Best Holiday Movies on Netflix To Enjoy With Your Family

Holidays are the much-awaited season of the year. Whether it is Christmas, Thanksgiving, or Halloween, they bring a sense of joy that needs to be shared with your friends and family. This is the reason we have compiled the list of the best holiday movies on Netflix you can enjoy with your loved ones.

Some of our picks are pretty classic so they are included in the list of must-watch movies on Netflix. From Santa to witches to Klaus to reindeer to romance, we have found everything you love about holidays.

It’s time to light the fire, put on the stocking, and enjoy these amazing titles.

1. 48 Christmas Wishes

The story revolves around elves. Two of the junior elves misplaced some of the letters to Santa. Now they have to go on a mission to retrieve the letter so they can save Christmas for the sender.

From the simplicity of holiday joy to the idea of wishes, 48 Christmas Wishes add to the charm of your holiday and make you dive deep into the story.

2. A Bad Mom’s Christmas

Moms who are underappreciated and overworked Kiki, Amy, and Carla defy the Super Bowl for moms: Christmas’s obstacles and expectations.

As if planning the perfect trip for their families wasn’t difficult enough, they’ll also have to host and entertain their own moms when they arrive.

3. A California Christmas

A rich charmer disguises himself as a ranch hand in order to persuade a diligent farmer to sell her family’s land. When he steps into the life of a rancher, he has many difficulties to face.

The charm of the simple ranch life and the struggle of the rancher to make ends meet make this one of the best holiday movies on Netflix.

4. A Christmas Prince

When a promising young journalist is sent overseas to obtain the dirt on a gorgeous prince who is poised to become king, Christmas comes early for her.

Can she find the dirty dark secret or fall in love with prince charming?

5. A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish

Her stepmother and two evil stepsisters put a stop to an ambitious singer’s career. She begins to fall for the gorgeous new Santa as she begins working at a job to let her dreams come true.

This romantic movie is full of love, hope, and everyday magic making it one of the best holiday movies on Netflix.

6. A Very Murray Christmas

Due to a severe blizzard in New York City, Bill Murray is concerned that no one would show up to his television show. Murray goes live with a small team, but he begins to cry in the middle of a song and exits the studio.

How will Christmas bring much-needed magic into his life? You should watch the movie to get the answer.

7. Alien Xmas

A little elf misidentifies a tiny extraterrestrial as a Christmas present, unaware that her new toy has ambitions to destroy Earth’s gravity – and steal all the gifts.

The Chiodo Brothers, famed for their work on films like “Elf,” create stop-motion animation for this lovely sci-fi narrative.

As the movie is currently streaming only on US Netflix, you will have to change your Netflix region to enjoy it from anywhere.

8. Angela’s Christmas

The strength of family and a child’s simple desire to make sure everyone is safe, warm, and loved during the holidays is the main focus of this movie.

You can enjoy the simple life and innocent heart of Angela when she wants to make the most of the holidays.

9. Christmas Break In

When a blizzard strikes her town, Izzy is left alone at school. She thinks it’s up to her to save the day when she learns three clumsy robbers have sought refuge in the supposedly vacant school and kidnapped the school caretaker.

How is she going to save the caretaker without jeopardizing his life?

10. Christmas in the Smokies

A young lady fighting to save her family’s Smoky Mountain berry farm organizes a Christmas performance with the help of her ex-boyfriend, a country music star.

11. Christmas Inheritance

Ellen Langford, an ambitious heiress, must send a unique Christmas letter to her father’s old partner in Snow Falls before inheriting his firm.

When she is stranded in the village inn due to snowfall, she realizes the true meaning of Christmas.

12. Christmas Wedding Planner

When a devilishly attractive private detective flips her world upside down, a wedding planner was in the middle of organizing her cousin’s extravagant and exclusive wedding.

What will she do to save the wedding and her falling heart? Will this Christmas change her life forever.

13. Christmas With A Prince

A doctor hesitantly agrees to let a wounded prince recuperate in her pediatric ward in secret not knowing that his life is about to change.

14. Christmas With a View

When a celebrity chef is named the new head chef of a ski resort, it creates quite a stir. Clara isn’t thrilled with her new employer.

When their paths cross more frequently, Clara realizes they have more in common than she realized.

15. Dash & Lily

During the Christmas holiday season, two New York City adolescents develop reciprocal romantic sentiments as they open up to each other by exchanging notes and dares in a notebook in various locales.

They cope with how their budding romance impacts and is affected by friends, family, and prior love partners along the road.

16. Dolly Parton’s Christmas on the Square

An angel appears to a woman who is about to sell a tiny village without consideration for the people who reside there. What will be the message of the angel?

17. Elliot: The Littlest Reindeer

Santa must find a successor for Blitzen when he unexpectedly announces his retirement. Elliot and his closest buddy, Hazel, set out against all odds to show that he is the right horse for the task.

While Elliot and Hazel compete in the North Pole reindeer tryouts, Hazel discovers that Christmas as we know it is in jeopardy.

Meanwhile, back at the farm, a nasty lady poses a threat to their friends’ lives, and Elliot must make the most important decision of his life.

18. Four Christmases

When their plans for an exotic trip fall through, Brad and Kate are forced to spend Christmas Day traipsing about to four different family gatherings.

While Brad counts down the minutes until he can escape the onslaught of crazy relatives, Kate begins to question her own decisions and wonders if her relatives are indeed insane.

