Is Of Love and Lies Available on Netflix US in 2023?


Of Love and Lies, is unfortunately unavailable on Netflix US. You can, however, unblock the movie in your region and watch Of Love and Lies on Netflix US by using a reliable VPN service like ExpressVPN.

Of Love and Lies, originally titled Ant, tells the heartfelt story of a young boy and his relationship with his father. To bring his father out of his disillusioned and alcoholic state, Theo, a 12-year-old, tries to use his talent for soccer to help give his father hope in life.

Theo’s golden opportunity comes in the form of him being selected to join the English Arsenal FC. Although, he isn’t able to be a part of the club. Theo chooses to lie to his father to keep his hopes up.

Of Love and Lie’s Release date was on February 3rd, 2019, whereas its world release was set in June 2019.

The movie, filled with hopeful and heartfelt moments, is thought by many as the best movie on Netflix in the French drama genre. You can also watch this comedy-drama. You must change Netflix region using a quality VPN service like ExpressVPN.

How to watch Of Love and Lies on Netflix in the US using a VPN in 2023?

Want to watch Of Love and Lies on Netflix US but can’t find it? This can be because of Netflix’s geo-restrictions. You can bypass these restrictions and watch your favorite content easily by using a reliable VPN, Like Express VPN.

  1. Download and subscribe to a quality VPN, like ExpressVPN
  2. Select a Payment plan that fits your budget
  3. Login using your credentials
  4. Connect to a server in South Korea
  5. Login to your Netflix, ExpressVPN
  6. Now you can easily stream Of Love and Lies on Netflix US.

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What is the Cast and Rating of Love and Lies (2019)?

The french comedy-drama, Of Love and Lies, features a primarily french cast. Here is a comprehensive look at the Of Love and Lies cast.

Actor/Actress Character
Francois Damiens Laurent
Maleaume Paquin Theo, known as “Ant”
André Dussollier   Claude
Ludivine Sagnier Chloe
Lætitia Dosch  Sarah, social worker
Sébastien Chassagne  Antoine
Didier Brice Banal
Cassiopeia Mayanc Romanesque
Pierre Gommé Max
Ismaël Drame  Karim
Nicolas Wanczycki Eric
Pierre Diot  The President of the Club
Jonathan Waite Arsenal scout
Laurent Orry  Performer
Martine Schambacher  Grandmother Max
Matthieu Rozé Employment Center Advisor
Nasser Zerkoun  Aggressive type
Stéphane Hausauer  Spectator Father

Rating – 6.1/10

Genre – Comedy, Drama

Writers – Artur Laperla(comic book), Julien Rappeneau(screenplay), Mario Torrecillas(comic book).

Director – Julien Rappeneau

In Which Countries Of Love and Lies series is currently available to stream on Netflix.

Find the storyline of the movie enjoyable. Are you thinking, how can I watch Of Love and Lies on Netflix, and where can I watch Of Love and Lies if it is not on Netflix?

Sadly, the movie is not available on Netflix US currently, but this title is available on Netflix South Korea.

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Why Do You Need a VPN to Stream Of Love and Lies on Netflix in the US?

You need a VPN to stream Of Love and Lies (2019) on Netflix; like many other streaming services, Netflix also places geo-locks on their content. These geo-locks restrict the viewership of the content to a specific area, blocking other regions from accessing it.

To see if particular movies and TV shows are unavailable in your region, you can research the titles on your Netflix application or search for them on your browser.

If a title is unavailable in your area, you will be shown the Netflix Code Error NES-404, which shows that the title is in the library, but you don’t have access to it.

The most common and important reason why Netflix places geo-restrictions on content is to avoid legal issues. Since Netflix licenses content from different production houses, they can only show them in areas where they have the licenses available. The areas where the licensing is not available get geo-locked.

A VPN is recommended to avoid these issues and bypass geo-restrictions placed by Netflix. A VPN can help you access the content of your choice by hiding your original IP address from Netflix and providing you with an IP address of the server where the content is accessible.

We recommend using a high-quality VPN like Express VPN for your streaming. Express VPN is the perfect VPN for Netflix as it connects you to thousands of servers and protects your data from internet hackers and scammers.

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Can I use a free VPN to watch Of Love and Lies on Netflix?

Although a free VPN can be used to watch Of Love and Lies (2019) on Netflix, it is not recommended. A free VPN would only be able to provide you with a different quality service than a premium VPN.

Since free VPNs have a few servers, they connect all devices to those servers. This causes the servers to overload and your connection to get slower.

Moreover your online privacy may still be getting invaded. Free VPNs place trackers on their applications that can track your surfing history. Free VPNs use these trackers to track your data and sell it to their-party services.

We suggest using a premium VPN like Express VPN that protects you and your data from avoiding these issues. If you still wish to use a free VPN, research the best free VPN for Netflix.

Wrapping Up

Of Love and Lies tells a story of finding hope where there isn’t much to believe and be hopeful for. If you find our take on the movie exciting and want to watch Of Love and Lies on Netflix, you can use a reliable VPN service like Express VPN.

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