34 Best Family Movies on Netflix to Enjoy with Your Loved Ones

It is not easy to find the best family movies on Netflix. Some of the thumbnails seem promising but a few minutes in and you realize the movie is just not fun. This is the dilemma of various parents who just want to enjoy something entertaining with their family.

As we can understand this concern, we came up with the perfect solution in the form of a list of the best family movies that you can enjoy with your family especially on a weekend or during the holidays.

Some of these picks are regarded as must-watch movies on Netflix so you should enjoy them with your loved one. Without further delay, let’s dive into the world of entertainment and fun.

1. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

When circumstances are tough in Swallow Falls, the residents can only afford to eat sardines. Flint Lockwood, a failed inventor, believes he knows how to solve the town’s problems.

When delightful delicacies fall from the sky like rain, he constructs a contraption that transforms water into food and becomes a local hero.

When the machine loses control and threatens to bury the entire globe under massive heaps of food, Flint realizes he’s taken on more than he can handle. One of the best family movies on Netflix.

2. Enola Holmes

Enola Holmes

Enola Holmes utilizes her detective abilities to outwit big brother Sherlock and assist a fugitive lord while seeking her absent mother.

In “Enola Holmes,” Sherlock’s younger sister causes havoc, solves riddles, and carves out a niche for herself in rich Victorian England. Despite the fact that she has a renowned sister, she is very much her own person when it comes to playing detective.

Enola points out that her name is spelled backward as “alone.” And she and her very unconventional mother are precisely that as they wander about their sprawling country estate, drawing, reading, and even playing tennis and archery indoors.

The action, suspense, mystery, and search for the truth make it one of the best family movies on Netflix.

3. Hook

When his young children are kidnapped by his old foe, Captain Hook, Peter Banning, a middle-aged lawyer, returns to his magical roots as Peter Pan.

Peter must retrace his steps back to a time when he abandoned Neverland for the sake of his family, leaving Tinkerbell and the Lost Boys to fend for themselves.

Rufio the old gang may not be pleased to see him, given their anger toward Peter for growing up and their devotion to their new boss.

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4. How to Train Your Dragon 2

How to Train Your Dragon 2

It’s been five years since Hiccup and Toothless reunited Berk’s dragons and Vikings. They now spend their time mapping the island’s uncharted areas.

During one of their travels, the two come across a strange dragon rider who turns out to be Hiccup’s long-lost mother, Valka, and a hidden cave filled with hundreds of wild dragons.

Hiccup and Toothless are immediately thrust into the middle of a struggle to preserve Berk from Drago, a power-hungry warrior.

5. Hugo


Hugo lives in a train station in Paris, orphaned, and alone save for his uncle. Hugo’s duty is to oil and repairs the station’s clocks, but his more essential mission is to safeguard a damaged automaton and notepad that his late father left for him.

Hugo sets off on a mission to uncover the mystery of the automaton and find a place to call home, accompanied by the goddaughter of an enraged toy trader. One of the best family movies on Netflix.

6. Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey

Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey

The movie opens with a grandma telling a fresh Christmas story from a large book with delicately turning gears on the front.

It’s about Jeronicus Jangle, a toymaker. Jangle has a notepad full of drawings for his magical toys, as well as a business named Jangles and Things full of satisfied customers.

When he gets a secret ingredient for his revolutionary idea, his apprentice stole his diary, and the ingredient makes him fall into depression.

When his bright little granddaughter comes on his doorstep decades after his apprentice leaves him, a formerly joyous toymaker discovers fresh hope.

7. Klaus


This weird story begins in a hypothetical Scandanavian nation, where a spoilt child named Jesper is living the high life as the son of the guy in charge of the Royal Mail Academy.

But Jesper’s life of luxury comes to an abrupt end when his father tells his huge adult son that it’s time for him to work for a living and banishes him to the desolate island of Smeerensburg in the Arctic Circle.

Jesper will be permitted to return home if he can deliver 6,000 letters in that year; otherwise, he would be cut off for good.

Even in a freezing, remote region, a little act of compassion always spawns another. When Jesper, the new postman in Smeerensburg, befriends Klaus, the toymaker, their presents resolve an age-old conflict and bring a sleigh full of festive traditions.