19. Fred Claus

Fred, the troublemaker of the two Claus brothers, is the exact antithesis of his angelic sibling, Nicholas. Nicholas bails Fred out of jail and brings him to the North Pole to work off his debt by creating toys.

St. Nick’s troubles grow as he deals with not only his nagging brother but also an efficiency expert who has arrived to assess Santa’s business.

20. Free Rein

Zoe, a fifteen-year-old American, spends the summer visiting her British grandpa on an island off the coast of the United Kingdom, where her mother resided when she was a child.

Zoe has a particular relationship with a strange, wild, and gorgeous horse while she is there. She also has to deal with a lot of guys and horse thieves.

21. Get Santa

After wrecking his sleigh and drawing the attention of the local cops, Santa Claus enlists the aid of a father and son to collect up his reindeer and return home, ensuring that Christmas is not spoiled for everyone.

22. Holidate

Tired of being alone on holidays, two strangers agree to be each other’s platonic plus-ones for the whole year, only to develop true affections for one other along the way.

23. Holiday In The Wild

Kate goes on a single second honeymoon in Africa after her husband breaks their marriage. She and Derek, a pilot, go there to save a young elephant.

Kate realizes how much she enjoys her new surroundings while bringing the elephant back to health.

24. Holiday Rush

A radio DJ moves home with his aunt after being sacked, taking his four spoilt children with him. The kids are used to the bougie lifestyle so how are they are going to survive this change.

Holiday Rush tells the story of never giving up and the love for the family making it one of the best holiday movies on Netflix.

25. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

The solitary green Grinch decides to spoil Christmas for Whoville’s cheerful residents. The Grinch reluctantly climbs down from his hilltop house with his unfortunate dog, Max.

He sneaks into town to steal anything holiday-related from the Whos. However, the nasty grump’s ambitions are thwarted when he meets the charming Cindy Lou Who.

26. Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey

When his bright little granddaughter comes on his doorstep decades after his apprentice leaves him, a formerly joyous toymaker discovers fresh hope.

27. Just Another Christmas

A family guy who despises Christmas finds himself trapped in a time loop and begins to learn vital lessons about what matters most in life.

The story emphasizes the meaning of true and unconditional love and how it can change our life by bringing everyday magic into our lives.

28. Klaus

Even in a freezing, remote region, a little act of compassion always spawns another. When Jesper, the new postman in Smeerensburg, befriends Klaus, the toymaker, their presents resolve an age-old conflict and bring a sleigh full of festive traditions.

29. Let It Snow

On Christmas Eve, a snowfall hits a tiny midwestern town, bringing together a group of high school students. Their friendships and love live eventually collide, and nothing will be the same on Christmas morning.

30. Merry Happy Whatever

Don Quinn is followed in this movie as he deals with the many strains of the holidays. They’re made much more complex when Emmy, the family’s youngest child, returns from California with her boyfriend Matt.

31. Midnight At The Magnolia

Maggie and Jack, longtime friends and local radio presenters pretend to be a relationship for the sake of their families and fans in the hopes of having their show nationally syndicated.

32. Operation Christmas Drop

Erica Miller, a Congressional assistant, arrives at a beachfront Air Force post and fights with Capt. Andrew Jantz over his pet project, Operation: Christmas Drop.

33. Over Christmas

Over Christmas is a typical romantic comedy from Germany. Bastian goes home for the holidays to discover that his brother is dating his ex-girlfriend, and to make matters worse, his parents are concealing a major secret.

34. Puppy Star Christmas

When four wicked doggies steal Santa Claus and the North Pole for their own benefit, four loving pups must save Christmas.

In this battle of good versus evil, who will rise as the winner. The four-legged team must work hard for the rescue mission because Christmas is at stake.

35. The Christmas Chronicles

Kate and Teddy Pierce, siblings, devise a plan to kidnap Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. When things go wrong, the youngsters band together with a merry Saint Nick and his devoted elves to salvage the holiday before it’s too late.

36. The Holiday Calendar

An old Advent calendar is inherited by a photographer, and it appears to foretell her future, including a developing relationship.

Will she believe in the magic of Christmas or will she lose the opportunity to find her soulmate?

37. The Knight Before Christmas

A medieval knight is transported to the current day when he falls in love with a disillusioned high school science teacher.

While the teacher is trying to find out how this happened, everyone thinks that the knight is unstable. Will the teacher leave everything behind to accompany her knight on an unknown journey?

38. The Princess Switch

A duchess changes places with an average lady from Chicago who looks exactly like her a week before Christmas and the two fall in love with one other’s beaus.

39. Trolls Holiday

Poppy is the Troll Queen who notices that her best friend Bridget, a Bergen, has no vacations in her schedule.

Poppy, the Snack Pack, and Branch take the Caterbus Express to Bergen Town to show how much fun celebrating can be.

40. White Christmas

Bob Wallace and Phil Davis conduct a Christmas concert in rural Vermont with sister duo Betty and Judy Haynes. They stumble upon Gen.

Waverly, the lads’ WWII commander, informs them that his charming country inn is collapsing due to financial troubles.

So what do the quartet do but concoct a yuletide miracle: a festive musical extravaganza guaranteed to put Waverly and his company in the black?

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Though you can watch anything and everything on Netflix, including comedy, thriller, horror shows, suspense, horror movies, cartoon, anime, romance, cooking shows, sci-fi, reality, emotional drama, and documentaries – our picks of the best holiday movies can help you make your holiday more memorable.

Gather your loved one, get into the holiday spirit, and Happy Streaming!

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