40 Best Horror Movies on Netflix Enough to Give You Nightmares

Horror is an entertainment genre enjoyed by millions. The horror fans cannot deny the rush of the gory details, a brutal murder, an unnatural presence, and the victims’ bloodcurdling screams. Considering what horror fans like the best, we have come up with forty best horror movies on Netflix that can make you run for cover.

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Let’s dive into the screaming horrors without any further delay.

Best Best Horror Movies on Netflix

1. As Above, So Below

In this classic movie, Scarlett Marlowe is an archeologist who has devoted her life to find Flamel’s Philosopher’s Stone. The legends discuss the magical properties of the stone. It can grant eternal life and change any metal into gold.

When Scarlett learns the stone’s whereabouts, she assembles a crew, not knowing that she leads them to their deaths. The horror is unmatchable making it one of the best movies on Netflix

2. 1922

The story revolves around a rancher who is looking for financial gain with the death of his wife. As he plans to kill her, he had to convince his son for the killing. As the father wants the cooperation of his son, he holds his girlfriend hostage.

After the killing, they throw the body in the well where rats eat it. When the rats keep hunting the duo, they had to face the consequences of their sins.

3. Alive

#Alive is a South Korean zombie movie. The story is based on the struggles of a man who is the sole survivor of a deadly virus. The virus turned everyone into zombies, and every day it is becoming hard to survive.

The movie revolves around the concept of modern isolation. The struggles of survival are what make this piece one of the best horror movies on Netflix.

4. 1BR

Sara is new to Los Angeles and looking for a place to call home. As she ran away from her overbearing father, she falls into the clutches of a cult. As she starts a normal and peaceful life, her dream comes crashing with Brian’s involvement.

He is a sadist and wants Sara to get rid of human flaws, such as selfishness. The movie gradually heightened the trauma Sarah is facing, and it can jar your brain and make you uncomfortable.

5. Apostle

Thomas Richardson returned home in 1905, only to earn that his sister is being held for ransom by a religious cult. He is determined to get her back at any cost.

As the cult is residing on the idyllic island, he travels there and infiltrates their community. As he is trying to find his sister, he uncovers the evil secret that can ruin everyone’s life.

6. Before I Wake

Jessica and Mark are happy to become the foster parents of Cody, who is eight years old. He tells his new mother that he is afraid to fall asleep, who assume it is a fear of a young child.

When the dead son of the couple appears in the living room, things take a twisted turn. They get to know that Cody’s dream can turn into reality, and they need to understand why.

The movie’s concept and the trill are unmatchable, and it is often titled as one of the best movies on Netflix.

7. Cam

Alice works as a camgirl for the FreeGirlsLive website. She broadcast sexual content and wants to be on the top spot. Her mother does not know about her career, but her brother often advises her to spill everything.

She is so obsessed with the top spot that she fakes her suicide to gain viewership. One morning she tries to log into her account, but all of her attempts failed. When she noticed that her identical is streaming and pretending to her, she wants to know the truth

8. Cargo

With a spread of a virus, the infected are turning rabid in 48 hours. The Rose family is living safely on a houseboat in rural Australia. Andy leaves the boat to find food, later Kays to collect supplies, and gets attacked by a rabid human. She later bites Andy, who is now working on the goal to protect Rosie.

Thoomi (once a school teacher) promises to protect the child and start the journey to a safer place. The survival skill, hope to live, and constant fear is what makes this movie a must-watch.

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9. Child’s Play 2

Serial killer Charles Lee Ray inserted his soul into a Chucky doll. Two years after this incident, the toy company recreated the doll bringing Ray back into action. The possessed doll is trying to claim a body and kill his way towards the former owner.

As Andy’s foster parent believes him to be a troubled child, his sister tries to protect him. Who will Chucky kill next? The gross killing and the storyline make this series one of the best horror movies on Netflix.

10. Creep

Aaron is a struggling videographer who is trying to make ends meet. He responds to a stranger’s ad to make a movie for his unborn child. As the day progresses, Aaron starts getting uncomfortable with the house and Josef’s behavior.

