Best Sci-Fi Movies on Netflix for your Inner Scientist

Science fiction is, without a doubt, the finest film genre in the world. Action, drama, romance, and adventure may all be found in science fiction films. In essence, science fiction is a genre that caters to a wide range of audiences; that’s why we picked the best sci-fi movies on Netflix.

There is something to watch for everyone, from aliens and spaceships to time travel; some of our picks are listed as the must-watch movies on Netflix.

Get ready to enjoy the concepts that can bedazzle your mind with our all-time favorite hits.

1. A Clockwork Orange

Alex and his “Droogs” spend their nights in a future England getting high at the Korova Milkbar before going on “a little of the old ultraviolence” while singing “Singin’ in the Rain.”

Alex submits to behavior modification therapy to gain his release after being imprisoned for bludgeoning the Cat Lady to death; he is conditioned to detest violence.

As he returns to the world unprotected, he becomes a victim of his previous victims. The plot, action, and concepts make it one of the best sci-fi movies on Netflix.

2. Back to the Future

Marty McFly, a small-town California youngster, is sent back into the 1950s after an experiment by his eccentric scientist buddy Doc Brown goes awry in this 1980s sci-fi classic.

Marty sees youthful versions of his parents while traveling through time in a modified DeLorean vehicle and must ensure that they fall in love or he will cease to exist.

3. Beyond Skyline

To save his estranged kid, Detective Mark Corley storms into an extraterrestrial spaceship. But, when the spacecraft crashes in Southeast Asia, he forms an uneasy alliance with a group of survivors.

He is now attempting to reclaim the planet for good so that the alien plans can be thwarted and the survivors rescued.

4. Freaks

Chloe, who is 7 years old and is kept imprisoned inside the house by her father, lives in terror and curiosity of the outside world.

It’s a location, she feels, where Abnormals are a continuous menace. But, when a mysterious visitor gives Chloe a peek at what’s actually going on, she quickly discovers that the reality isn’t that easy, and the threat is genuine.

5. In the Shadow of the Moon

In 1988, a police officer who aspires to be a detective set out to track down a serial killer who reappears every nine years.

As the killer’s murders defy logical explanation, the officer’s fixation threatens to derail everything making it one of the best sci-fi movies on Netflix.

6. Jupiter Ascending

Jupiter Jones was born under stars that foretold grandeur, but her life as a woman consists of cleaning other people’s homes and dealing with continuous bad luck.

Jupiter’s genetic signature marks her as the next in line for an extraordinary inheritance that could alter the balance of the cosmos.

Caine, a genetically engineered hunter, arrives on Earth to locate her, making Jupiter finally aware of the great destiny that awaits her: Jupiter’s genetic signature marks her as the next in line for an extraordinary inheritance that could alter the balance of the cosmos.

7. Mad Max

The past is haunting mad Max. He assumes that living alone is the only option if he wants to survive. Even he was uptight about the idea, he tries to get acquainted with an escaping party.

They’re fleeing a Citadel ruled by the Immortan Joe, who has taken something valuable from it. In the ensuing high-octane Road War, the Warlord marshals all of his gangs and hunts the rebels brutally.

8. Midnight Special

A dad and his kid, a young child with exceptional abilities, are being pursued by the government and a gang of religious zealots.

The father is trying to save his son from the extremist’s clutches and being a lab rat. The struggle of the father and the powers of the kid make it one of the best sci-fi movies on Netflix.

9. Mute

A mute bartender’s hunt for his missing lady-love in a future Berlin leads him deeper and deeper into the city’s criminal underbelly.

The approach to present the future Berlin provides you with a reflection on the possible technological advancement coming generations will enjoy.

10. Okja

Mija has been caring for Okja for ten years. She is a friend to the colossal creature with a giant heart. Mirando Corporation takes Okja for themselves, causing her life and happiness to be disturbed.

They bring her to New York and offer her as a potential meat supplier. So Mija embarked on a journey to save Mija with no clear plan.

Even though it is rarely classified as a horror film, it contains all of the elements. Throughout the film, you will encounter heartache, love, grief, camaraderie, and horror, making it one of the best Korean movies on Netflix.

11. Oxygen

A lady wakes up in a cryogenic cell with no memory of how she got there and must find a way out before she runs out of oxygen.

The constant reminder that she will be out of oxygen plays havoc, making it one of the best sci-fi movies on Netflix.

