and crafty boss who will do anything in their power to win.


11. Elite

Elite 1-Best Shows to watch on Netflix

When three working-class adolescents enroll at an elite private school in Spain, they clash with the rich pupils, resulting in a murder.


The conflict between those who have everything and those who have nothing results in a perfect storm that culminates in a murder providing you with an insight into what can go wrong in an institutional setting.


12. Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever 1

The story revolves around a high-school sophomore who tries to adjust to life, thus turning it all upside down. It’s a sweet and funny series.

Never Have I Ever 2

Focusing on a first-generation Indian-American who tries to recover from the sudden death of her father, leaving her to go through high-school dilemmas.

Devi tries to rebrand herself using a fake relationship with a gay classmate to get to her dreamy boyfriend.


13. Virgin River

Virgin River 1-Best Shows Netflix

Melinda “Mel” Monroe responds to an ad for a midwife and nurse practitioner in the isolated Northern California town of Virgin River, believing it will be the ideal location to start over and put her traumatic past behind.

Virgin River 2

It is one of the most comforting and relaxing shows, making it one of the best shows on Netflix US, and you should give it a try.


14. Bridgeton

Given the buzz around ‘Bridgeton,’ it’s no surprise that it’s regarded as one of the finest series presently available on US Netflix.

Bridgeton 1

Bridgeton is about a passionate pair that is attempting to make the best of their situation. It has an advantage over other shows because it incorporates a historical ambiance.


Daphne Bridgeton is the family’s eldest daughter, and she is seeking the right marriage. The show’s centerpiece is a peek of London’s marriage market, but Daphne is looking for more than a partnership.


15. Black Mirror

Black Mirror

Although it is classified as a science fiction show, it contains all of the elements of a horror series. When the first six episodes were released, the public was completely enthralled by the series.

Black Mirror 1-Best Shows to watch on Netflix

It’s been dubbed the “contemporary Twilight Zone” since it addresses a variety of subjects such as sorrow, politics, drama, ambition, and hate.

It can make you scream even if it isn’t full of demonic beasts and ax-murderers. Instead, the series focuses on the idea that monsters can come in the human form, making it one of the best shows on Netflix.


16. The Good Place

The Good Place 1-Best Shows to watch on Netflix

The Good Place comprises four seasons and 52 episodes, presenting a harsh reality that people can be petty and nasty when they don’t discipline their worst instincts.

It offers a refreshing, humorous take on the hereafter life of Eleanor Shellstrop, where she discovers that they have mistaken her for someone else. Now, she wants to rectify the confusion with the help of her afterlife mentor.


17. The Umbrella Academy

The Umbrella Academy 1

The story started in 1989 when 43 infants were born to unrelated women who showed no signs of pregnancy. The children are adopted by Sir Reginald Hargreeves, a wealthy businessman.

He established the Umbrella Academy, which was made up of his adopted children with superhuman powers.

The Umbrella Academy 2

Following Sir Reginald’s death, the siblings come home after a long absence to learn of the Earth’s impending doom. Of course, if they work together, they can stop it, but are they a family?

The Umbrella Academy is a lively and entertaining program that features heroic abilities such as time travel, superhuman strength, and talking with the dead.


18. Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina

Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina 1

Sabina is a modern teenager who is also a witch. This series is included in the list of the best horror shows on Netflix because of the contemporary take on horror’s age-old concepts.

Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina

It is bright but chilling as Sabrina is involved in activities that can make you scream in fear. The adventure of a teenager witch can be gruesome, and this show is proof of this statement.

Relate to Sabrina and accompany her on the journey of becoming an accomplished witch.


19. Lupin

Lupin 1-Best Shows on Netflix

Assane Dopis, a professional thief. He immigrated from Senegal to France in an attempt to better life for his child. Instead, he steals a diamond necklace worn by Marie Antoinette from the Louvre.