The plot and the animation make it one of the best holiday movies on Netflix you can enjoy with your family.

8. Kung Fu Panda 2

Kung Fu Panda 2

Po is now The Dragon Warrior, guarding the Valley of Peace with The Furious Five, his companions, and fellow kung fu experts.

Po’s newfound magnificence is challenged, however, by the appearance of a fearsome adversary who intends to conquer China and destroy kung fu with a hidden, unbeatable weapon.

Po will only be able to unleash the power he needs to succeed if he looks back into his history and uncovers the secrets of his strange origins.

The continuation of the story from where Kung Fu Panda left off will surely bring the nostalgic feeling making it one of the best family movies on Netflix.

9. Mary Poppins Returns

Mary Poppins Returns

Michael Banks, now an adult with three children, finds that his home will be repossessed in five days unless he can repay a debt.

His only hope is to locate a lost certificate that proves his father bequeathed him significant shares years ago.

Just when all appears to be lost, Michael and his sister are given the surprise of a lifetime when Mary Poppins, their childhood nanny, arrives to rescue the day and take the Banks family on a fantastic, fun-filled trip.

10. Mirai


When his younger sister Mirai comes, a little boy called Kun feels abandoned by his family. Running away from home, Kun comes into a magical garden that acts as a time-traveling portal.

There he meets his mother as a little child and has a series of adventures with his grown-up baby sister, providing him with a fresh perspective on his world.

The storyline presented with heart-touching moments makes it one of the best anime movies on Netflix so you should definitely give it a try.

11. Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror

Snow White, an orphaned princess, is the legitimate ruler of her realm, but a jealous and wicked queen plots to usurp it. When a charming prince rejects the queen in favor of Snow White, the queen orders the princess to be cast into the woods and eaten by a terrifying beast.

Snow White resolves to reclaim her kingdom from the wicked queen after being rescued by a gang of miniature highway robbers and, with the assistance of her little rescuers, roars into action making it one of the best family movies on Netflix.

12. Mr. Peabody & Sherman

Mr. Peabody & Sherman

Mr. Peabody and his son, Sherman, utilize the Wabac, a time machine, to go on crazy adventures. Sherman, on the other hand, unintentionally tears a hole in the cosmos and wreak havoc with world history when he steals the Wabac without permission to impress his buddy, Penny.

Mr. Peabody must undertake a rescue mission in order to prevent the past, present, and future from being irrevocably changed. One of the best family movies on Netflix.

13. Next Gen

Next Gen

Mai has disliked robots since her father abandoned their family when she was a child, and her mother Molly, a huge admirer of IQ Robotics and its co-founder Justin Pin, has been purchasing the company’s Q-Bot companion robots for years.

Mai is now an enraged adolescent who would rather be anywhere than where Molly has dragged her: the showy unveiling of the latest model, Q-Bot 6, which Pin desires in every household.

The sentry robots protecting the building send her rushing to an underground lab when she wriggles away from her mother’s side to view the soccer stadium next door.

To foil a madman’s technological scheme for world dominance, a rebellious girl and a runaway battle robot team together.

Now you can make the most of Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any holiday by sharing the fun and laughter with your family.

14. ParaNorman


Norman Babcock, a young man with the capacity to communicate with the dead, prefers their company over that of the living.

Norman learns from his eccentric Uncle Prenderghast that a centuries-old witch’s curse on their village is genuine and going to be fulfilled and that Norman is the only one who can stop it.

When zombies emerge from the dead, Norman must gather all of his courage and compassion, as well as his supernatural talents, to save his fellow citizens.

15. Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday

Pee-Wee's Big Holiday

Pee-wee appears to be his sunny self while working as a cook at the local diner in his picture-perfect town of Fairville – that is until the all-boy band decides to break up.

Pee-wee is devastated and has a mini-meltdown, lashing out at his customers and wailing in the kitchen. For admirers, the result is unexpected: Pee-wee Herman isn’t renowned forever losing his cheerful demeanor.

Pee-day wee’s is brightened when Joe Manganiello, who plays himself, arrives in slow motion to request a chocolate milkshake. Pee-wee is captivated right away, and the homoerotic nature of their connection is both amusing and sweet.

