30 Best Comedy Shows on Netflix For Your Laughter Dose

All of us need a laughter dose occasionally, but some of us (like me) need laughter therapy. Due to the depressing situation, travel bans, and contact fear of being the new target of Coronavirus, there is nothing safer than enjoy alone time, and this list of the best comedy shows on Netflix can be a lifesaver.

Planning the entertainment that can entertain you and makes you roll with laughter is a blessing. The selections are some of the best shows with sarcasm, witty comebacks, savage moments, and pure embarrassment. If you are ready for unlimited and uncontrollable laughter, get ready for a joyride.

Here we want to mention that these shows are only available in the UK region. If you are outside of the UK., there is still no need to worry. Select any VPN from our picks of the best VPNs for Netflix, and you are good to go.

Let’s begin our journey of uncontrollable laughter without any further delay.

After Life

In addition to being a funny show, After Life presents a fundamental message about kindness. The death of the main character, Tony’s wife, after a marriage of 25 years, leaves him so devastated that he no longer cares about himself or the people around him. 

Thus, he starts speaking harsh or bitter words without caring about the consequences. However, Tony gets the taste of his medicine for his insensitive actions. The emotion and fun are at an all-time high, which is why it is listed as one of the best comedy shows on Netflix.

BoJack Horseman

Comprising six seasons, Bojack Horseman revolves around an alcoholic, depressed cartoon horse, who hurt a man who has cancer, gave the teens booze, and left someone to die. This hilarious series is about BoJack, who ends up doing worse while struggling to minimize his past bad behavior.

This comedy TV show perfectly combines main social issues, including mental health, addiction, power, and of course, abuse. making it one of the best comedy shows on Netflix UK.

Chewing Gum

Chewing Gum is a joyful story of 24 years old Tracey, who struggles to lose her virginity. She is a sex-crazed girl who bluntly makes failed attempts to seduce young men. This series essentially depicts the fearlessness of Tracey, who finds herself in silly and awkward moments because of her zero understanding of sex.

Dead to Me

Dead to Me is an exceptional soapy comic series revolving around two main female leads. One is Chirsiitna, recently widowed, who wants to look after her kids. She meets kind-hearted Judy in a grief support group, who lost her fiance a few months ago. 

The story moves along with their bond over the phone while watching TV and hanging out together. However, there is a twist in which Judy is hiding two dark secrets.


Desmond’s is about a typical day of Charlie and Pin running into a guy, named Desmond who ends up blowing their brains out. However, they invite Desmond over, which turns to be a bigger disaster. Nonetheless, there is another character named Allen who runs into the wrong person. To save Allen, Desmond comes out of his depression and becomes an established exterminator.


As the name indicates, the British sitcom Extras is all about extras who work in the TV and film industry. It’s about Andy, his platonic friend Maggi and Andy’s sub-standard agent Darren. This traditional sitcom depicts the struggles of Andy, who becomes a B-level sitcom star from an unknown background performer.

Fresh Meat

Fresh Meat features gang-banging wannabes lead, an ex-militant Gigi who sets free her boyfriend from a criminal transport vehicle. Lateral, both take refuge in a suburban home, where they hostage, a struggling writer, his successful celebrity chef wife, and their two children.

However, the family turns out to be cannibals, thus unfolding different events for the family to find their prospective dinner. The hilarious struggles make this piece one of the best comedy shows on Netflix UK. 


Gogglebox features families watching a political broadcast, Question time, offering a better understanding of the Nation’s politics. For instance, an older adult said goodbye to his beloved partner of more than sixty years on the screen within the screen, allowing the middle-aged couples to contemplate their mortality.

Good Girls

Good Grils isn’t about good girls but about the three Detroit women who undertake a heist to take revenge for school bullying and sexual assault without any thought or preparation. The consequences are no less than their dilemmas as these women turn to crime to solve their financial problems.

Horrible Histories

Horrible Histories presents exciting facts about the time of Nero, who struggles with his scheming mother and Roman Empire called Britain, in an entertaining way. However, in an unfortunate mixup with a gladiator’s urine, Atti, a young Roman, is sent to a grip outpost, where a Celt girl, Orla, captures him.

I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson

These six-episode series include almost all the former “Detrioters’ stars in a brief 15 to 7 minutes episode. The series revolves around Robinson, who leaves a job interview in a cafe only because of pulling the door instead of pushing it. Later, you can find different sketches in a random order where a birthday party transforms into an absurd competition to eat gift recipes.

I’m Alan Partridge

Alan is a self-centric DJ with several TV jobs in the past. However, he fails to bounce back from his long-dead career. He lives in a motel because the divorce leaves him homeless. In the episodes, Alan resorts to embarrassing anecdotes, insults someone without any care, and fails to revive his career.

Inside No 9

The Inside No 9 is a dark British comedy, with new characters and new situations in every episode, loosely connected by the number nine. The comedy addresses morbid topics and the macabre. For instance, one episode is a silent film with no dialogues in which a cat burglary goes wrong.

IT Crowd

The IT Crowd revolves around different characters, such as a super-smart coder, useless at practical problems, and a relationship manager, who doesn’t know a single word about computers. The IT department resided in a messy basement of a corporate building, full of illiterate people about computers.


The motherland is a comedy revolving around middle-class London mothers, depicting parenthood in a world where children go to school in inappropriate footwear. The series is about Julia and her harried manners, such as rushing to school drop-off, the cafe, the office, and back for pickup.

