10 Best Movies on Netflix UK in June 2021

Netflix is the new name of entertainment as it provides everything you are looking for. If you are a fan of adventure, comedy, horror, or mystery – there are hundreds of options available to choose from. With the start of a new month – Netflix is updating the list of shows and movies streamed by Netflix users in the UK. As the UK library is famous for its movie selection – here is the list of best movies on Netflix UK in June 2021.

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Best Movies on Netflix UK in June 2021

1. Fatherhood

This emotional story revolves around the love of a father. After the unexpected death of his wife, the responsibility of raising a daughter falls on his shoulder and he is trying his best to take care of the daughter. He has to fill the void of her mother’s love and rise to be the perfect mom and dad.

Genre: Emotional

Cast: Kevin Hart, Ryan S. Hill, Melody Hurd, Linda Joyce Nourse

Production: Sony Pictures

Coming on Netflix: 1st June 2021

2. Boogeyman

Tim’s childhood is marred by the disappearance of his father. When he was young, his father was sucked into a closet and there was no report of him to date. sixteen years have passed since this incident. After the death of his mother, Tim is returning to the house in the search of truth.

Genre: Horror, Thriller

Cast: Barry Watson, Emily Deschanel, Skye McCole Bartusiak, Tory Mussett

Production: Ghost House Pictures, Screen Gems, Senator International

Coming on Netflix: 1st June 2021

3. Summoned

Laura becomes concerned when fellow members of a former jury begin dying according to their seat numbers. As her number nears, she races to find out what is causing the unexplained killings before she becomes a victim. As the film will only stream on UK Netflix, you will have to connect to the UK server of ExpressVPN to watch it.

Genre: Mystery

Cast: Cuba Gooding Jr., Ashley Scott, Bailey Chase, James Hong

Production: Hybrid Lancom Entertainment

Coming on Netflix: 1st June 2021

4. Yesterday

Jack, a struggling musician, meets with an accident during a blackout and wakes up to find out that only he remembers The Beatles. Later, he starts singing the band’s songs to gain fame. The struggles associated with music career along with the ups and downs of professional life is the focus of the movie

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Genre: Emotional, Music

Cast: Himesh Patel, Lily James, Joel Fry, Ed Sheeran 

Production: Perfect World Pictures

Coming on Netflix: 4th June 2021

5. The Secret Life of Pets 2

Have you ever wondered what your pets think about and do when you leave for office. The Secret Life of Pets 2 is the answer to this question. The story revolves around a terrier named Max who encounters a canine-intolerant cow.

He also came across scary turkeys and hostile foxes when he visits the countryside. Luckily he soon meets Rooster and catches a break from his wildlife mishaps. Rooster is a gruff farm dog who is trying to cure a pooch of his neuroses.

Genre: Animated

Cast: Patton Oswalt, Kevin Hart, Harrison Ford, Eric Stonestreet, Jenny Slate

Production: Illumination Entertainment

Coming on Netflix: 1st June 2021

6. Skater Girl

When a teen in rural India discovers a life-changing passion for skateboarding, she faces a rough road as she follows her dream to compete. She has to rise above different barriers and hate. Her struggles as a Skater in the rural part of India is the main focus of the movie and it can inspire millions of young girls around the world.

Genre: Inspirational

Cast: Amy Maghera, Waheeda Rehman, Rachel Saanchita Gupta, Anurag Arora

Production: Netflix

Coming on Netflix: 11th June 2021

7. The Karate Kid

Dre, a young boy, finds himself bullied by Cheng, a rebellious kung fu prodigy at his school. However, things change after he befriends Mr. Han, a maintenance man, who happens to be a kung fu expert. The struggle of learning a new defense art is the highlight of the movie.

Genre: Martial Arts

Cast: Jackie Chan, Rongguang Yu, Zhenwei Wang, Jaden Smith

Production: Delphi II Production, Columbia Pictures

Coming on Netflix: 15th June 2021

8. Tragic Jungle

To escape an arranged marriage, a woman flees into the depths of the Mayan jungle, where untamed nature merges the human and the supernatural. She has to brave the wilderness and struggle to live of she wants the misery to end but she did not count on the mysterious species threatening her life.

Genre: Mystery

Cast: Indira Rubie Andrewin, Gilberto Barraza, Mariano Tun Xool, Eligio Meléndez

Production: Manny Films

Coming on Netflix: 9th June 2021

9. Song One

After a terrible accident puts her brother in a coma, a graduate student travels to New York to see him and subsequently becomes involved with the musician her brother idolized. Can these two different personalities beat the odds with their love for each other?

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Genre: Music

Cast: Anne Hathaway, Mary Steenburgen, Johnny Flynn, Lola Kirke

Production: Worldview Entertainment

Coming on Netflix: 15th June 2021

10. Godzilla Singular Point

Brought together by a mysterious song, a grad student and an engineer lead the fight against an unimaginable force that may spell doom for the world. If they want to save the world, they have to forget about their differences and work together for their survival.

Cast: Yume Miyamoto, Shoya Ishige, Yôhei Azakami, Taro Kiuchi

Production: Bones and Orange

Coming on Netflix: 24th June 2021


The list of the shows has something for everyone. You need to bookmark this page so you know what you cannot miss on Netflix this month. Get ready for fun, get ready to be entertained – All you need is the list of the best movies on Netflix UK.

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