Pee-Wee Herman leaves his hometown and travels across the nation to attend Joe Manganiello’s birthday celebration, before getting himself involved in hilarious antics and mischief.

16. Rango


Rango is a chameleon who has lived as a shielded family pet. He winds up in the hold of a personality emergency. Rango considers how to stand apart when it is his temperament to mix in.

When he incidentally ends up in an outskirts town called Dirt, he ventures out on a groundbreaking excursion as the town’s new sheriff.

Although from the start Rango pretends, a progression of compelling circumstances and ridiculous experiences drives him to turn into a genuine saint.

17. Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling

Rocko's Modern Life: Static Cling

Rocko and his companions struggle to acclimatize to a more modern existence in the twenty-first century after spending 20 years in space.

When Rocko discovers that his favorite 90s show is no longer on the air, he sets out to find its creator.

18. The BFG


When Sophie, ten years old, encounters the Big Friendly Giant, she is in for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. The small girl is initially terrified, but quickly discovers that the 24-foot monster is actually extremely friendly and lovely.

Sophie’s presence attracts the unwanted attention of Bloodbottler, Fleshlumpeater, and other giants as their relationship deepens.

Sophie and the BFG must persuade Queen Victoria to help them finally get rid of all the evil giants after traveling to London.

19. The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind

The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind

When his family can no longer afford the tuition, a 13-year-old kid is expelled from the school he loves. He enters the library undercover and learns how to build a windmill in order to save his town from starvation.

20. The Karate Kid

The Karate Kid

Daniel and his mother, Lucille, relocate to Southern California, but he immediately becomes the target of a gang of bullies who train in karate at the Cobra Kai dojo.

Fortunately, Daniel becomes friends with Mr. Miyagi, a quiet repairman who also happens to be a master martial artist.

Miyagi takes Daniel under his wing, teaching him a gentler kind of karate and preparing him to face the Cobra Kai’s brutality and ultimately become the Karate Kid. One of the best family movies on Netflix.

21. The Little Prince

The Little Prince

The Aviator takes a young girl to a realm in which she rediscovers her infancy and learns that it is human relationships that count most and that one can only see correctly with one’s heart; what is vital is hidden from sight.

22. The Main Event

The Main Event

An 11-year-old wannabe wrestler enters a tournament to become the next WWE superstar after uncovering a mystical mask.

23. The Mitchells vs. The Machines

The Mitchells vs. The Machines

Katie Mitchell, a young film student, goes on a road journey with her proud parents, younger brother, and pet dog to begin her first year of film school.

However, their efforts to unite as a family are quickly derailed as the world’s electronic devices awaken and start an uprising.

The Mitchells must now band together with the assistance of two benign robots to defend each other and the Earth from the new technological revolution making it one of the animated film your whole family can enjoy.

There is no doubt that this is one of the amazing examples of animation movies, making it one of the best sci-fi movies on Netflix.

24. The Muppets

The Muppets

Walter is the world’s greatest Muppet fan. He is enjoying holidays in Los Angeles with his sibling Gary and Gary’s better half, Mary. They found that Tex Richman is planning to wreck Muppet Studios and drill for oil on the spot.

As it becomes urgent to save the Muppets’ previous favorite spots, the three companions unite with Kermit to rejoin Miss Piggy, Fozzie, and the pack’s remainder to hold a fundraiser to raise the $10 million needed for saving the studio.

The movie is full of embarrassing moments, crazy events, unlimited fun, and that’s what make it one of the best comedy movies on Netflix.

25. The Rugrats Movie

The Rugrats Movie

Tommy Pickles (a young boy) is attempting to return his newborn brother to the hospital after being warned by his mean-spirited buddy Angelica that his parents will not care about him after his new sibling is born.

Tommy and his companions, however, lose their way in the woods shortly after embarking on the expedition and run into difficulty with a troop of wild monkeys who have escaped from the circus.

The youngsters begin to believe that perhaps things at home weren’t that awful after all making it one of the animated film your whole family can enjoy.

26. The Willoughbys

The Willoughbys

Four old-fashioned siblings, neglected by their parents, move out into the contemporary world with their new nanny. Their adventure makes the movie worth watching with your family.

27. We Can Be Heroes

We Can Be Heroes

When alien invaders capture Earth’s superheroes, their children must band together and learn to work together in order to save their parents and the rest of the world.

