40 Best Comedy Shows on Netflix For Your Laughter Dose

All of us need a laughter dose occasionally, but some of us (like me) need laughter therapy. Due to the depressing situation, travel bans, and contact fear of being the new target of Coronavirus, there is nothing safer than enjoy alone time, and this list of the best comedy shows on Netflix can be a lifesaver.

Planning the entertainment that can entertain you and makes you roll with laughter is a blessing. The selections are some of the best shows with sarcasm, witty comebacks, savage moments, and pure embarrassment. If you are ready for unlimited and uncontrollable laughter, get ready for a joyride.

Here we want to mention that these shows are only available in the U.S. region. If you are outside of the U.S., there is still no need to worry. Select any VPN from our picks of the best VPNs for Netflix, and you are good to go.

Let’s begin our journey of uncontrollable laughter without any further delay.

Best Comedy Shows on Netflix For Your Laughter Dose

1. American Vandal

This comedy series starts with a high school prank that involves twenty-seven cars vandalized with phallic images. It is mainly a crime series with unmatchable satire.

A close-to-perfect investigation with funny incidents is a sure way to lift your mood, and this is the reason it is listed as one of the best comedy shows on Netflix.

2. Bad Trip

Two best friends are having the time of their lives on the road trip. The involvement of a school crush and a crazy sister on parole makes the journey more enjoyable.

As they pull hilarious pranks on the unsuspecting public, the pranks will leave you in stitches. With the obnoxiously amazing sun, you can be sure about unlimited laughter. 

3. Big Mouth

Sex and puberty are challenging, but exciting topics for teenagers, and Goldberg and Kroll are no different. As they hit puberty, they are trying to embrace a frankness regarding sex and the human body.

The fictional character trying to be an average teenager and talking about their non-existing body part adds a touch of humor to the series. The series is entertaining, humorous, and educational at the same time.

As the series is available only on American Netflix, we recommend connecting to the U.S. server of ExpressVPN to unblock this show in your region.

4. Billy on the Street

Answer a question about the pop quiz in the ‘For a Dollar’ segment of this show. Hosted by Billy Eichner, Billy on the Street is full of idiotic and humorous answers. The public’s reaction to the questions and their unique answers are what leave you rolling with laughter.

Exploring the funny side of being a human, this piece provides unlimited fun, and this is why it is included in the list of the best comedy shows on Netflix.

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5. Bojack Horseman

In the late 80s and early 90s, BoJack Horseman starred in a popular sitcom, ‘Horsin’ Around‘. Now, he is struggling with addiction, depression, declining popularity, and relationship.

As he struggles with the difficulties, the sense of once successful and humorous nature is still there. With the random outburst of fun and laughter, you cannot deny the charm of this fantastic comedy and that makes it one of the best shows on Netflix

6. Community

A suspended lawyer is compelled to take on a junior college with an offbeat staff and understudy body. A previous lawyer goes to a junior college when it is found he faked his Bachelor’s certificate. While trying to get with an understudy in his Spanish class, he frames a Spanish report bunch.

The drama and unmatchable comedy make it an ideal candidate for the title of one of the best comedy shows on Netflix.

7. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Rebecca Bunch is a driven and conceivably insane young lady who incautiously quits everything, including her lavish condo and a highly paid job. She inset on the mission to find her soulmate, the true love of her life, and eternal happiness.

The desperation of the goal is evident in her actions which make the series more enjoyable. As the show is only available on U.S. Netflix, we don’t want you to feel deprived of the fun so use a VPN to change your Netflix region. Connect to the U.S. server of NordVPN and enjoy unlimited American Netflix selections.

8. Derry Girls

Derry Girls is based on the everyday life of fifth-year students of Our Lady Immaculate College. As they navigate the technicalities and working of being teenagers, they process the emotions of love ad squabble. They are also blamed for the death of a 98-year-old nun.

The hassles of teenage confusions make this show more exciting and an interesting watch. The comic comebacks are to die for!

9. Episodes

After winning another BAFTA for their hit sitcom, Lyman’s Boys, Sean and Beverly Lincoln are followed by American television chief Merc Lapidus who charms them into re-making their sitcom for an American crowd. After an initial delay, they choose to acknowledge his offer and make the excursion from London to Los Angeles.

