How to Watch Netflix on PS4 in April 2022 – Step by Step Guide

One of the luscious advantages of being a Netflix user is to enjoy Netflix on multiple devices. Whether you want to enjoy your favourite show on PC, Smart TV, non-Smart TV, Firestick, streaming devices, or gaming consoles – Netflix has something for everyone, and today we are going to focus on how to watch Netflix on PS4.

You can watch your PS4 device to stream the most extensive content library AKA Netflix. From documentaries to dramas, from horror to comedy, you can find anything you want on Netflix from season to movie.

If you are looking to unblock foreign libraries of Netlfix – A premium Netflix VPN can provide you with a chance to unblock any country, so the entertainment options are unlimited.

Quick Tip: You can jump directly to solutions if your Netflix is not working on PS4

How to Watch Netflix on PS4 in April 2022

Step 01: How to get Netflix on PS4

In the majority of cases, the Netflix app comes pre-installed on PS4. If not, you can download it easily. here are the steps involved in downloading Netflix on PS4.

  • Use the PS4 controller to navigate to ‘TV & Video.’

how to watch netflix on PS4

  • Check if ‘Netflix’ is available. If yes, select the app, and it will start.

netflix on PS4

  • In case Netflix is not installed, look for the download button and select the download option.

how to watch netflix on PS4

  • To download the Netflix app from PlayStation Store, press the PS button and go to ‘PlayStation Store.’ Select the ‘Search’ section and find Netflix to download it on PS4.

PS4 and Netflix

Step 02: How to Watch Netflix on PS4 from PC

If you want to enjoy Netflix on PS4 from a PC, USB can be your best solution. Download the app or the video and connect the USB to the port. Here is the step-by-step guide to enjoy Netflix on PS4 from PC.

  1. Download the ‘Netflix‘ app on your PC.
  2. Enter the login credentials.
  3. Search for the show you want to download.
  4. Download the show with the help of Netflix Video Downloader.
  5. Save it on the USB.
  6. Connect the USB to the PS4 USB port, play, and enjoy the show.

Netflix not working on PS4: Solutions

There are on and off chances that you have grabbed your drink and snack to prepare to enjoy the evening with Netflix, and you cannot watch Netflix content on PS4. Even though it is an annoyance – you can follow the following simple steps to resolve the issue.

1. Restart your PS4

The approach to use when Netflix is not working on PS4 is to restart your device. Rebooting PS4 can fix the issue; as it is the simplest solution, you should try it first.

2. Restart your router

The next step to resolving Netflix’s issue not working on PS4 is to restart the Wi-Fi router. Sometimes the problem is caused by slow internet speed or internet issues which can be easily fixed by restarting the router.

3. Check PS4 for an update

In case there is an update pending – it can cause issues with watching Netflix on PS4. You can check for ‘System Software Update‘ in Settings and click the X button to complete the process.

4. Check Netflix PS4 for an update

The updates are not limited to PS4 firmware. Netflix’s pending updates can also cause an interruption in a smooth streaming experience. All you have to do in such cases is update the Netflix app.

To update the Netflix app on PS4, here is what you need to do.

  1. Turn on the device and go to the main menu.
  2. Select ‘Netflix app‘ in the ‘ TV & Video‘ section.
  3. Press the ‘Option‘ button on your PS4 remote controller.
  4. Choose the option ‘Check for updates.
  5. Select the option ‘Download and Update.’

If the issue is resolved – it is time to celebrate; if not – jump to the next solution.

5. Delete and Reinstall Netflix on PS4

Deleting and reinstalling the app can also help solve the issue with Netflix not working on PS4. This method can help you clear the stored cache and previous data.

Reinstalling Netlfix will provide you with a clean slate so you can enjoy Netflix without any interruption. Here is how to reinstall Netflix from the PS4 device.

  1. Turn on the device and go to the main menu.
  2. Select ‘Netflix‘ from ‘TV & Video’ section.
  3. Press ‘X‘ or ‘O‘ on the controller.
  4. Download and install the latest version.

6. Check DNS settings

DNS setting can also be the culprit when it comes to glitches in Netflix on PS4. Here is how to fix this issue.

  1. Start your device and select ‘Setup Internet Connection.’
  2. Select ‘Custom.’
  3. Go to ‘Wi-Fi‘ option and sect ‘DNS Setting.’
  4. Choose’Manual‘ option and set primary DNS to and secondary to
  5. Set the rest of the features to ‘Automatic.’
  6. Check if Netflix is working now.

7. Try using an ethernet cable for Internet connection

In some cases, a Wi-Fi connection can cause issues with seamless streaming of Netlfix on PS4. You can use an internet cable (ethernet) to assess a problem with your Wi-Fi connection and fix it.


No, PlayStation™Network is an essential requirement to access Netflix on PS4, so you cannot watch Netflix on PS4 without PSN.

If you want to enjoy HD quality shows on Netflix – here are the requirements you need to fulfill.

  1. A fast internet connection with at least 25 Mbps.
  2. An Ultra HD Netflix pan
  3. PS4 Pro system
  4. 4K or UltraHD TV

With Netflix’s 4K plan and fast internet speed – you can enjoy Netflix shows in 4K quality. If you are accessing the Netflix content from the UltraHD 4K category of Netflix and your PS4 devices’ resolution, you are all set to enjoy Netflix content in 4K quality.

Though the app is available on the majority of PS4 devices – you will need a Netflix account. Select any Netflix pan that suits you, but you will need Netflix’s HD plan if you are looking forward to enjoying HD quality.

No! Access to PlayStation Plus Network is the primary requirement to watch Netflix on PS4.

Here are the simple steps involved in logging out of Netflix on PS4.

  1. Open ‘Netflix‘ app.
  2. Press ‘O‘ on the PS4 controller.
  3. Select the gear icon.
  4. Choose ‘Sign Out.’
  5. Select ‘Yes.’

According to Reddit, Netflix code does not work on PS4. If you want to unblock the content categories using Secret Codesyou can do it on other devices.

To change the Netflix account on PS4, you will first need to log out of your current accounts. Open the Netflix app, press ‘O‘ on the controller, select the gear icon, and choose ‘Sign out.’ Once you are logged out – you can enter the new credentials to access Netflix on PS4 from a different account.

Closing Thoughts 

The above information answers your queries related to how to watch Netflix on PS4, frequently asked questions, possible errors, and the solution to the errors. With all the concerns catered – you don’t need to enjoy Netlfix on a single device.

Based on your preference, you can Netflix anywhere from any device. Happy Netflixing!

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