Unplug your Brain with these 25 Best Reality Shows on Netflix

If you want to watch people fall in love or fall off stuff, you can watch it and much more on Netflix. Whether it is Indian anties trying to matchmake unsuspecting single or random strangers becoming the target of Billy Eichner’s silly questions, our picks of the best reality shows on Netflix America can entertain you for hours.

We know that these picks are US-specific. Everyone should get the chance to enjoy these fantastic shows, so we came up with the perfect solution, connected to the US server of our picks of the best VPNs for Netflix, and enjoyed these reality shows from anywhere around the world.

Fasten your seat belts because you will be blown away by fun, love, hate, passion, cuisine, infrastructure, and embarrassment.

Best Reality Shows on Netflix

1. Somebody Feed Phil

Even though you cannot taste it, food-based reality shows can be mouthwatering. Somebody Feed Phil follows Everybody Loves Raymond creator Phil Rosenthal, a food connoisseur and a gem of a person. Accompany him on a tasteful journey where he eats in cities worldwide, explores the local scenery, and makes new friends.

The destinations include Mexico City, New Orleans, Tel Aviv, Sai gon, Bangkok, Lisbon, Venice, Dublin, New York City, Marrakesh, Chicago, London, Seoul, Montreal, Singapore, Hawaii, Rio De Janerio, and many more. The show will leave you smiling and travel to the location to enjoy as much as Phil does!

2. Nadiya Bakes

Nadia Hussain is the Great British Bake Off alum. This show is her solo spin-off where she has the perfect solution for everyday food choices. Her baking tips, charm, and tricks can help you prepare the meal that can leave your family wanting for more.

Even if you are not a master in the kitchen, Nadia’s simple recipes can make cooking seem easier somehow. With her charming personality, she can make you a fan and entice you to try your hands at cooking. With homemade cakes and delicious pastries, you can get addicted to this show, and this is the reason it is included in the list as one of the best reality shows on Netflix.

3. Indian Matchmaking

Sima Taparia is the matchmaker in the Indian Matchmaking where are just the passengers in this ride. An Indian aunty trying to fix singles with each other is the central concept of this show. It is not far from reality, and that’s why it is one of the best reality shows on Netflix.

She is matchmaking singles across the United States and India based on their vibes, personal preferences, and backgrounds. As there is no shortage of family drama, ghosting, and terrible dates, you can enjoy every component of the Indian culture in all its glory. 

The concept, the sheer extravagance, and the emotional clashes make it one of the best shows on Netflix.

4. Blown Away

There is no doubt that glass art is a complex art. The back-breaking work for creating a masterpiece is often neglected. As it is a glass-blowing competition, you can enjoy the behind-the-scenes work involved in creating some of the best artifacts.

The show is soothing and visually appealing, rightfully securing a position in the list of the best show on Netflix. The contestant blows your mind and glass with furnaces, molten glass, and blowpipes, but the end result is worth dying for. With everything at stake, you can appreciate the hard work that goes into some of the most delicate and challenging creations.

5. America’s Next Top Model

Considered to be among the pioneers of reality shows, America’s Next Top Model is streaming on Netflix to make you fall in love with this show, Again. The journey of hopeful models while they are competing in the challenges and photoshoots is inspiring and enjoyable. The strict rule and guidance of Tyra Banks provide a stark contrast to the world everything imagines as shallow.

There is so much can learn from this show from style, posing, posture, coordination, and fashion. The beautiful models with their perfect bodies and even perfect personalities can surely get you hooked on this show.

As the show is available only in the US, if you live in Canada, you can not miss these American beauties and their struggles to be the best. Enjoy the show with our guide to watching American Netflix from Canada; you can thank us later.

6. Survivor

With a cult-like following, 40 seasons, and 20 years under its belt, there is no doubt that Survivor is one of the best reality shows on Netflix. Every year, the contestants are split into different tribes and left to survive in a deserted area. Winning challenges ad immunities can make their lives a bit easier.

The losing tribe votes out a member every week, and this practice continues till a Sole Survivor is left standing.

With a lack of basic amenities and a struggle for survival, there is no wonder that Survivor is the go-to choice of millions for entertainment.

7. Bling Empire

The show brings attention to the wealthy and posh lifestyle of the East-Asian American and East-Asian socialites based in LA. They describe themselves as the Crazy Rich Asian, and all the main cast are East Asians residing in the US.

From models to real estate developers, philanthropists, plastic surgeons, entrepreneurs, film producers, and heirs, the show provides an insight into the luxurious lifestyle of Asians.

Though it is an American reality show, it does not mean you cannot watch it from Germany or anywhere else. Check out our guide to access American Netflix from Germany and enjoy.

8. The Circle

Started in 2020, The Circle focuses on a group of people living in an apartment complex. They must live separately and interact with each other through a social media app known a The Circle. Based on their interactions and likeability, the contestants vote out other contestants.