12. Project Power

A former military and a cop link up to track down the source of a deadly drug that grants temporary abilities. When all humans become superheroes, it is a foolproof recipe for disaster and impending doom.

13. Real Steel

Charlie Kenton used to be a prizefighter, but when massive, towering robots took over the boxing arena, he lost his chance to win a championship.

Charlie is now a part-time promoter who assembles scrap metal into low-end fighters, just scraping by to go from one basement location to the next.

After reaching rock bottom, Charlie unwillingly joins forces with his estranged son, Max, to construct and train a championship robot in the hopes of one last chance at redemption.

14. Safety Not Guaranteed

A disgruntled magazine intern befriends a strange man seeking a companion to accompany him on a voyage back in time.

The concept of time travel is the focus of this piece. Time-traveling and getting stuck into a different century is the plot that interests millions making it one of the best sci-fi movies on Netflix.

15. Snowpiercer

The science fiction action film, set in the future, is about a climate engineering disaster that causes an ice age, forcing the lucky few who survive to live aboard a train that crosses the world.

Onboard Snowpiercer, tensions between classes, rise as those living in deplorable conditions launch a revolt to redistribute riches. Add this to your watch list if you enjoy dystopian flicks.

16. Space Sweepers

The crew of Spaceship Victory discovers a 7-year-old child aboard a crashed space shuttle during the latest debris hunt. They realize she’s the humanoid robot the UTS Space Guards sought and plans to demand a ransom.

17. Stowaway

When an uninvited guest jeopardizes the lives of everyone on board, a three-person crew on a trip to Mars is forced to make an unthinkable decision.

18. Synchronic

When Steve and Dennis, two New Orleans paramedics and longtime friends, are summoned to a sequence of strange and grisly incidents, they chalk it up to a mysterious new substance discovered on the site.

However, once Dennis’ oldest daughter vanishes, Steve discovers a terrible secret about the ostensibly hallucinogenic that will test everything he believes about reality and the passage of time itself.

19. Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Young John Connor, the key to civilization’s success over a future robot revolt, is the target of the shape-shifting T-1000, a Terminator dispatched from the future to assassinate him in this sequel set eleven years after “The Terminator.”

A new Terminator, the T-800, has been dispatched to safeguard the youngster. But, as John and his mother fled with the T-800, the youngster develops an unusual relationship with the machine.

20. The Midnight Sky

A lone scientist in the Arctic tries to contact an astronaut crew who has returned home after a strange worldwide disaster. Can he find any changes in the normal body functioning of the crew?

21. The Mitchells vs. The Machines

Katie Mitchell, a young film student, goes on a road journey with her proud parents, younger brother, and pet dog to begin her first year of film school.

However, their efforts to unite as a family are quickly derailed as the world’s electronic devices awaken and start an uprising.

The Mitchells must now band together with the assistance of two benign robots to defend each other and the Earth from the new technological revolution.

There is no doubt that this is one of the amazing examples of animation movies, making it one of the best sci-fi movies on Netflix.

22. The Old Guard

A crew of mercenaries, all centuries-old immortals with the ability to repair themselves, discovers that their secret has been discovered, and they must battle to maintain their independence.

23. The Platform

The term “class” accurately describes capitalism. The plot focuses on a vertical jail where food is distributed according to one’s level.

The best food is provided to the convicts on the higher levels, while the leftovers are given to the prisoners on the lower levels.

The film depicts both the positive and terrible aspects of human nature, how higher-level inmates devour their meals, and how they are famished.

Hunger brings out the worst in certain people, and the films go into great depth into this aspect of human nature, making it one of the best horror movies on Netflix.

24. The Signal

Three college students who believe they have followed a rival computer hacker to a shack in the Nevada desert are in for a surprise. Will the surprise change their lives forever, and there is no turning back?

25. Total Recall

In the year 2084, Douglas Quaid is a bored construction worker who dreams of visiting colonized Mars.

He goes to “Rekall,” a firm that implants false memories in people’s heads, to feel the excitement of Mars without having to travel there.

However, something goes awry during the surgery, and Quaid finds that his entire existence has been a false memory implanted in his mind, and the people who implanted it now want him dead.


Though you can watch anything and everything on Netflix, including comedy, thriller, Halloween movies, suspense, horror, cartoon, anime, romance, cooking shows, sci-fi, reality, emotional drama, Marvel shows, and documentaries – you can enjoy unlimited science fiction.

With our list of the best sci-fi movies on Netflix, all you need is a relaxing couch and unlimited drinks. Happy Streaming!

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