Together, the bold young brains set out to save their parents, and in the process, they saved the planet. The essence of the narrative, however, is not whether or not they will complete their objective; rather, it is what that success implies.

It has a gripping topic focusing on power transfer, namely how the next generation is already better prepared than we are to combat the ills that plague human life.

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28. White Fang

White Fang

The story follows young Jack Conroy as he travels to Alaska in quest of a gold mine. When Jack meets White Fang, a dog/wolf hybrid who has been horribly tortured by his owner, Beauty Smith, during a battle with a vicious bulldog, he saves the canine from the jaws of death.

Jack brings White Fang back to health with the help of his buddy Alex Larson, and the animal becomes a close companion to the men.

29. Wish Dragon

Wish Dragon

Din is a determined and tenacious teen. He is longing to reconnect with his childhood best friend when he meets a wish-granting dragon that shows him the magic of possibilities. Can he use the dragon’s magic to get his heart’s desire?

Wish Dragon is a fantastic film in general, but one of its strongest aspects is it’s messaging. The protagonists examine what genuine happiness is and how it connects to money and power during their journey.

There are also lessons about friendship and community, as well as how the most essential things in life cannot be purchased and serve as one of the best options for the upcoming family movie night.

30. Zathura: A Space Adventure

Zathura: A Space Adventure

Walter and Danny, two little boys, are left in the care of their adolescent sister, Lisa when their father is summoned to work.

They are ordered to stay inside. When their house is launched into space, Walter and Danny are surprised when they start playing Zathura, a space-themed board game that they discover has supernatural abilities.

The lads seek to return home with the assistance of an astronaut and their adventures make the movie worth the time.

31. Robin Robin

Robin Robin (1)

Robin is raised by supportive parents of mice when her egg rolls into a garbage dump. Her peculiarities become more obvious as she gets older. Robin embarks on the robbery to end all heists in order to show to her family that she is a great mouse but instead ends up realizing who she truly is.

32. Vivo

Vivo (1)

Vivo follows a one-of-a-kind kinkajou who spends most of his time entertaining audiences in a bustling square with his adoring owner Andrés. Despite the fact that they do not speak the very same language, Andrés and Vivo are the ideal combos due to their shared passion for music.

But when disaster happens just as Andrés receives a letter from the great Marta Sandoval asking her former partner to her last show in the hopes of reconciling, it’s up to Vivo to convey a message that Andrés never could: A long-forgotten love letter to Marta in the shape of a song.

However, in order to reach Marta, who lives on the other side of the planet, Vivo will want Gabi’s assistance. One of the best family movies on Netflix.

33. Home Sweet Home Alone

Home Sweet Home Alone (1)

Max Mercer, a cheeky and resourceful little child, has been abandoned while his family is on vacation in Japan. When a husband and wife wanting to steal a rare artifact sets their eyes on the Mercer family’s house, it is up to Max to guard it against the intruders, and he will go to any length to keep them out.

The relaunch promises epically funny escapades, and despite the sheer pandemonium, Max soon realizes that there is no place like home sweet home.

34. Back to the Outback

back to outback (1)

Frustrated of being trapped in a reptile house where people stare at them as if they’re devils, a motley gang of Australia’s fiercest creatures scheme an escape attempt from their zoo to the Outback, a location where they won’t be condemned for their claws and fangs.

Maddie, a deadly snake with a golden heart, leads the gang, which includes a self-assured Thorny Devil lizard Zoe, a lovelorn hairy spider Frank, and a sympathetic scorpion Nigel.

When their foe Pretty Boy, an adorable but annoying koala, unexpectedly joins their escape, Maddie and the group are forced to take him with them. One of the best kid movies to watch on Netflix.


Though you can watch anything and everything on Netflix, including thrillers, horror shows, suspense, horror movies on Netflix, cartoon, anime, zombie movies on Netflix, romance, sci-fi, reality, emotional drama, and documentaries – our picks of the best family movies on Netflix can help you make your share the fun with your family.

Our selection of the best family movies on Netflix includes some of the best-animated features an entire family can enjoy. The list is not limited to younger kids but slightly older kids can also enjoy these picks.

Gather your loved one and make the most of your family time. Happy Streaming!

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