When you are interacting with someone, you can be anyone and choose any personality you like. The chances of catfishing are high and add a much-wanted twist to the show’s concept. You can say that the show’s plot is cheesy, but you can’t deny the fun element that includes it in the list of the best reality shows on Netflix.

9. Love Is Blind

Considered to be the lovechild of Married At First Sight and The Circle, there is no doubt that Love Is Blind is a hot dating show. Focused on bringing 30 Atlanta singles together, the show set up the couple and arrange blind speed dates for them in a pod that is separated by a glass wall. The contestant date for ten days without seeing each other. After these ten days, they must go home or get engaged with someone.

After the engagement, the participant meets in person, being the three-week countdown to their wedding, and goes on an exciting honeymoon. If you think that the drama is over after the engagment, keep in mind that three weeks are enough to change anyone’s mind.

The chance to say ‘I Do’ in from of the family and friends seems like a far-fetched dream, and much can go wrong.

10. Dating Around

If you are looking for panache, glamour, and the cream of the dating reality shows, Dating Around is the perfect choice for you. The concept of the show is pretty generic, where a contestant is sent on five blind dates. All of these dates are set in the same restaurant, and they are edited together seamlessly.

After evaluating the possibilities, the dater has to pick one option worthy of a second date. The awkwardness specific to first add the fun component to the show. The embarrassing question and tricky personalities make Dating Around one of the best reality shows on Netflix.

11. Queer Eye

What happens when design expert Boobt Ber, style expert Tan France, food expert Antoni Porowski lifestyle expert Karamoo Brow, and grooming expert Jonathan Van Ness come together to change your life. This fabulous team is traveling across the country and change the life of one person forever.

Prepare for tears and laughter, and the show is full of fun and emotions, making it one of the best reality shows on Netflix.

12. Selling Sunset

The show follows the real estate brokerage agents The Oppenheim group; As they are transversing the high-end residential market of Los Angeles, you can be sure that there will be drama and greed involved. It is considered to be real estate porn with exquisite infrastructure and posh buildings.

Even though it is an American show, you can watch it from anywhere, including New Zealand. Yes, you heard that right; even if you are in NZ, check out the guide to access American Netflix from New Zealand.

13. The Great British Bake Off

Reality TV isn’t frequently connected with healthiness and immaculateness, but that’s not the case with ‘The Great British Bake Off’. The soothing tones, the immaculate British manner, and the eye for detailing are what make this show stand out among the competitors.

There is no bashing, no temper tantrum, no sarcasm, and only the hint of charming distress specific to Brits. As baking is the focus concept of the show, there is no shortage of delicious pastries, beautiful cakes, and mouthwatering delicacies. Each season highlights 12 home bread cooks who participate in three challenges till the best chef is found.

Even though the show is based in the UK, it is not available on UK Netflix as the streaming rights belong to a different country. There is no need to worry because our guide to watch American Netflix can help you access the American Netflix library quickly.

14. The Big Flower Fight

Ten sets of florists, sculptors, and garden designers head to head in an agreeable botanical battle to see who can assemble the greatest, boldest flower sculpture. Blossoms are a vivid image of affection, tranquility, appreciation, and mother earth in the entirety of its magnificence.

The Big Flower Fight‘ is a treat for your eyes, and you can appreciate nature in all its glory. The contenders are risking everything and fighting for a chance to showcase their sculpture at the royal garden. The plan of the model incorporates creepy crawlies, seats, mobiles, ocean animals, and fantasy segments, making it one of the best reality shows on Netflix.

15. Too Hot To Handle

What will happen if attractive ingles are asked to live together without any boundaries? The answer is sex! Th shows take that choice away from the participants. They can engage in conversation, participates in activities, and talk to their heart’s desire. If they want to win the grand ash prize, they must refrain from any sexual activity.

Curbing the most basic desire to get a chance to win the prize seems like an easy deal, but it is not. The emotions, betrayal, drama, and choice are what make this show a binge-worthy choice.

16. Tidying Up With Marie Kondo

How often do you think that your house, office, or life is cluttered? Based on the concept of getting rid of every unnecessary thing and tidying up your save and life is the basic concept of this show. Marie Condo is a lifestyle celebrity who knows what she is doing.

Following her lead, the participant gets rid of their belongings in an attempt to make their space more valuable and their life simple. If you enjoy the before and after effect of a good sweep, this show is the perfect choice for you.

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17. Marriage or Mortgage

As the name indicates, the reality show ‘Marriage or Mortgage’ is based on the contents’ choice. They have to choose a perfectly lavish wedding or a dream house. Couples who are about to settle and start a family are the main focus of the show. The choice wi be theirs – choose a wedding like a royal one of enjoying a comfortable life without worrying about mortgage.

The show is full of emotions, drama, tears, teamwork, passion, and hope. As reality shows go, it is one of the most intense ones. You will see couples fighting over the choice, and a real estate agent and wedding planner try to grab the attention of the couple. What will be their final choice? We are waiting for the answer.

