Best Free VPNs For Netflix On Xbox Working In 2022


Are you eagerly looking for the top free VPN for Xbox One Netflix? You don’t need to go any further since we have the top Xbox One VPN in 2022!

Virtual private networks (VPNs) can significantly improve the online gaming experience, but they can also significantly slow down games online. Your data and privacy are very secure online with the help of VPNs, which hide your IP address and encrypt your data. Additionally, using a VPN enables you to download and play some games that are blocked in your region.

Netflix has implemented geo-restriction policies for its region-specific content. This means that certain content will only be available in specific regions. Therefore, you’ll need a VPN service to watch Netflix on your Xbox to bypass this policy. Take a look at some of these free VPNs for Netflix.

Below are the top free VPN for Netflix on Xbox, along with their key characteristics and advantages. It will enable you to distinguish the following VPNs from all other VPNs clearly and comprehend why they are the best VPN for Netflix on Xbox.

5 Best Free VPNs For Netflix On Xbox In 2022

1. Best 100% Free VPNs for Netflix on Xbox

  • Windscribe – Safe & Friendly Netflix Experience for Xbox 
  • ProtonVPN – Free VPN for Netflix with Unlimited Data for Xbox 
  • ZenMate – Free VPN for Netflix with Unlimited Bandwidth for Xbox 
  • TunnelBear – Free VPN for Netflix with No Throttling for Xbox 

2. Best Premium VPN for Netflix on Xbox with a money-back guarantee

  • ExpressVPN – 30-Day Money Back Guarantee to Enjoy Netflix on Xbox

Best Free VPNs for Netflix on Xbox – Full Analysis

We only recommend free VPNs for Netflix that have gone through our testing criteria. That’s because some free VPN service providers are not trustworthy with your personal information.

Going deep inside the application provides valuable details about a VPN. For this reason, we dig deep into the files and explore which files and settings it uses utilize. Also, we carry out this analysis to check if it protects you adequately protecting you adequately or not.

Some VPN services claim that they offer a kill switch to protect your connectivity. We implement different testing techniques and monitor them closely to ensure that it performs and handles each situation precisely.

Mostly, free VPNs for Netflix come with limited data, and they are not ideal for unblocking Netflix. To check the capability of free VPNs, we test to monitor if these VPNs can access exclusive region-specific content on Netflix.

Lastly, we test the speed of each VPN service. We perform speed tests from a UK cloud PC with an ultra-reliable and speedy 10Gbps. Also, we provide each VPN ample bandwidth to test the speed.

1. Windscribe – Safe & Friendly Netflix Experience for Xbox

Windscribe ensures no IP or DNS leaks, making it a safe and friendly experience for Xbox users. It is a free VPN capable of effectively unblocking different Netflix libraries. These libraries include France, Canada, Germany, the UK, Switzerland, and Turkey. The free version of Windscribe offers servers in 10 countries and paid versions in 63+ countries and 110 cities globally.

It has an excellent free plan that enables you to try it out before committing fully. Although its speeds aren’t as fast as other top-tier VPN services, like ExpressVPN, it can still get around geo-restrictions and access streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer through your Xbox.

We have no issues with Windscribe in terms of security. It has SHA-512 authentication and powerful AES-256 encryption. Additionally, Windscibe uses IKEv2 and the well-known OpenVPN protocol. Last but not least, Windscribe has a transparent no-logs and privacy policy.


  • Includes an ad blocker.
  • Designated streaming servers.
  • Windflix feature allows you to bypass Netflix geo-restrictions.


  • Offers a 10GB/month data allowance.
  • Customer support is not adequate.


The server list, speed, reliability, and unblocking of major Netflix libraries are the reason behind the high rating of 4.5/5 to Windscribe.

2. ProtonVPN – Free VPN for Netflix with Unlimited Data for Xbox

ProtonVPN is a free VPN for Netflix and offers unlimited data for Xbox. It comes with free servers in three countries: Japan, the US, and the Netherlands. Another major benefit of using ProtonVPN is that it comes with a user-friendly interface and avoids ads to generate revenue so that you can watch your stream without any disturbance.


  • User-friendly app.
  • Enhanced download speeds for HD-quality streaming.
  • Unblock 10 Netflix libraries.


  • Smart DNS is unavailable.


ProtonVPN has a high rating of 4/5 because of its unlimited bandwidth and high-speed connection.

3. ZenMate – Free VPN for Netflix with Unlimited Bandwidth for Xbox

ZenMate is another free VPN for Netflix that comes with unlimited bandwidth for Xbox. It has a lightning-fast speed for connectivity and 4700 servers. Also, it supports all operating systems. The app has a huge range of almost 698 American servers operating in different regions.

ZenMate is highly effective in unblocking US Netflix libraries. It comes with an efficient kill switch, DNS leak protection, solid tunneling protocols like OpenVPN, and an auto-start option.


  • Has a no-log policy.
  • Unblock major libraries, including American Netflix.
  • Comes with a 7-day free trial.


  • WireGuard is not supported.
  • Has a shady privacy policy.
  • It is ineffective in China.
  • Tunneling protocols are few.
  • PayPal and credit cards are accepted forms of payment.
  • Absence of mobile apps


Unblocking Netflix’s major libraries and instant server connections are the two factors involved in the high rating of 4/5  ZenMate VPN.

4. TunnelBear – Free VPN for Netflix with No Throttling for Xbox

TunnelBear is another VPN added to the list for its free services alongside no throttling when you watch Netflix on Xbox. It is one of the free VPNs that are capable of offering servers in 48 countries and accessing all servers globally. Another significant benefit of using this VPN is that it is relatively better than some paid VPNs.


