The 40 Best Anime Series on US Netflix That You Don’t Wanna Miss

Contemporary cinema and western cartoons are becoming dominated by animations. You may call it geeky all you want, but you can’t dispute that anime is pushing the frontiers of modern art.

Netflix offers the most extensive anime series collection compared to other streaming services and our picks for the best anime series on Netflix are proving it.

The 40 Best Anime Series on Netflix

If you like anime or want to get into it, we’ve compiled a list of the top candidates for the title of greatest anime series on US Netflix. There is no need to be concerned if you live outside the United States. Choose any VPN service from our list of the best Netflix VPN and try them out.

So, without any further delay, let’s dive into the world of anime with our picks of the 40 best anime series on Netflix.

1. Aggretsuko

The story revolves around a 25 years old panda who is working as an accountant. His job at a trading firm is sou sucking. The only happening part of her life is her inclusion in the workplace musical comedy.

Every night when she gets frustrated by the monotony of the office work, she put her heart and soul into the shrieking metal at the local karaoke bar. If you are looking for the best comedy in the form of an anime, this one is definitely for you.

2. Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

After the death of Meiko “Menma” Honma in an accident, six childhood friends drifted apart. When the ghost of Menma starts haunting Jinta, she tries to get back to her old self.

She used to be an exciting and outgoing person but after her friend’s death, she fell into the clutches of depression. Menma asks Jinka to fulfill her wish so she can move to the afterlife and Jinka had to reconnect with her lost friends.

3. Attack on Titan

Humans are going to get extinct from the face of the earth. They are trying to protect themselves fr the humanoid creatures (Titan) by hiding behind a wall.

Though the humans are holding their own for over 100 years in their containment, Titans have managed to attack the outer city. What will the humans do when their loved ones are devoured by Titans.

4. B: The Beginning

As it is a Netflix Original, you don’t have to worry about connecting to a VPN to access it from anywhere. This anime is exciting, dark, and suspenseful. The revolves around a world that is base on technology.

An investigator is searching for a serial killer “Killer B”. The investigator will unfold some terrible human experiments and a mysterious criminal organization behind them.

The plot and action make it one of the best shows on Netflix when we talk about the genre of anime.

5. Beastars

The story revolves around anthropomorphic animals that live in a world that seems peaceful. It is a facade as there is continuous stress among the herbivores and carnivores.

Each character has some kind of stereotypical stigma but there is more to the character of the animals. When a wolf falls for a rabbit, he has to suppress his instinct for the love of his life.

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6. Blood of Zeus

As the name indicates, the story revolves around a demigod who is the son of Zeus. He is caught in the war among his stepmother Hera and his father.

Another major war is the focus of the anime where Olympian gods are fighting with the Titans backed by the vicious army of vampires making it one of the best anime series on Netflix.

7. Blue Exorcist

If you still haven’t watched this amazing anime, you are definitely missing out. The story follows the life of an ordinary teenager rin who finds out that he is not so ordinary.

Rin is the son of Satan and he was sent to the True Cross Academy to become an exorcist. He has to fight the worldly demon along with the demon within himself.

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8. Cardcaptor Sakura

the story revolves around Sakura who is a fourth-grader and she is trying to come up with the shenanigans of growing up. She accidentally opens up a magic tome and brings the magical Clow Cards to the world.

As she is trying t wrangle the magical entities running around the street, she has to add sorceress to her list of responsibilities.

9. Cannon Busters

If you are looking for an anime full of magic, bounty hunters, powerful androids, and coin-operated mechs,, this one is the answer to your prayers.

It is set in the fantasy land of Gerabolt and follows the life of three misfits. Each of the character has its own agenda. The high-end robot is looking for her best friend while the outdated robot is searching for new upgrades.

10. Castlevania

Castlevania includes all the supernatural characters, including demons, the devil, and Dracula. When his better half is scorched at stake in the wake of being dishonestly blamed for witchcraft, the vampire Count Dracula announces every one individual of Wallachia will pay with their lives.

He brings an army of devils, which overwhelms the nation, making individuals carry on with lives of dread and doubt. The suspense and the ivolveemnt of mystical creatures make this piece one of the best anime series on Netflix.

11. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

The focus of the story is the Joestar family. Jonathan is a sweet-mannered Englishman who struck up a rivalry with his adopted brother Dio Brando. The anime series follows the interaction, incident, clashes, and rivalry of the brother.

It also focuses on the adventures of the family through generation. The animations are worth drooling, and this is the reason JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is added in the lisst of the best anime series on Netflix.

