30 Best Horror Shows on Netflix – Get Ready For Nightmares

Few can relate to the thrill of bloodcurdling screams, and fewer can appreciate the scare of blood dripping from the roof. If you are a fan of these scenarios, you have come to the right place. Today, we will discuss the best horror shows on Netflix UK, and let me tell you this, picking the right show for binge-watching is tiresome.

With multiple categories and subcategories specified for horror shows, it becomes hard to pick the best ones. This list includes the top horror picks available on Netflix. Being true to the motto of horror, ‘the gruesome, the better, you can count on our pick being the scariest.

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Let’s begin the journey full of zombies, ghosts, ghouls, and the unfortunate human who will be the target of these supernatural creatures.

1. Ares

The story revolves around a young lady in The Netherlands who heads out to a school in Amsterdam. She joins a student society, goes through preliminaries. She also romances a male society member, but things take a wrong turn. 

After he rapes her, she graphically commits suicide inside the general society building utilizing scissors and unleashes new horrors. The plot and the thrill make it one of the best horror shows on UK Netflix. 

2. Ash VS Evil Dead

Ash is a chainsaw-handed monster hunter, lothario. He has gone through the most recent 30 years, staying away from obligation, development, and the dread of the Evil Dead. 

At the point when a deadly plague takes steps to obliterate the entirety of humanity, Ash is at last compelled to confront his personal and literal demons. 

3. Beyond the Walls

A French woman inherits a house. When she decided to live in her new home, she found a parallel universe behind the wall. The incident of inheritance is also tricky. A dead man leaves her the house in his will. The police discover that the man is dead for 30 years and the body is sitting in the armchair. 

The thrill and suspense of what lies behind the wall will keep you entertained for hours and list this piece as one of the best horror shows on UK Netflix. 

4. Bloodride

Bloodride is based on a newer concept. It is the story of the bus passengers and a bus riding in the rain. In each episode, a passenger escapes from the bus. The escape and the following journey become the highlight of the show. 

The horror of the night and the monsters basking in the gloom waiting to be unleashed is what keeps the viewers thrilled throughout the series. Even though the show is only available in the UK, you can watch it from anywhere by connecting to the UK server of ExpressVPN

5. Chambers

Chambers follows the narrative of a young person who is spooked by unexplained dreams in the wake of getting a heart transplant. As the dreams develop more problematic and happen frequently, she starts to think about the mysterious events that led donor’s mysterious passing.

She thinks that there is more to the death of the donor and searches for the truth. Can she find the truth, or the horrors of the dream are too much to handle?

6. Crazyhead

Regardless of Raquel’s characteristics and quirks, Amy is frantic for her assistance when a devil gives to its closest host, Amy’s dearest companion and flatmate Suzanne. Together they need to play out an exorcism to free her. They bugled the exorcism and killed her during it. Now they have to hide the body. 

From the horror of possession to the emotional trauma of an acquaintance’s death, now they have an added baggage of burying the body in the forest. 

7. Creepshow

Billy Hopkins is a fan of Creepshow (a horror magazine) and gets scolded for it by his father. He also throws the magazine in the garbage, making sure his son doesn’t take any ideas from the horror crap. 

Billy is angry, wishing his father will rot in hell when he heard a sound coming from the window. The host of the comic book show Creep came bringing new horrors for Billy and his family.

8. Curon

The twins Daria and Mauro Raina get back to their mother’s scary little old neighbourhood, Curon, in Northern Italy. Seventeen years prior, their mother Anna Raina escaped the town, pregnant with the twins, after her own mother’s shocking passing. 

Daria and Mauro find that Anna had returned because of an ongoing bad dream about her mother’s passing conditions. In the bad dream, Anna saw somebody, who appeared to be indistinguishable from her, shoot her mother and afterward go to point the weapon at her. Everything drives them to the town’s lake. 

9. Fear the Walking Dead

Fear the Walking Dead is a post-apocalypse series where zombies are ruling over the world. The series focuses on a dysfunctional family navigating through Los Angeles, searching for a safe haven. 

The zombie action, bloodcurdling screams, and the struggle for survival are what make this piece one of the best horror shows on Netflix UK.

