Shows Leaving Netflix UK in August – Don’t Miss These Shows

The content library of Netflix is changing. While there is an addition of pretty amazing shows every month, some of them are leaving the platform. There are various reasons for the removal, maybe the licensing agreement is ending or it is replaced by another season.

Whatever the reason is, this is your last call to enjoy the shows leaving Netflix in August and some of them are pretty amazing. As this soon-to-be-ex list is specific to the UK region, you can connect to the UK server of our picks for the best Netflix VPN and enjoy them from anywhere.

Without any further delay, let’s dive into the list of shows we are going to miss.

1. Friday Night Dinner

Leaving Netflix: 1st August 2021

Shabbat meal in the middle-class secular Jewish Goodman family is shown in Friday Night Dinner. The episodes follow the family as the sons arrive at the family home and begin their meal, which is frequently interrupted by a variety of events.

2. Love Cuisine

Leaving Netflix: 1st August 2021

The finest way to experience life is to sample the cuisines of the globe and this concept makes Love Cuisine one of the best shows leaving Netflix this month.

Oscar Han is a well-known celebrity chef who owns a restaurant in Europe, but he returns to Taiwan to fulfil a commitment to his old master by teaching culinary arts at Si Ping High School.

3. Operation Ouch!

Leaving Netflix: 1st August 2021

It’s a British comedic children’s television programme about the human body that depicts what occurs in A&E, what physicians face, and spectacular experiments.

Dr. Chris and Dr. Xand, twin brothers and doctors, host the show, and in 2019, Dr. Ronx, a new doctor, was introduced.

4. Oru Vishheshapetta Biryani Kissa

Leaving Netflix: 1st August 2021

When the village’s biryani cook passes away unexpectedly, a widow accepts the task. Her struggles as a substitute chef and delivering the biryani which will be loved by everyone is the focus of the show.

The components of emotion, passion, struggle, hard work, and dedication are explained beautifully making it one of the best shows leaving Netflix in August.

5. Two Fathers

Leaving Netflix: 1st August 2021

Two Fathers tell the story of two college buddies, aspiring lawyer Tang Xiangxi and student horticulturist Wen Zhenhua, who learn that a girl they both slept with, Su Wenwen, has given birth to a baby one of theirs, but she doesn’t know whose, and then flees town.

6. Don’t Tell the Bride

Leaving Netflix: 2nd August 2021

Don’t Tell the Bride is a reality show that airs in the United Kingdom. The series’ premise revolves around couples being given money to pay for their wedding ceremony; however, the groom is responsible for all aspects of the event and has no contact with the bride.

The unique concept of the shows makes it one of the best shows leaving Netflix this month. As the show is only available on UK Netflix, you have to change your region by connecting to the UK server of ExpressVPN, NordVPN, Cyberghost, Surfshark, or PureVPN to enjoy it.

7. Uncle

Leaving Netflix: 12th August 2021

Andy, an unemployed musician, is responsible for his nephew Errol, with whom he develops an odd bond. Andy’s mission in life appears to be Errol, and this prevents Andy from committing himself.

Because Andy is sad over his recent breakup with his ex-girlfriend, Andy’s bad influence pushes Errol to drink and takes him to a strip club.


We wanted you to have the last chance to enjoy these amazing shows. As Netflix provides the best streaming quality, any show leaving the platform makes us sad. Grab the opportunity and enjoy these amazing picks while you can because who knows if they will ever come back to Netflix.


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