  • No hidden charges.
  • Can connect multiple devices.
  • Operates in 48 countries.
  • Offer high-speed connections.


  • No unlimited data.
  • Connection loss occasionally.


TunnelBear’s decent connection speed on different devices is the reason behind this VPN service’s average to high rating of 3.5/5.

Best Premium VPN for Netflix on Xbox with a money-back guarantee

Despite completely free Netflix VPNs, you should opt for a premium VPN to get the best streaming experience. We would highly recommend you get your hands on ExpressVPN.

1. ExpressVPN – 30-Day Money Back Guarantee to Enjoy Netflix on Xbox

ExpressVPN is a premium VPN and offers a 30-Day Money back guarantee to enjoy Netflix on Xbox. It has over 3000+ servers operating in 90+ countries. Its features, functionalities, reliability, speed, and stable internet connectivity make it the number-one choice for many users.


  • Free one-month trial.
  • Allows you to unlock 20+ Netflix Libraries.
  • Offers buffer-free streaming.
  • Broad server network.


  • More expensive than other VPNs.


ExpressVPN unblocks major Netflix libraries, has faster connection speed, and a great user experience. For this reason, it has a five-star rating.

The Best Free ExpressVPN Servers to Change Netflix Region on Xbox

Let’s have a look at the list of the best free ExpressVPN servers to change the Netflix region on Xbox One.

Server Speed Streaming Quality
New York 92.07 Mbps Ultra HD
Los Angeles 94.5 Mbps Ultra HD
Atlanta 93.2 Mbps Ultra HD
New Jersey – 3 91.8 Mbps Ultra HD

How to Unblock Netflix on Xbox with a Free VPN

Let’s take a look at the steps on how to unblock Netflix on Xbox with a free VPN. 

  1. Install Windscribe after downloading it.
  2. Check your email address, then tweet a Windscribe advertisement. You will then receive a total of 15GB of free data each month.
  3. Connect to a server in the region of Netflix that you prefer.
  4. Open the Netflix app or go to the website.
  5. You can now stream videos that were previously blocked. To access additional Netflix areas, change the server region.

If the above-mentioned steps don’t work, then follow the below steps:

  1. Download and Install any free VPN (Recommended ExpressVPN) on your PC.
  2. Launch the app and connect it to the desired server from where you want to watch the content.
  3. Connect your Xbox to a VPN-ready PC via an Ethernet cable.
  4. On your PC, go to Settings -> Network & Internet -> VPN -> Change Adapter Settings.
  5. Right-click on the VPN icon.
  6. Go to Properties -> Sharing Tab.
  7. Turn on the Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s internet connection box.
  8. Select a private network connection box.
  9. Select your Xbox’s Ethernet connection.
  10. Press OK
  11. On your Xbox controller, press the Xbox button.
  12. Tap the Rb button three times.
  13. Go to Settings -> Network Tab -> Network Settings.
  14. Choose the Test network connection tile to check if it is ready.

Launch the Netflix app and watch start watching your desired movie or TV show.

The Risks of Using a Free VPN

Let’s take a look at the factors related to the risks of using a free VPN for Xbox.

1. Logging Personal Information

One of the biggest risks of using free VPNs is that free VPN service providers start logging your personal information and online activity. They steal your data and sell it to others.

2. Malware Infecting Your Device

Second, you may experience certain issues with your device due to viruses that free VPN service providers have injected into it. Using your Xbox online comes with some security hazards. This includes swatting and DDoS attacks. Using a VPN, which encrypts your data and conceals your IP address and location, will shield you from this. Every VPN we’ve discussed has a kill switch and DNS leak protection.
Secondly, you will face some malfunctioning in your device, which is the cause of malware that free VPN service providers inject into your device.

3. Leaking Sensitive Information

Some VPNs don’t have encryption and can leak sensitive information for this reason. They will leak information like your IP address to your ISP, and any snooping third party.

On What Devices Can You Use a Free VPN to Access Netflix?

Most of the free VPN applications are compatible with desktops, tablets, smartphones, and laptops. To learn more about free VPNs for Netflix and their compatibility with different devices you can check our following guides:

Free Vpn For Netflix On Firestick Free Vpn For Netflix On Iphone Free Vpn For Netflix On Android
Free Vpn For Netflix On Mac Free Vpn For Netflix On Firefox Free Vpn For Netflix On Ps4
Free Vpn For Netflix On TV

A few of them also offer Chrome extensions and are compatible with routers and Apple TV. However, keep in mind that free VPNs usually offer a single multi-login, so ExpressVPN is always a better choice among them as it comes with five multi-logins.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, using a VPN for Xbox One boosts your gaming speeds. If you face slow internet speed, it is mainly because your internet service provider controls or limits your connection.
You can use a VPN service to enjoy faster speeds and bypass bandwidth throttling on your Xbox One. But, for better results, connect it to the server near or closer to your region.

If you want to access Netflix using a VPN on Xbox, you should go for ExpressVPN. It is one of the best VPNs having faster speeds, easy router setup, and Smart DNS service. ExpressVPN allows you to change your Xbox’s location, avoid ISP throttling, and unblock US Netflix.

Yes, you can use a VPN on Xbox Series X. The VPNs we have mentioned above are great and work well with all Xbox generations, including Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X. Using a VPN with any of the generations allows you to access geo-restricted streaming sites and games worldwide.

No, you will not get banned from using an Xbox One VPN service. It is a legal way to avoid ISP throttling and protects your online identity.


We have listed some of the best VPNs for Xbox which come with rich features and functionalities. You can use the above-discussed VPNs as we have tested them and they can allow you to access Netflix on Xbox.

Some other free VPNs for Xbox on the internet claim they are best, but you should not go for them as we haven’t tested and there is a great risk of data loss using them.

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