18. Billy on the Street

Billy on the Street with Billy Eichner is an American satire game show facilitated by jokester and entertainer Billy Eichner. During every scene, Eichner goes out to the roads of New York City and asks walkers inquiries about mainstream society and pop culture.

The answers of the public are witty and full of fun making sure that you can enjoy the concept of the show. The regular presence of other comedians with their quirky comments adds to the character of the show. It is an easy and fun watch, and the simple plot makes it a strong contender for the title of one of the best reality shows on Netflix.

19. Save Our Shelter

Remember the show when Chef Gordon Ramsay went to the different resultant, critically evaluate the dishes, services, and the help the owner to revamp their restaurant? Save Our Shelter follows the same pattern minus the insults. A shelter is selected in each episode, and different means to improving the quality of life of the furry residents are taken into consideration.

Working day & night for the welfare of the strays, the results in the form of joyful bark are shooting to the soul. If you are an animal lover, you can’t resist the charm of this show.

20. Skin Wars

Art is intriguing, especially if the canvas is the human body. Hosted by model and actress Rebecca Romjin, this masterpiece showcase the talent of the artist who takes on challenges involving human canvases. The winner of the show gets a cash prize of $100,000, a one-year supply of specialty paints, and gets featured in an international body painting trade show.

The vibrant colors, unique designs, beautiful forms, and creativity will win you over and help you appreciate art in all its glory. Even though we have listed the shows as our top pick for the best reality shows on Netflix, we know that it is available in the US. For instance, you live in Ireland or anywhere outside the US, here is our guide that can help you unblock American Netflix from anywhere.

21. Prank Encounters

The ‘Stranger Things’ character is the host of the show, and he will make you laugh. The show’s plot is based on two strangers who think that they are starting a new job. Rather than a job description and daily task, they get an extra dose of pranks causing the confusion that will leave you in stitches.

Prank Encounters is full of laughter, trouble, fun, and confusion. If you are searching for an original concept with the addition of unlimited humor, this show is the perfect choice for you.

22. Amazing Interiors

If you love the unique anterior and fantastic style, this show is for you. Focusing on three structures in every episode, this show highlights homes with unique and intriguing customs interiors. Most of the time, these featured homes are part-time museums, and the owners live in a backyard rollercoaster, basement, bunker, hockey fan cave, or garage.

The sol surrounding, rich color, fantastic texture, and beautiful landscape are what makes the house stand out from the ordinary one. The before and after video of the remodeling are also included in the highlight, making you appreciate the cost, time, and effort involve in designing a unique house.

23. Rhythm + Flow

This show is a Netflix original and based on a music competition. You can call it American Idol, but it better and more badass. Outstanding judges, including Cari B, Chance the Rapper, ad T. I bring a character to the show, and guest judges, including Ty Dolla $ign, DJ Khaled, and Snoop Dogg, bring an oomph factor to the show.

With the grand prize of $250,000, the contenders from Chicago, Atlanta, New York, and Los Angeles bring their best performance to the stage, and you can check the raw and rising talent in the world of hip hop. If you love music, especially hip hop, you should binge all the episodes, pick your favorite, and enjoy the raw but exciting musical journey.

24. Death by Magic

Death By Magic is an arrangement that highlights incredibly hazardous magic tricks and tricks that ought never to be attempted at home. Tricks incorporate the utilization of genuine, stacked weapons, speeding trains, shoot, and encased spaces loaded up with water.

Crowds frequently shout and get passionate during these exceptional performances. The arrangement additionally features the critical thinking abilities needed to create illusions and comprehend why they turn out badly. Condemnations are bleeped, and beer bottles are some of the time utilized in illusions.

If you want to check out the power of illusion and magic, this show will make you forget to breathe with unmatchable actions and the tricks to die for.

25. Fastest Car

As it is a Netflix Original, you can be sure that the actions and excitement will also be original. If you love exotic cars and edgy drivers, fasten your seatbelts to enjoy the ride of a lifetime with Fastest Cars. The show focus on the owner of luxury supercars goes up against sleeper car.

FYI, the sleeper cars are older mode p cars that are improved by skilled gear heads. The race is quarter-mile and provides a chance to the drivers to win the season championship.

The thrill, intrigue, and guess about who will win the race makes this show exciting and includes it in the list of the best reality shows on Netflix.

Reality shows can be the best form of entertainment if you have a curious mind. You can watch any type of reality show, including bakeoff, dating, matchmaking, car racing, interior designs, fashion, modeling, and much more. Our picks for the best reality shows on Netflix can help you satiate your craving for creativity.

Appreciate the talent of the artist and take ideas for your next family dinner. Even if you live outside the US, you can enjoy these picks by connecting to the premium VPN services, including ExpressVPNSurfshark, and NordVPN. Connect to the US server, grab the drinks, and enjoy unlimited creativity.

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