On their first day, they discover that Merc has deceived them and has never at any point seen an episode of their show. Bullard isn’t given the work, and Matt LeBlanc is given the role.

10. The Unicorn

A year after his significant other’s passing, Jill, Wade, and his two girls Grace and Natalie are as yet living off the food from Jill’s memorial service, with Wade hurling himself entirely into work and declining to train his youngsters or set a genuine model for them.

After the food runs out, Wade’s companions intercede and disclose that he needs to begin dating and get his life back altogether. As he prepares for this new phase, the mistakes and the weird dates provide a funny element to the show.

11. Still Game

Still Game is a Scottish comedy series about two OAP’s Jack and Victor, and their perspectives on how it used to be in the older days and how terrible it is currently in fictional Craiglang, Glasgow. Jack and Victor have broken out of Chewin’ The Fat and now have their six-section arrangement on BBC One Scotland.

The old habits of older men make this series fun, which is the main reason it is included in the list of the best comedy shows on Netflix.

12. Grace and Frankie

Grace and Frankie follow Grace, a resigned makeup magnate, and Frankie, a hippie art instructor, whose husbands, Robert and Sol, are divorce lawyers in San Diego. Grace and Frankie’s lives are flipped around when Robert and Sol report that they are enamored with one another and are leaving their spouses.

With a new change in the air, the emotional drama is full of humorous acts and the comedy worth dying for. With a new concept, the show is rightfully placed in the best comedy shows on Netflix.

13. Great News

Following 30 years of being a homemaker, Carol concludes that all she needs to get her heart’s desire is to get back to school. She searched for an internship program and came up with the perfect solution of working at a news channel where her daughter is a reporter.

The daughter is embarrassed by being called sweety and pumpkin, but she soon realizes that she has the constant support of her mother. As the stay-at-home mother tries to face the challenges of the professional world, she shares her funny perspective about everything and anything in her mom-way.

14. I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson

In six absurdist episodes, Robinson and an assortment of guest appearances (Will Forte, Vanessa Bayer, Tim Heidecker, Sam Richardson)) ruin parties, befoul restrooms, shame memorial services, post improperly on Instagram, and make their colleagues suffer.

The entirety of this lunacy is an enjoyment unto itself. The show derides higher aspirations toward moral analysis and challenges you to rethink what comes under the heading of comedy.

15. I’m Sorry

The satire arrangement highlights Andrea Savage as a sensationalized rendition of herself: a comedian exploring life in Los Angeles. It is a comedy revolving around a comedian. With husband Mike and little girl Amelia, Andrea attempts to fall in line between being a decent parent and wife and composing parody about her background.

This comedy show is full of confusion, fun, explosion, accident, and laugher, so it deserves a nomination for the title of one of the best comedy shows on Netflix.

16. Jane the Virgin

A youthful, faithful Catholic lady finds that she was misleadingly inseminated. Rather than getting the pap test, she is artificially inseminated, now she is pregnant despite trying to be a virgin till her marriage.

She is a waitress in a Miami hotel. Her life takes a significant turn for the unforeseen when her primary care physician (Dr. Luisa Alver) erroneously falsely inseminates her during her test. With the confusion of this unusual development, her life is becoming chaotic day by day.

17. Kath & Kim

Kath and Kim is a satirical arrangement about a mother and little girl in the anecdotal external suburb of Fountain Lakes. Kath is getting a charge out of life as an unfilled nester and has a renewed person in her life who is a gourmet sausage maker.

The savage comebacks and the tarty personalities of the character involved in everyday drama give ‘Kath & Kim’ an edge over other comedy shows.

18. Kim’s Convenience

Kim is a Korean Canadian general store proprietor, who has endeavored to give their now-twenty-something kids, Janet and Jung, a superior life in Canada. This single-camera comedy discovers giggling in the preliminaries of running a strict ‘Mother and Pop’ shop while bringing kids up in a culture not exactly your own.

As the father is trying to involve his daughter in the family business, the comeback and family drama add to the shocking flavor making it one of the best comedy shows on Netflix.