Somehow he manages to flee from the house but soon realizes that Josef is stalking him. The movie is full of suspense, emotion, drama, and a constant mystery trying to get the actual picture of Josef.

11. Creep 2

Aaron is a prolific serial killer who gets dissatisfied with his killing as he is turning 40. Dave is his next victim, and he kills him in the prologue scene. As Sara responds to the ad, Aaron tells her that he is a serial killer.

He promised Sara that he would let her live for the next 24 hours to record his documentary. Sara’s survival depends on pretending to be interested in the story. Can she stick to this character?

12. Don’t Listen

Daniel is grieving for his son as his strange death left him confused and heartbroken. He hears a ghostly plea for help and thinks it is a trick. After hearing the pleas repetitively, he asked for the help of a renowned paranormal expert.

The suspense is excellent, and it is followed by a greater story making it one of the best horror movies on Netflix, so do give it a try.


13. Gerald’s Game

Jessie and Gerald are trying out new approaches to revive magic in thier married life, and a handcuff is a new addition to their collection. As Gerald handcuff Jessie to the bedpost, she starts having doubts about it and asks Gerald to stop.

As Gerald pays no heed to her pleas, she kicked him and killed him in the process. As she realizes that there is no one around, she starts hallucinating about her impending doom.

14. Hush

Maddie is a deaf horror author who retreated to a forest to live her life peacefully. Sarah is her only friend in the wilderness, and a masked killer kills her.

As the killer realizes that Maddie is deaf, he tries to make a victim out of her. With no sense of hearing, she has to fight for her life.

15. I’m Thinking of Ending Things

A woman is contemplating ending her relationship with her boyfriend of seven-week, Jake. As she came to the secluded farm belonging to Jake’s parents, she notices scratches on the basement door.

As she is acquainting with Jake’s parents, she noticed her picture and watches Jake’s parents turn into their younger self. As the scenario becomes more confusing, she tries to get to the bottom of everything going wrong.

The confusion, terror, and mystery are what make this piece one of the best horror movies on Netflix. As it is available only on American Netflix, connect to the US server of NordVPN and enjoy unlimited American library content.

16. Insidious

A family moves into a new home with the hope of happy life. They faced the shock of a lifetime when their son goes into a coma. After these incidents, eerie and strange events start happening, revealing something sinister lurking in the house.

When medical assistance fails, they ask for the help of psychic and paranormal investigators. Shortage of time and exceeding the demons’ presence, it becomes necessary to protect the child’s body.

17. It Comes at Night

A couple is surviving in a remote area after a deadly disease killed the majority of the population. Soon, they found another family in search of shelter.

As the families live together, they start suspecting each other of being infected where the diseased ones killed the innocent, proving that there is nothing more horrible than human nature.

18. Knock Knock

Evan is a happily married architect living alone with his dog due to physical therapy appointments and work. His wife and children are enjoying a planned family beach tree.

When two women Bel and Genesis, knock on Evan’s door, he opens the door and assists them with finding an address of a party. The seemingly innocent interaction turns into a sexual encounter and a series of unexplained events making Evan’s life hell.

19. Little Evil

When Gary marries Samantha, he is more than ready to embrace her son Lucas. After many attempts, he finds it almost impossible to connect to the quiet Lucas. Lucas’s school principal summon Gary and tell him about the incident of a teacher who killed herself after Lucas told her to go to hell.

Soon Gary starts believing that Lucas is evil and an antichrist who has to be killed. As he takes him to an amusement park, they bond as father and son. The love for the child makes Gary protect him at every cost.

20. Okja

Mija is caring for Okja for the past ten years. She is a constant companion to the massive animal which a big heart. Her smooth life and happiness are disrupted when Mirando Corporation takes Okja for themselves. They transport her to New York and present it as a source for more meat.

With no definite plan, Mija set out on a mission to rescue Mija. Though the movie is often not considered a horror, it includes all the components of one. You can experience heartbreak, love, loss, companionship, and terror throughout the movie.

21. Pan’s Labyrinth

The story is set in 1944 when the Allies invaded Nazi-held Europe. In an attempt t flush out the rebels, a troop of soldiers are sent to a remote forest in Spain. Captain Vidal is leading the troops, who is a murdering sadist.