10. From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series

On the run from a major bank robbery that left a few cops dead, Seth Gecko and his distrustful, liability brother, Richard, hightail it to the Mexican boundary. Grabbing minister Jacob Fuller and his children, the hoodlums sneak across the line in the family’s RV and opening up in a topless bar. 

Shockingly, the bar additionally turns out to be headquarters for a posse of vampires, and the brothers and their prisoners need to battle out.

11. Glitch

The story is based on six people who die due to different incidents, but they have one thing in common. All of them return from the dead. They have no memory, and they want to know what kills them in the first place. The confusion of death, chaos, and the horrible incident are what the series a must-watch. 

12. Hafworlds

The story revolves around humans and their complicated relationship with the Malay/Indonesian mythological creature known as Demit. The bloodthirsty creating is living alongside humans in the back alleys and the bustling streets of Jakarta.

One Demit marries a human after developing feelings for her while another adopts a blind child hoping that the child will never know that her mother cannot age. Human emotions, horror, and suspense make this piece one of the best horror shows on Netflix UK. 

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13. Haunted

A kid moves to another loft with his family, where he starts being spooky by dreams of an apparition lady swinging from his storage room. Two sisters grow up frightened in a place of horrors, where their savage father does unfathomable things.

The new home with an unknown and disturbing environment is what makes this series even spookier. Will, the boy, get the answer to his question, or will he die trying?

14. Hemlock Grove

Hemlock Grove follows Peter Rumancek, a Gypsy kid and possible werewolf, and Roman Godfrey, the beneficiary of the nearby well-off family, on their central goal to tackle and stop the arrangement of horrifying homicides frequenting their little Pennsylvania town.

Kids wondering about the town murders makes a terrifying story. They are unaware of what is shaking the very basis of their small and once-peaceful town.

15. Inside No 9

Kathy is the caretaker of a mansion. The owners have an event to attend and ask Kathy to look after the house and not go near their brother, portrayed as disable. With her friend wanting to accompany Kathy and causing mischief, she soon finds out that she is trapped in the house. 

The disabled brother is not disabled, but his body is hosting Castiel (the demon of mischief). As the demon has to change the host every fifty years, Kathy is selected as the new host. 

The attempt to survive and fight the horrors of a demon residing in her body cause some horrible incidents making the show worth watching. If you are not living in the UK, there is still no need to worry. Connect to the UK server of Surfshark and access this series from anywhere. 

16. Ju-On: Origins

The story is set in 1988 and starts with the interview of paranormal investigator Yasuo Odajima. The show is featuring Haruka Hnjo (actress). She explains a paranormal experience while her boyfriend is searching for a house to move into after marrying Haruka. After he visits a house, a woman carrying a baby starts haunting him. 

Each episode adds to the horror of the events making this piece one of the best horror shows on UK Netflix. 

17. Locke & Key

The story revolves around the Locke siblings returning to their ancestral home and their mother after the gruesome murder of their father. The story is full of suspense, sear, dark doors, and magic keys to open these doors. 

The series also involves a paranormal presence who wants to access the Omega key and the prize it can unlock.

18. Lovecraft Country

A young black male is traveling across the US, searching for his father in the 1950s. He came across a horror plaguing the town. It is a dark fantasy focusing on horror and racism. The story reflects that every monster is not supernatural; some monsters roam around the world in the form of humans.

If you are brave enough to face the combination of supernatural and societal horror, Lovecraft Country is a perfect choice.


19. Scream: The TV Series

The show is a serialized anthology. It follows a group of teenagers in a fictional town targeted and stalked by a made serial killer. The initial scenes are full of suspense revolving around the identity of the serial killer. The latter part is focused on teenager’s attempts to survive. 

The brutal murders and the shocking events with bloodcurdling horror add this piece to the best horror shows on UK Netflix.

20. Servant

The series focuses on Sean Turner and Dorothy, a couple who hire Leanne as the nanny for their baby son. Leonne soon realizes that the couple is grieving their lost new-born baby. In an attempt to compensate for the loss, they bought a reborn doll. 