Lupin 2-Best Shows to watch on Netflix

The second season of this successful series will involve another heist. But, again, perfect planning to seamless execution, that’s what makes a robbery successful, and Assane is the master of the game.


20. Bojack Horseman

Bojack Horseman-Best Shows to watch on Netflix


Comprising six seasons, Bojack Horseman revolves around an alcoholic, depressed cartoon horse, who hurt a man who has cancer, gave the teens booze, and left someone to die.

Bojack Horseman 2

This hilarious series is about BoJack, who ends up doing worse while struggling to minimize his past bad behavior.

This comedy TV show perfectly combines main social issues, including mental health, addiction, power, and of course, abuse.


21. Q-Force

Q-Force 1

The show Q-Force is about a group of LQBTQ+ agents striving to show their usefulness to the CIA. The story revolves around Agent Mary, a high-performing member of the AIA.

Q-Force 2-Best Shows to watch on Netflix

He is demoted to the West Hollywood branch after coming out as homosexual. How he is trying to make his identity and sexuality work make this piece one of the best shows on US Netflix coming this month.


22. Supergirl: Season 6

Supergirl is a DC Comics action-adventure drama centred on Kara Zor-El, Superman’s (Kal-El) cousin.

Supergirl: Season 6

After 12 years of keeping her superhuman talents hidden on Earth, she chooses to fully embrace her superpowers and become the hero she was always intended to be.


23. The Circle

The Circle 1-Best Shows on Netflix

Started in 2020, The Circle focuses on a group of people living in an apartment complex. They must live separately and interact with each other through a social media app known a The Circle.

The Circle 2-Best Shows to watch on Netflix

Based on their interactions and likeability, the contestants vote out other contestants. Of course, you can say that the show’s plot is cheesy, but you can’t deny the fun element that includes it in the list of the best reality shows on Netflix.


24. Blood Brothers: Malcolm X & Muhammad Ali

Blood Brothers: Malcolm X & Muhammad Ali 1

It is the true story of Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X, two of the twentieth century’s most iconic figures: the outspoken Olympic champion who charmed the nation and the ex-con-turned intellectual revolutionary who railed against the evils of white oppression by speaking truth to power.

Blood Brothers: Malcolm X & Muhammad Ali

As the series is only streaming on US Netflix, you have to connect to premium VPN services such as ExpressVPN, NordVPN, Surfshark, PureVPN, or CyberGhost to access it outside America.


25. Sex Education

Sex Education 1-Best Shows on Netflix

Sex Education revolves around Otis, who is more sexually educated than any of his school peers. Later, Meave, the school’s most beautiful outcast, convinces him to start his sex therapy business to earn cash.

Sex Education 2

However, Otis experiences his sexual awakening while Maeve is insecure about her true feelings for someone. This way, the series addresses different types of sexual experiences and relationships in the fourth and final season.


26. How to Be a Cowboy

How to Be a Cowboy-Best Shows to watch on Netflix

Dale Brisby utilizes his social media knowledge and rodeo talents to keep cowboy traditions alive, and he’s now educating the rest of the globe on how to cowboy correctly.


27. Money Heist

Money Heist 1

The Spanish program is centered on the persona of ‘The Professor,’ a criminal genius. He intended to carry off the world’s greatest theft by printing billions of euros at Spain’s Royal Mint in the first season.

Money Heist 2-Best Shows on Netflix

He enlists the help of eight persons with specialized skills to carry out the plan. As a result, his recruits stand to gain a lot more than they stand to lose.

Money Heist 3

While the thieves prepare for the robbery, police are trying to find a method to apprehend ‘The Professor,’ in the final season making it one of the best TV shows on Netflix.


28. Bunk’d


Ravi, Emma, and Zuri Ross are heading to a rural Maine summer camp where their parents met teenagers.

Bunk'd-Best Shows on Netflix

Despite their new friends, love triangle, and camp anxieties, the three try their hardest to adapt to their exciting and demanding new life at Camp Kikiwaka.