12. Yasuke

War-torn feudal Japan is full of magic and mechs. Yasuke is trying to maintain a peaceful existence in chaos and violence, but peace is not always the answer. Yasuke came from Africa and known as the Black Samurai.

Due to his fighting skills and unique personality, he soon becomes a legend who can bring peace to the land.

13. Eden

Thousands of years forward, robots are ruling over the world when they found a young human girl. Their decision will change the future.

The robots are secretly raising a human world. When the girl starts uncovering the secrets behind her lush world, she had to face the truth that humanity has all but vanished from the face of the earth.

14. Trese

If you are a fan of the animated series, Trese will be the perfect choice for you. Based on the mythical creatures and their struggle to hide from humans is the core concept of this series. The show is Philippines-based and can help you enjoy the subtle cultural values and norms.

15. Cells at Work!

Categorized as edutainment, the series is centered on anthropomorphic cells of the body that work constantly to keep you healthy and alive. These cells protect the human body from pathogens, diseases, parasites, bacteria, and viruses.

If you want to know what your body can do and the mechanism of the human cells, this series is definitely for you.

16. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

You can compare the Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion with Japan’s conquering the Holy Empire of Britannia. Now the totalorial state is known as Area 11.

The rebels are forcing agaist Britannia and Lolouh Lemperouge is swept into a terrorist attack one day. H is daved bya gilr who grant him with the power of ‘Geass’ and he is able to cotrol others. The unique plot and aimatation makes it one of the best anime series on Netflix.

17. Death Note

A shrewd and pessimistic secondary school understudy out of nowhere winds up possessing a magical note pad that can kill anybody whose name is written in it. With such power, he endeavors to purify the universe of evil by taking out the individuals who have perpetrated barbarities.

18. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

Demon Slayer follows Tanjiro, whose family was slain by demons and his sister was converted into one of these things herself, in a 20th century Taish-era Japan haunted by man-eating demons.

He sets out to find a cure and eventually joins the Demon Slayer Corps., a hidden club of demon slayers that use supernatural Breathing Styles to provide them superhuman abilities.

19. Devilman Crybaby

Devilman is a fictional character. Crybaby is no stranger to plunging into the murky depths of obscene imagery. As Akira seeks to protect his friends and family from the world’s actual ills, disembowelment is a typical occurrence.

When you become the darkness, though, it’s difficult to keep the darkness from devouring you.

20. Dorohedoro

Dorohedoro is strange in every way. Caiman awakens with his human face changed with a reptile head and no memories after a sorcerer casts a spell on him.

In many ways, it’s not unusual, given that he lives in the bleak and dismal “Hole,” where magic users often cast curses on non-magic people, leaving them mutated or dead. Caiman embattled himself in order to undo the enchantment.

21. DOTA: Dragon’s Blood

This show is based on the video game Dota 2, which was published in 2013. It is an epic fantasy with plenty of blood and gore to keep action enthusiasts happy.

The plot follows Davion, a Dragon Knight who is thrust into an odd encounter with a demon and a dragon, and things only get more intriguing from there.

22. Erased

The story follows Satoru, a 29-year-old man with the uncontrollable ability to travel back in time whenever anything horrific occurs in his immediate area.

He’s used this talent to prevent a number of bad things from happening in his life, but it’s never taken more than a few seconds or minutes.

23. Food Wars!

Food Wars! : Shokugeki no Soma has an oddly sexual tone to it. The characters have abrupt sensual responses after eating any cuisine, which typically include bursting free from their garments for no apparent cause.

But don’t let the foodgasms put you off from seeing this charming coming-of-age drama, which boasts some of anime’s most beautiful culinary animation and mouth-watering food visuals.

24. Fullmetal Alchemist and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

The programme addresses issues of filial piety and the implications of world conflict by telling the narrative of Edward and Alphonse Elric, brothers who escaped a catastrophic magical accident and now hope to right their past errors.

25. Great Pretender

The plot follows a young Japanese conman who becomes engaged in schemes far larger than he could ever imagine. As each key character’s complex scams develop, you get a closer peek into their backstories as the series develops.

Of course, there’s always the big reveal at the conclusion of each con, which is always thrilling.

26. Gurren Lagann

Gurren Lagann, a significantly less serious take on a timeworn subgenre, gave this series another go at enormous combat robots.

The wonderful storey arc is brimming with positive energy. The series’ high-energy battle sequences go nicely with the campy and flirty language. It’s one of the most entertaining action anime shows available on Netflix.