Never Have I Ever

The story revolves around a high-school sophomore who tries to adjust to life, thus turning it all upside down. It’s a sweet and funny series, focusing on a first-generation Indian-American who tries to recover from the sudden death of her father, leaving her to go through high-school dilemmas. Devi tries to rebrand herself using a fake relationship with a gay classmate to get to her dreamy boyfriend.

People Just Do Nothing

This mockumentary series follows a group of young people who run a pirate radio station named “Kurupt FM.” The series targets a more youthful audience allowing them to relate their action in that age, portraying young adults indulging in drug abuse and other hostile activities.

Not only that, but this show appeals to parents, newlyweds, and soon-to-be newlyweds by resonating with their emotions making it one of the best comedy shows on Netflix UK. 

Police Academy

The Police Academy is a funny take on police academy life, where all the trainee cops live in big dorms while the head is more like a strict headmaster. The movie features a ridiculous plot of Bubba Smith, a black recruit whose knees tremble when he has to look at a guy.

Russian Doll

Russian Doll is a dark comedy about Nadia. She is a game coder who has her 36th birthday party at her friend’s place. There is a so-called Israeli joint, a potential one-night stand, a homeless stranger, and a troubled guy who freaks Nadia at a local deli. Later, Nadia gets hit by a car, dies, and immediately returns, finding herself staring in the mirror.

Schitt’s Creek

The Schitt’s Creek is about a spoiled, wealthy family who loses their fortune and moves into a small town they once bought as a joke. This sour series stars mean selfish and manipulative people who misbehave when things could have been handled otherwise. Later, it became a series about small businesses with motel management and boutique retail.

Sex Education

Sex Education revolves around Otis, who is more sexually educated than any of his school peers. Later, Meave, the school’s most beautiful outcast, convinces him to start his sex therapy business to earn cash. However, Otis experiences his sexual awakening while Maeve is insecure about her true feelings for someone.

The way the series addresses different types of sexual experiences and relationships makes it one of the best comedy shows on Netflix.

Shaun, the Sheep

Shaun is a naughty leader of the flock of eight, owned by a middle-aged, bald farmer. Shaun the Sheep is a joyful animated series with animal characters who engage in mild naughty behavior like playing football with cabbage or messing the Farmer’s house. However, in the end, they always make things right, thus making everyone happy.


Set in London, Spaced revolves around two friends, who are essentially struggling artists. Daisy is a writer, while Tim is a comic book artist. Both of them pretend to be a couple to rent a flat, leading to funny situations. The series allows the young audiences to enjoy 90’s pop culture with vibrant characters who deal with their real-life problems.

The Edge of Seventeen

The Edge of Seventeen is a fantastic John Hughes’ legacy with a mixture of humor and a bittersweet heart. The story revolves around a social moronic teenager Nadine, her childhood friend, and an older brother. With hormones kicking in, every day is yet another misery for Nadine, who finds herself a worth sparring partner in her history tracker, Mr. Bruner.

The Good Place

The Good Place comprises four seasons and 52 episodes, presenting a harsh reality in which people can be petty and nasty when they don’t discipline their worst instincts. It offers a refreshing, humorous take on the hereafter life of Eleanor Shellstrop, where she discovers that they have mistaken her for someone else. Now, she wants to rectify the confusion with the help of her afterlife mentor.

The Incredible Jessica James

The Incredible Jessica James is a romantic comedy revolving around Jasica, stuck teaching at a non-profit children’s theater program in New York City. However, she tries to cope with the usual challenges of life in the big city. Later, she meets a quasi-dork Boone, fated together to strike sparks. 

The Office

The Office is based on an award-winning British comedy, is a mockumentary on a team of typical office workers with the daily routines of ego clashes and inappropriate behavior. The Office is about Wernham Hogg, a paper company situated in Slough, a dull, bore town. That’s why the workers rest to pranks to maintain their sanity.

The Office (USA)

Based on the famous British series with the same name, the Office (USA) is a fast-paced version depicting daily office interactions of idiosyncratic office employees. The American Office features Brent, who is devoid of any redeeming qualities, while Scott is loveable in a way Brent can’t manage. Moreover, Twilight, the American counterpart of Gareth, presents on the other side of likable.

The Thick of It

The Thick of it is a funny British TV political satire. The story revolves around Hughe Abbot, a minister for Social Affairs and Citizenship, who struggles daily to avoid hard places, rocks, and bureaucracy. Whale, Malcolm Tucker, the PM’s head of communications, is occupied with endless problems that require his attention.

Toast of London

This sharp comedy includes goofy gags and sophisticated swipes in modern life. Toast of London is a charming comedy, focusing on the main character whose media career days are long gone. He struggles with his agent for better roles while recording endless voiceovers in a trendy London studio.


The selection is a definite gift for the United Kingdom residents, but you don’t have to worry if you are not in the UK. You can check our guide to access UK Netflix from anywhere or connect to the UK server of ExpressVPNNordVPNSurfshark, or CyberGhost

With this list of best comedy shows on Netflix, there is no end to the fun. Enjoy the witty comeback, hilarious situation, pure embarrassment, and unlimited laughter. We would advise you to share the list with your friends or plan a streaming party because it can double the fun. Happy streaming!

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