He is accompanied by his new wife and her daughter from a previous marriage. As the child witnesses her new father’s brutality, she is drawn to Pan’s Labyrinth, which is full of mythical beings.

The involvement of mythical being provides this movie an edge over other choices and make it one of the best horror movies on Netflix.

22. Ravenous

Following the missing person reports at Fort Spencer, Capt. Joh Boyd belonging to a remote army outpost, investigate the incidences. As they aid the wounded after their arrival to the new post, frontiersman F.W. Colghoun recalls a horrifying tale.

A wagon train was murdered by the guide, who is a US Army colonel gone mad. Preparing for the worst, the regiment heads out to verify the gruesome claims of Colghoun.

23. Shutter

Ben is a photographer who wants to turn his honeymoon into a working vacation. He snags a fantastic assignment in Japan, and his new bride is more than excited about the possibility of visiting Japan.

As they were making their way up the mountain one night, they slam into a woman but could not find her body. When the photographs develop, the incident is recalled as there are ghostly images in the photographs.

24. Shutter Island

With the escape of a brilliant murderess, US Marshals Teddy and his new partner have to go to the Ashecliffe Hospital. It is a fortress-like asylum fot the uncurably insane, located on a windswept remote island.

The murderess vanished from a locked room, and terrible things started happing in the hospital vicinity followed by her disappearance. With the investigation’s progress, Teddy has to face his fears if he wants to leave the island alive.

25. The Babysitter

Cole is a typical teenager who has a crush on her babysitter. He once stays up past his bedtime to realize that his babysitter belongs to a satanic cult.

She performed a satanic ritual in his living room with her fellow members and realized that Cole had observed the ritual. They are now trying to kill him to keep him quiet at any cost. Cole is trying to fight for his life, and the worst part is, no one believes him.

26. The Babysitter: Killer Queen

Sequel to ‘The Babysitter‘, the story continues. Cole defeated his babysitter two years ago as she was the leader of a satanic cult. Now the time has changed, and Cole has to defeat Bee and her followers again. He is still wondering how the old evil has returned when his worst nightmare comes true.

We would recommend watching the prequel first as the story is the continuation. With the charm of a teenager and youth’s excitement, the horror faced by Cole are heightened.

27. The Blackcoat’s Daughter

During the dead of winter, an upset young lady leaves on a strange excursion to a disengaged private academy where two abandoned understudies face a vile danger from a hidden, insidious power.

As the teacher’s journey and the student progress, they have to outlive a constant threat of the unknown presence. The mystery, thrill, and suspense make this piece one of the best horror movies on Netflix.

28. The Blair Witch Project

Discovered video film tells the story of three film understudies who’ve ventured out to an unassuming community to gather narrative film about the Blair Witch, an amazing neighborhood killer.

Throughout a few days, the understudies talk with residents and assemble pieces of information to help the story’s veracity. However, the venture takes a terrifying turn when the understudies lose their way in the forested areas and start hearing horrendous commotions.

29. The Boy

A young and vibrant American named Greta accepts a position as a babysitter for an 8-year-old kid in a far-off English town. Shockingly, Greta discovers that the offspring of her new bosses is a life-size doll. They care for the doll as though it was human, which helps the couple adapt to their own child’s demise 20 years sooner.

When Greta disregards a rundown of stringent guidelines, the series of horrible events proved that her worst fear is coming true and the doll is alive. 

30. The Conjuring

In 1970, paranormal specialists and demonologists Lorraine and Ed Warren are called to Carolyn and Roger Perron’s home. The Perrons and their five girls have as of late moved into an isolated farmhouse, where an otherworldly presence is making its presence known by causing a ruckus.

Even though the indications are generally clear from the start, occasions before long heighten in frightening style, particularly after the Warrens find the house’s ghastly history.

31. The Conjuring 2

In 1977, paranormal specialists Ed and Lorraine Warren emerged from a purposeful holiday to head out to Enfield, a precinct in north London. They meet Peggy Hodgson, an overpowered single parent of four who tells the couple that something evil is in her home.

Ed and Lorraine trust her story when the most youthful girl begins to give indications of wicked belonging. As the Warrens attempt to help the assaulted young lady, they focus on the pernicious soul.

