Shows Leaving US Netflix in June – Don’t Miss These Shows

The content library of Netflix is changing. While there is an addition of pretty amazing shows every month, some of them are leaving the platform. There are various reasons for the removal, maybe the licensing agreement is ending or it is replaced by another season.

Whatever the reason is, this is your last call to enjoy the shows leaving Netflix in June and some of them are pretty amazing. As this soon-to-ex list is specific to the US region, you can connect to the US server of our picks for the best Netflix VPN and enjoy them from anywhere.

Without any further delay, let’s dive into the list of shows we are going to miss.

1. Hannibal

Leaving Netflix: 5th June 2021

Its been seven years since Dr. Hannibal Lecter escaped from custody. He is now wreaking havoc in Europe. Mason Verger remembers him and the man is obsessed with revenge.

As Verger was Dr. Lecter’s sixth victim, the attempt of killing him was not successful. He survived the killing attempt but become horribly disfigured.

Verger wants to draw the doctor and use Clarice as bait. Does she know the threat and the events that can go wrong? The horror, suspense, and mystery make it one of the best shows leaving Netflix this month.

2. Portlandia

Leaving Netflix: 10th June 2021

Portlandia is an American sketch comedy T.V. arrangement featuring Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein, set in and around Portland, Oregon, and focusing on the city’s standing as a sanctuary for unusual hipsters.

From eccentric characters to weird happenings, the city embraces difference, and this is why it is listed as one of the best comedy shows on Netflix.

3. Tale of the city

Leaving Netflix: 27th June 2021

The focus of the show is mainly focused on a group of people who are residing in the boarding house. It was turned into an apartment complex by Anna. All of the residents become the member of the ‘logical family’.

The secret of Anna being transgender is out and she shares her struggle of thriving in a new environment with a new identity.

4. Twin Peaks

Leaving Netflix: 30th June 2021

After ruling over the Netflix library for 10 years, Twin Peaks is finally leaving the platform. The shows follow an investigation regarding the disappearance of Laura Palmer by Agent Dale Cooper in the Twin Peaks town.

The dreamy theme, transfixing cast, and the commitment of the detective made this one of the best shows leaving Netflix this month.

As Twin Peaks is only available on American Netflix, you have to change your region by connecting to the US server of ExpressVPN, NordVPN, Cyberghost, Surfshark, or PureVPN to enjoy it.

5. Toyo the Little Bus

Leaving Netflix: 30th June 2021

Tayo, Gani, Lani, and Rogi are four buses roaming around a populated city with anthropomorphic vehicles. Among the animated vehicles, Tayo is the most mischievous and playful. He pulls pranks on his friends and passengers.

The days of entertaining your kids with this amazing piece are over as the series is leaving Netflix this month.

6. The Twilight Zone

Leaving Netflix: 30th June 2021

If you want to get the feel of the hidden gems of horror, you have to check out any episode of ‘The Twilight Zone.’ Each story, plot, and sound effects are enough to chill your bones and give your nightmares for weeks.

The perfect mix of sci-fi and horror is what makes this series a strong contender for your must-watch horror list.

7. Mother Goose Club

Leaving Netflix: 1st June 2021

Perfectly produced to educate and entertain the children, Mother Goose Club follows the activities of Teddy Bear, Mary Quite Contrary, Jack Nimble, Little Bo Peep, Eep the Mouse, and Baa Baa Sheep. The live-action characters help the children learn colors, letters, and shapes.


We wanted you to have the last chance to enjoy these amazing shows. As Netflix provides the best streaming quality, any show leaving the platform makes us sad. Grab the opportunity and enjoy these amazing picks while you can because who knows if they will ever come back to Netflix.


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