27. Haikyu!!

The plot revolves around Hinata, a small student who dreams of one day competing in the national championship. He must develop his talents and develop relationships with his teammates to become the finest player he can be, fueled solely by his own drive.

28. High-Rise Invasion

Yuri Honjo, a high school girl, finds herself in “abnormal space,” a weird realm of interlinked structures. In order to live and get out of this area, she pulls a Ready or Not predicament and decides to fight back against these vicious assailants.

If the smiling faces weren’t disturbing enough, these characters don’t go all out to slay their victims. The action, fight, and survival instincts make it one of the best best anime series on Netflix.

29. Hunter x Hunter

Gon Freecs is a little child who lives on a lonely island in tranquilly. But when he discovers that his father, whom he thought was dead, is actually one of the world’s best Hunters, he vows to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a Hunter himself. It’s now one of the greatest adventure anime available on Netflix.

30. Kakegurui

The plot revolves on a high school full of gambling geniuses, but it’s actually a bawdy tale with adult themes and visuals. The ugly eroticism of the series makes for a weird art experience, and the twist-filled storyline is continuously interesting.

Probably the most NSFW programme on our list, the series’ hideous eroticism makes for a weird art experience, and the twist-filled storyline is continuously interesting. In the second season, the show takes some pretty bizarre turns, yet it stays as addicting as playing the slots throughout.

31. Kill la Kill

The series is a hyperactive mashup of shonen (boys’ anime/manga) and shojo (girls’ anime/manga) clichés, making it a little difficult to follow if you haven’t watched the programmes it frequently references.

32. Neon Genesis Evangelion

Even if you aren’t an anime lover, you’ve probably heard about Evangelion. It’s a classic series that’s both narratively and technically engaging. The series’ storey centres around a worldwide tragedy and how a group of youngsters attempt to combat the ‘angels’ who are attempting to infiltrate our world.

33. No Game, No Life

When the sibling duo beats a god in an apparently trivial online chess competition, they are plunged into a totally new universe where all disputes are resolved through games.

34. One Piece

The plot follows Monkey D. Luffy, a good-natured and daring young pirate, as he embarks on a search for the mythical “One Piece” treasure. The riches will be claimed by whoever can claim the desired title of “Pirate King.” This is the anime to watch if you want a nice adventure.

35. One Punch Man

This anime series recounts the adventures of Saitama, a hero who battles evil for the sheer joy of it. Fighting can only be so much fun if you can defeat any opponent with a single punch. One Punch Man is a fascinating series that even anime newcomers may enjoy from the outset, with comedy cleverly intertwined with action.

36. Ouran High School Host Club

Haruhi Fujioka, a rare scholarship student from a low-income family, mistakenly enters the Host Club room, where “handsome males with too much time on their hands amuse and enchant females who likewise have too much time on their hands.”

Haruhi begins running errands for the Host Club to pay off her debt after smashing an antique vase worth a lot. The simplicity of the storyline makes it the perfect candiate for the title of the best anime series on Netflix.

37. Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Kyubey is a cat like creatures who offer Madoka a chance to become a magical girl so she can fight with witches and Kyubey will grant her wishes in exchange. Soom Madoka learn he ugly facts about the deal she have signed.

38. Sword Art Online

Thousands of gamers find themselves trapped in a novel and totally realistic virtual MMORPG set in the year 2022. The storey follows Kirito as he attempts to escape by becoming one of the game’s greatest players. This RPG anime series is definitely worth a look if you’ve ever loved an online RPG game.

39. The Promised Neverland

A few dozen orphans reside in the Grace Field House, where they are cared for by “Mama” Isabella. On the surface, everything appears to be well, with the youngsters connecting with their peers and spending time in the fields on a regular basis until they are adopted.

When the oldest children, Emma, Norman, and Ray, 11 years old, learn the horrifying truth about what happens during the “adoptions,” they hatch a plot to flee “Mama” and the house.

40. Your Lie in April

The protagonist is a pianist who learns to cope with her sadness after falling in love with another artist. She encourages him to play again when he believes he will never be able to.

Kaori Miyazono’s life was altered by Kosei Arima’s support and encouragement. It’s a heartwarming anime that will have you rooting for the characters and their connection.


Anime is gaining popularity at a fast pace by providing the best storyline, plot, suspense, thrill, and adventure. If you are new to anime, check out our classics and get down to the business. We hope that this piece will help you get the best entertainment experience. Happy streaming!

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