32. The Forest

When her twin sister vanishes in Japan, a youthful American named Sara gets resolved to discover what befallen her. Sara’s examination drives her to the unbelievable Aokigahara Forest, situated at the base of Mount Fuji.

Joined by ostracizing Aiden, she enters the secretive wild after being cautioned to “stay on the path.” Her examination dives her into a dim reality where the dead’s irate and tortured spirits go after the individuals who try to investigate the backwoods.


33. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

Mikael Blomkvist is a disgraced financial report who tracks down an opportunity to recover his honor after being employed by affluent Swedish industrialist Henrik Vanger to tackle the 40-year-old homicide of Vanger’s niece, Harriet.

Vanger accepts that an individual from his own family executed Harriet. At last, joining Blomkvist on his risky journey for the fact of the matter is Lisbeth Salander, a surprising yet bright specialist whose delicate trust isn’t effortlessly won.

34. The Invitation

While going to an evening gathering at his previous house, a man begins to accept that his ex and her new spouse have evil designs for the visitors. His assumptions are further confirmed when he found the main door locked and a stack of sleeping pills.

As the nightfall, the evil design becomes more evident, and everyone has to struggle for their life. Will the evening turn into a disaster?

35. The Perfection

Charlotte Willmore is a gifted youthful cellist who had to leave Bachoff, a high music school in Boston, to focus on her mother’s critical condition. After her mom’s passing years after the fact, Charlotte contacts Anton, the top of the institute, and goes to Shanghai, where she met with Lizzie (the institute’s star student).

She befriended her, later it was uncovered that Charlotte sedated Lizzie with drugs recommended to Charlotte’s late mother. With the medicines causing hallucinations, Lizzie cut her hand. 

36. The Platform

The class is an accurate description of capitalism. The story revolves around a vertical prison where is the food is offered according to the level. Prisoners residing at the higher level get the best food while the prisoners at the lower levels are given the leftovers.

The movie highlights everything good and bad about human nature, how higher-level prisoners are eating the food, and how they are starving.

Hunger brings the worst out of some, and the movies explore this side of human nature in detail.

37. The Ritual

Rejoining after their companion’s awful passing, four school buddies set out to climb through the Scandinavian wild. An off-base transform drives them into the strange timberlands of Norse legend, where an old fiendish exists and stalks them every step of the way.

The horror of the unknown is what makes this piece an epic watch. As it is available on American Netflix, connect to the US server of Surfshark and enjoy the American Netflix library.

38. Under the Shadow

After Shideh’s apartment is hit by a rocket during the Iran-Iraq War, an eccentric neighbor proposes that the missile was reviled and may be conveying pernicious Middle-Eastern spirits.

She becomes persuaded a heavenly power inside the structure is endeavoring to have her little girl Dorsa, and she must choose the option to go up against these powers if she is to save her girl and herself.

39. We Summon the Darkness

Alexis Butler and her two companions Val and Bev are heading to a heavy metal show when a milkshake is tossed from a blue van onto their windshield. When they show up at the front, they track down a similar blue van, and Val tosses a little firework into it, causing the three young men inside to move out.

Ivan possesses the van and his pals Kovacs and Mark, who is supposed to leave for Los Angeles soon, are keen on the young ladies. After the show, Alexis welcomes the young men to her dad’s vacant house. As they play a round of Never Have I Ever, the young ladies drug the young men’s beverages and uncover they will kill them.

40. Would You Rather

Iris and seven other frantic individuals become caught in Shepard’s house. Shepard compels them to play a savage game for a considerable amount of cash – however, the problems become progressively destructive.

With unforeseen action and multiple twists, this movie can get the viewers hooked to the story ad that’s what makes it one of the best horror movies on Netflix.

The selection is a definite gift for the United States residents, but you don’t have to worry if you are not in the US. For instance, you may be living in Germany, in that case, follow our guide about accessing US Netflix from Germany, and you can access the American Netflix library from anywhere with NordVPN.

As you now have access to the best horror movies on Netflix, you can enjoy this list for months. A word of caution, watch them at your own risk. Happy streaming!

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