29. Kid Cosmic

Kid Cosmic

Kid Cosmic is a film about Kid, a little kid who dreams of being a superhero and lives in a junkyard in a sparsely inhabited stretch of desert in the United States.

Kid Cosmic 2-Best Shows on Netflix

He assembles a motley crew of superheroes to protect the planet when he discovers that the stones will invite extraterrestrial invaders in the first season.


30. Lucifer

Lucifer 1-Best Shows on Netflix

When ‘Lucifer‘ became bored with hell, he traveled to Earth to have some fun and amusement and the sixth and final season provided an appealing ending.

Lucifer 2

The show revolved around the devil dealing with the darkest aspects of human nature, such as hatred, greed, ambition, and destruction.

Lucifer 3-Best Shows on Netflix

It offers a fresh perspective on human faults from the creature’s point of view known as the King of Evil.

Lucifer teams up with a local cop to investigate several drug and murder cases.

Their growing romance adds to the show’s oomph element. Tom Ellis’s deadly looks don’t hurt a bit, and they lend a strange appeal to the devil’s demeanor throughout the final season.



Though you can watch anything and everything on Netflix, including comedy, thriller, horror shows, suspense, horror movies, cartoon, crime shows, anime, romance, cooking shows, sci-fi, reality, emotional drama, and documentaries – we came up with the complete list of the best shows belonging to every niche.

Now you have the list of the best shows on US Netflix that will grace your screens in December 2021. All you need now is a couch, a bucket of popcorn, and the time to spare for streaming!

You can bet that it will be an exciting month for US Netflix users whether they want to watch fiction or comedy.

Some of the other best show titles include The Great British Baking show (third season), Haunting of Hill House, Friday Night Lights, American Crime Story, Queen’s Gambit, Sex Education, Breaking Bad (second season), Stranger Things, Saturday Night Live, Central Park, Last Airbender, Chicago Bulls, Monty Python’s Flying Circus, Kim’s Convenience, and Russian Doll.

Some of the titles include the mega star-studded cast and Emmy winners including Aaron Paul, Amy Sedaris, Andrea Bang, Babylon Berlin, Betty Broderick, Betty Gilpin, Bill Camp, Billy Porter, Bob Odenkirk, Bryce Dallas Howard, Catherine Keener, Scott Patterson, Simon Basset, Sophie Grace, Steve Blackman, Steven Canals, Steven Spielberg, Taylor Joy, Charlie Barnett, and Chevy Chase.

When it comes to the best actors appearing on Netflix shows, how can we forget Damon Wayans Jr, Daniel Larusso, Danny Pudi, David Tennant, Elliot Page, Eric Bana, Eugene Levy, famous chefs, Gillian Anderson, Greta Lee, Hannah Simone, Henry Thomas, Holland Taylor, Indya Moore, Jake Johnson, James Holzhauer, Jason Alexander, Jason Bateman, Jerry Seinfeld, Ji Yoon Kim, Jimmy Mcgill, John Carpenter, John Mulaney, Johnny Lawrence, Jonathan Banks, Julia Louis Dreyfus, Justin Long, Lamorne Morris, Larry David, Lauren Graham, Liz Lemon, and Lupin Omar Sy.

The most notable actors include Rachel Bloom, Henry Thomas, Tina Fey, Tom Hopper, Tom Tykwer, Tracy Morgan, Marcia Clark, Mark Hamill, Max Greenfield, Michael Jordan, Michael Mckean, Michael Richards, Millie Bobby Brown, Noel Fielding, Oliver Jackson Cohen, Omar Sy, Oscar Winner, Paul Sun Hyung Lee, Rebecca Bunch, Regé Jean, Regé Jean Page, Robert Sheehan, Sandra Oh, Sarah Paulson, Scott Alexander, Victoria Pedretti, and Vincent Rodriguez III.


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