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The privacy policy of is hereby detailed along with all of its clauses and sub-clauses which apply to the entire domain. It is also notified that all products and services mentioned on the website have no relation or association with and operate as separate entities.

Opinions on is primarily a review site. We rely extensively on writers from around the world to submit their reviews and guides on how to unblock Netflix with a VPN. The opinions and views mentioned throughout the website are not those of the website itself, but that of the authors.

The categories and positioning for different VPN brands and services have been developed after endless trial and error with all the products. ensures to provide readers with the latest market positions of different VPN brands that unblock Netflix.

The rankings on this website have been developed after extensive research and investigation into the service features and characteristics provided by VPN service providers. These rankings are the opinions of, developed after the research and analysis process.

Data Collection & Usage

Everyone collects data now. It’s the new currency that allows internet services to continue providing their users with free, yet useful services. However, what sets apart the good people from the bad ones is how they use the collected data.

To put it out in the open, we do not sell your data to anyone ever. We only use it to remember your likes and preferences, and other information that you provide to us on our website, and use it to provide you with relevant content in the future. Rest assured, your data never leaves our servers.

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We do not take any responsibility for the content, products, and services, found in links that lead out of our website. The links that we have placed though out our website are intended to give our users a holistic view of the leading products and services in the industry, enabling them to pick better solutions.

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All information/data that is collected by is done in accordance with the Privacy and Data Collection policies of all of our affiliates and associates. In doing so, we take multiple measures to ensure that the individual identity of users remains hidden at all times.

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Keeping your data secure is always our topmost priority. We understand the importance of keeping private data protected and safe from malicious entities and have taken multiple steps to ensure this safety. For this, we have equipped our servers with the latest cybersecurity technology, and regularly update our firmware and the website.

If you have reason to believe that your data has been breached, kindly reach out to us at with complete details of the breach.