19. Lovesick

Highlighting STDs’ serious topic with a touch of comedy is one of the best combinations we have experienced so far. As Dylan gets the lab test reports indicating he has an STD, he has to deliver this bad news to every girl he ever has sex with.

The addition of a new love interest in Dylan adds a funny twist to the show. With the unjust embarrassment related to STD, Lovesick will question your perception of sexually transmitted diseases.

20. Master of None

Dev is a 30-year-old actor living in New York City. His life passes by in a funny yet significant arrangement of skits for different shows. ‘Master of None’ follows the individual and expert existences of Dev, who experiences difficulty choosing what he needs to eat, substantially less the pathway for the remainder of his life.

As he tries to think of what he wants to do in his life, his daily endeavors are full of fun, confusion, and excitement. The quips and comeback are why this piece is included in the list of the best comedy shows on Netflix.

21. New Girl

Jess, an effervescent, odd instructor, who is known to start singing suddenly, finds her beau with another lady. Brokenhearted, she moves into an apartment with three single folks she’s never met. Looking for a fresh start, she found three new friends who will share her joy and distress.

Three bachelors living with an emotional female add the element of humor to the series. As the personalities of each character unfold, you are going to become a fan of this show.

22. Norsemen

Norsemen is set in 790s Norway, with different characters accepting driving parts as the arrangement creates. The story covers Vikings’ existence in the town of Norheim, with everyday happenings and the difficulty of changing comedic degrees.

Disputes with adjoining towns, including an opponent clan driven by the heartless Jarl Varg and the endeavors of a Roman slave, Rufus, to modernize Norheim’s way of life, bring about progressing clashes and become the focus of the show.

23. Portlandia

Portlandia is an American sketch comedy T.V. arrangement featuring Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein, set in and around Portland, Oregon, and focusing on the city’s standing as a sanctuary for unusual hipsters.

From eccentric characters to weird happenings, the city embraces difference, and this is why it is listed as one of the best comedy shows on Netflix.

24. Santa Clarita Diet

 If you are a fan of dark comedy, this show is for you. When a woman turns into a zombie overnight, her family struggles to keep this event a secret. As she craves fr human brain, the supportive family tries to fulfill this new craving. 

Trying to protect this unusual secret provides us with some of the most entertaining and funny scenarios.

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25. Schitt’s Creek

When incredibly wealthy video store magnate Johnny Rose and his family abruptly wind up broke, they are driven away from their spoiled lives to pull together and reconstruct their lives. They are heading towards Schitt’s Creek which they once bought as a joke.

26. Sex Education

There can be multiple reasons for being famous in high school, but the reason your mother being a sex therapist is not the best one. Otis Milburn is an insecure teenager who assisted his class fellow with sexual performance anxiety and set up a sex advice business with a friend.

As teenagers come with different issues related to sex, Otis tries to provide working solutions for the problem. The list of the issues, expectations, and solution add the element of fun to the show.

27. Shameless

Six children are living with their drunk father. As the father is incompetent, the eldest daughter Fiona has to take care of her siblings. To survive, the children have to steal money and food, which the father often steals.

The Gallagher family is trying hard to service, but they are having fun and trying to be happy even with their suffering. The fun and humorous element are what make this series an easy watch.

28. She’s Gotta Have It

Nola Darling can’t choose what sort of man she needs to date, so she chooses to date three simultaneously. The first is Greer Childs, a rich, attractive narcissist.

The second possibility is Jamie Overstreet, a steady, overprotective alpha male. At long last, there’s Mars Blackmon, a meek nerd with an endearing personality. While every admirer has his ethics, Darling can’t decide.

29. Sister, Sister

Sister, Sister is an American T.V. sitcom about the identical twin Tia Landry and Tamera Campbell, who were isolated. As different families adopted them after their mother’s death, there was no hope for them to ever know each other’s existence.

Coincidentally 14 years after the fact at a possible experience at an attire store at the shopping center with their adoptive guardians, Lisa Landry and Ray.

30. The End Of The F***ing World

James is 17 years old who thinks that he is a psychopath. Alyssa is weird and disastrous. The pair comes together to escape from their realities. Though James has been planning to kill Alyssa, he falls for her. Together they are stepping into a new world of adventure and happiness.