Their son died as the mother was exhausted and forgot to take the baby out of the hot car. The emotions, depression, and guilt make this piece worth watching, so do give it a try. 

21. Slasher

Slasher is an anthology series focusing on rampaging serial killers concentrate on their target and the target’s attempt to survive. Sarah and Dylan have returned to their town. Rather than finding the peace they desperately want, they become the focus in a series of murders following the concept of seven deadly sins.

The horror and plot of Slashes are portrayed exceptionally well, making it one of the best horror shows on UK Netflix. 

22. The Enfield Haunting

The show is based on ‘true events experienced by the Hodgson family from Enfield. They claimed that they had experienced strange happenings in their suburban house in the 1970s. 

A psychic detective and skeptic, Playfair are drawn to the family’s story and try to get to the bottom of the events. The pinning of humans on the ceiling, bloodcurdling screen, and the appearance of an unknown entity make this series worth watching.

Even though it is only available in the UK, you can check out our guide on how to access UK Netflix from anywhere to enjoy this series. 

23. The Haunting Of Bly Manor

The series tells the story of a young couple hired by a man to look after his nephew and niece in his country house. The children fell into the care of their uncle after the death of the parents. 

As the couple arrives at the Bly estate, apparitions start disturbing their dreams and reality. The ghost haunts the country house, and the couple wants to know the history of the house.


24. The Passenger

Sean Fritz is a psychiatrist who had a horrible car crash. In the middle of the nights, he awakened in a remote area and no recollection of how he got there. Suffering from amnesia, he is searching for clues to go home. He soon discovers that he has a shady past. In an attempt to go home, he learns about a former patient who was turning into a bloody murderous creature,

As he races to survive against his former patient, he starts to wonder if the patient is telling the truth?

Best Horror Shows on Netflix

25. The Purge

What will happen if the government legalized murder, arson, theft, and vandalism. The show is set in an alternate dystopian United States, in which a totalitarian government rule. The government sanctions a 12-hour period that legalizes all the crimes and puts thousands of lives at risk every day.

The crimes are brutal and get more so as the series progress. If you can stomach gutted bodies and the worst of human nature, this series is perfect for you.

26. The Sinner

The main focus of this anthology series is to find out why and how ordinary people commit brutal acts of violence. The story follows the life of a young mother who experiences a fit of rage and starts to commit a violent act. To her horror, she does not know why she is committing these horrible crimes.

27. The Strain

The combination of science and horrors can provide you with the best entertainment, and ‘The Strain’ is the perfect example of it. Dr. Ephrai Goodweather is the head of the CDC New York-based Canary Project. He is called into an investigation as an airplane lands with everyone abroad are dead. They soon discover the cause of the death as a viral strain similar to the ancient vampirism strain. 

As the virus begins to spread, Goodman works with his team to save humanity; otherwise, everything will be lost.

28. The X-Files

The X Files is focused on the personal and professional life of FBI Special Agent Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. Mulder is a strong believer in the supernatural and a strong profile. He is confident that intelligent extra-terrestrials life exists and habitat the planet along with humans. 

Even though there isn’t violence, it is considered to be the scariest sci-fi horror.

29. What We Do in the Shadows

The story is set in Staten Island and follows the lives of three vampire names Nadia, Nandor, and Laszlo. It revolves around ancient vampires and how they are interacting in the modern world with other supernatural existence. 

Shot in a fake-documentary-style horror comedy that can make you laugh and scream at the same time.

30. Dark

Even though it can be qualified as sci-fi, this series can essentially scratch the horror itch making sure you enjoy and gruesome and brutal events. The story centres on a town that sits atop a time-travel portal. 

The complex character web and the associated conspiracies make this series exciting. It is unsettling, dark, and brooding – with a twisted finale. 


As now you have the list of the best horror shows on UK Netflix, get ready for the scares. This selection offers horror at its best with the selection of modern to classic horror. If you are a fan of horror shows, these recommendations will be a worthy addition to your list of must-watch horror shows.

Even though you can enjoy our recommendation on any device compatible with Netflix, we would advise a Smart TV to get the feel of bone-chilling horror on a widescreen. Enjoy the top horror picks at your own risk! Happy streaming.


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