Is GOLGO13 Available On Netflix US In 2022

watch-golgo-13-on-netflixUnfortunately, GOLGO13 is unavailable on Netflix US. However, you can access the show and start watching it on Netflix in the US with the help of a quality VPN such as ExpressVPN.

GOLGO13 aired in Japan on April 11, 2008, and debuted on Netflix on October 1, 2021. It consists of action-packed scenes, which makes it one of the best shows on Netflix.

Its storyline revolves around a skilled assassin Duke Togo a.k.a Golgo 13.  He’s good at his work, which means you must dig deep in your pockets to get his services, as you will have to pay top dollar. He’s one of those assassins that will get the job done no matter the challenges he faces.

To watch the kind of people that GOLGO13 works for, you will need to change Netflix region to that Japan. Below in this article, we will show you exactly what you need to do to watch GOLGO13 on Netflix in the USA.

How to Watch GOLGO13 on Netflix in the US using a VPN in 2022

To watch GOLGO13 on Netflix in the United States, you must follow the quick steps below.

  • Download and Subscribe to ExpressVPN.
  • Select a payment plan.
  • Login using your credentials.
  • Connect to a server in Japan.
  • Enjoy streaming GOLGO13 on Netflix from the USA.

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What is the Cast and Rating of GOLGO13 (2008)

The table below consists of the entire cast of the show GOLGO13 (2008), including the director, writer, and IMDb rating.

Voice Actor/Actress Character Name
Hiroshi Tachi Duke Togo
Rob Mungle Regan
Mitsuo Senda Dave McCartney
Chris Ayres Dave McCartney
Adam Van Wagoner Blue Fire
Andrew Love Agt. Michael Howard
Monica Rial Edith
Andy McAvin Elder Sabine
John Swasey Partree
Justin Doran Captain
Mason Knight Burton
Todd Posthlewaite Jeff
Hisako Kyôda Martha
Deke Anderson Bentner
Greg Ayres Bum
Norio Wakamoto Sheriff Burt Walsh
Takashi Kondô Kelley
Saori Gotô Banker B
Jovan Jackson Lt. Sam Cheyenne
Todd Postlethwaite Flanagan
Katsuji Mori David Rockford
Hideyuki Kanaya Man
Takaya Hashi Zamek
Aki Unone Alice Kimball
Gou Shinomiya Subordinate
Thomas Stevens Bugsy
Corina Larzreg Nurse
Aki Sasamori Marie
Takashi Yoshida Radio Announcer
Mayuki Makiguchi Secretary
Yasuyoshi Hara Jimmy
Dai Matsumoto Sue Cheol Chang
Hidetoshi Nakamura Phone man
Ikuo Nishikawa Ki Kyo Song
Masaaki Ôkura Banker A
Kôzô Shioya Nicolas Miller
Luci Christian Additional Voices

Genre: Animation, Action, Adventure

Director: Shunji Ōga

Writer: Daisuke Ikeda

IMDb Rating: 7.5/10

In Which Countries is the GOLGO13 Series Currently Available to Stream on Netflix?

GOLGO13 is only available on Japanese Netflix. You will not find the show on Netflix libraries outside Japan.

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Why Do You Need a VPN to Stream GOLGO13 on Netflix in the US?

You need a Netflix VPN because GOLGO13 is unavailable on the Netflix library in the USA. To access the show, you will need the help of a VPN to change your Netflix region to Japan.

You can’t access the show on Netflix in the USA because it’s geo-restricted. Netflix doesn’t have the licensing and distribution rights required to make the show available on Netflix libraries in other regions.

The platform doesn’t want to violate the agreement signed with the content owners by allowing the show to be available in regions where it hasn’t been permitted. Therefore, the moment you sign in to Netflix, it automatically detects your region with the help of your IP address.

Once detected, the platform gives you access to the content available in that region. That ensures that its users will not access geo-blocked content.

All you have to do is connect to a VPN server located in Japan. Once connected, a VPN will cover your original IP address with that of Japan. Now, a VPN will trick Netflix into thinking you are accessing the platform in Japan. Therefore, giving you access to Japanese Netflix.

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Does GOLGO13 have anime?

GOLGO13 is an anime series written by Daisuke Ikeda. The show aired in Japan on April 11, 2008, and made its debut on Netflix on October 1, 2021.

Is GOLGO13 popular in Japan?

GOLGO13 is a popular anime series in Japan and holds a record for the largest number of volumes published.

What anime has Togo in it?

Togo, a.k.a GOLGO13, is the main character in the manga/anime show titled GOLGO13.

Wrapping Up

Golgo13 is an interesting manga series worth watching. It tells the story of one of the deadliest assassins on the planet, Golgo13. This is a must-watch show if you are a fan of action anime series. It’s filled with entertaining, action-packed scenes that will keep you on the edge of your seat. You can watch GOLGO13 on Netflix right now in the USA using ExpressVPN.

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