The young romance with all the quirks of their personalities adds the humorous element to the list of the best shows on Netflix.

31. The Good Place

During her tenure on earth, Eleanor was not a good person, but she is welcomed to ‘The Good Place’ after her death. With the perfect neighborhood and her soulmate, she has everything. The nagging fear of being recognized is eating at her.

As she is trying to maintain the facade of being a good person, she unveiled the evil plan of punishing ba people differently. The confusion, adventure, fun, and drama are what make this show an amazing hit.


32. The Last O.G.

The show follows a convict released after serving fifteen years who got back to Brooklyn. As he tries to connect with his neighborhood, he found that his old area has changed, and his ex is bringing up their youngsters with another man.

The changes and observing these changes with a different perspective call for some epic moment and help secure this show in the list of the best comedy shows on Netflix. As the series is only available on American Netflix, you can connect to the U.S. server of Surfshark to access it from anywhere.

33. Toast of London

The story revolves around Steven Toast, who is a stage actor and pretends to be in the show all the time. He is looking for work, and his theatre career is not going well. Whenever he goes to the stage, he is welcomed by rotten vegetables and boos from the audience.

The story should be a sad one, but Steve makes it hilarious with his funny remarks and attitude towards the problems.

34. Working Moms

The story revolves around the different personalities of working mothers. They are friends and try to manage their love life, family life, and jobs in modern-day Toronto.

As they came across different problems, they think about unique solutions, and they dive into funny situations.

35. Man With A Plan

Andi and Adam are parents to three active and curious children. When Andi gets back to work, old-school father Adam Burns takes on a tremendous amount of the duties of nurturing his three uncontrollable youngsters (Kate, Teddy, and Emme).

Adam has to figure out how to maintain a contracting business with his sibling Don while simultaneously managing his oppressive dad, Joe. The arrangement is set in rural Pittsburgh.

36. Space Force

Space Force is a work environment comedy-show arrangement that fixates on a gathering of individuals entrusted with building up the 6th part of the United States Armed Forces, the United States Space Force. It follows General Mark Naird to get “boots on the moon” by 2024, per the president’s orders.


37. I Am Not Okay With This

The show recounts Sydney’s narrative, who portrays herself as “an exhausting 17-year-old white young lady”. She has two effervescent and offbeat companions Dina and Stanley, who are consistent with her. Even though suffering from a family loss, Sydney has a secret.

She has superpowers which she is trying to control and channel desperately. As she gets frustrated, anxious, or angry, she triggers something violent and afterward has to explain the situation to everyone, making this series even funnier.

38. Atypical

Sam Gardner is an 18-year-old kid with autism. He lives in Connecticut, reports that he needs to begin dating young ladies following his therapist’s advice. When Sam approaches his father Doug for counsel, he finally gets the chance to connect with his son.

After finding out that Sam is interested in his therapist, Doug advises him to date someone, his age to understand a relationship’s working. Doug realizes he needs a practice girlfriend, so his whole family gets involved in searching for one!

39. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

If you are looking for a comedy based on funny cops and a funnier workplace, this is the perfect choice for you. The comedy series is based on the daily endeavors of Detective Jake Peralta and the unique combination of colleagues. Unlimited laughter is guaranteed in this precinct.

40. Lady Dynamite

Bamford is perhaps the most darling comic of her age regardless of the public scrutiny based on her emotional and mental wellbeing.  Lady Dynamite is an investigation of Maria’s life and battles and her fun take on her everyday problems so do give this show a try.

Though you can watch anything and everything on Netflix, including comedy, thriller, horror shows, suspense, horror movies, zombie, cartoon, crime shows, anime, kid movies, romance, cooking shows, sci-fi, reality, emotional drama, and documentaries – we came up with the complete list of the best comedy shows belonging to every niche.

Whether it’s the shows or the collection of the best movies, Netflix never fails to impress and entertain. With this list of best comedy shows on Netflix, there is no end to the fun.

Enjoy the witty comeback, hilarious situation, pre embarrassment, and unlimited laughter. We would advise you to share the list with your friends or plan a streaming party because it can double the fun. happy streaming!


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