35 Best Standup on Netflix UK that will Leave you in Stitches

Netflix is reigning in the comedy arena, providing you with the well-earned laughter dose. With the wide variety of shows to choose from, we came up with the pick of the best standup on Netflix UK you don’t want to miss.

Some of these picks saved a place in the list of the best shows on Netflix UK and will keep you informed and entertained. The topics vary from politics to fatherhood, from sex to feminism, from global issues to hangovers.

Without any further delay, let’s dive into the realm of standup comedy and make way for unlimited laughter.

Best Standup on Netflix in UK [January 2022]

1. 23 Hours to Kill

23 Hours to Kill 1 - Best Standup on Netflix

Jerry Seinfeld’s new hour-long special, Jerry Seinfeld: 23 Hours to Kill, cements his status as standup comedy’s master craftsman.

The special premiered on Netflix on May 5, 2020, features a dramatic entrance at the Beacon Theatre in New York City and Seinfeld’s keen perspectives on ordinary life, revealing humour in the mundane.

2. A Speck of Dust

A Speck of Dust 1 - Best Standups Netflix

Sarah Silverman has built a living out of shocking people. She’s recognized for her outspoken style of humor and her ability to crack jokes on everything from AIDs to sexual assault to the Holocaust.

Silverman’s performance seemed to have grown a little this time, abandoning the crisp one-liners in favor of playing the long game with running gags on personal experiences.

3. Afraid of the Dark

Afraid of the Dark - Best Standup to watch on Netflix

Trevor Noah has managed to combine his outsider status with astute observations on American society and politics. He does the same in his debut Netflix special. He recounts his journey to America and uses various accents to comment on the increasing nationalistic tendency that is impacting the entire world right now.

Despite the seriousness of the situation, Noah manages to make us chuckle, making his show one of the best standup on Netflix to watch in UK.

4. Amy Schumer Growing

Amy Schumer Growing 1 - Best Standup on Netflix

Amy Schumer’s standup evolves in an hour loaded with succinct insights on aging and marriage, punctuated by relatively minor Growing Pains as the comic re-energizes her humorous voice.

She discusses marriage, pregnancy, and personal growth in a surprisingly honest and funny manner. The comic talks about the delights of femininity, settling into married happiness, and yes, you got it, sex, in front of a full crowd in Chicago.

5. Bare

Bare 1 - Best Standup specials to watch on Netflix

Jim Jefferies is an Australian comedian who isn’t new to comedy. He spends his session talking about the issue of gun control in the US. He is a fan of poking fun at different political stances.

Fatherhood brought an additional component to his stance, and he now talks about the suffering of a new father.

6. Cinco

Cinco - Best Standup to watch on Netflix

Jim Gaffigan clings to what he knows: parenting, being a proud couch potato, eating junk food, and so on. What’s always remarkable about Gaffigan’s show is how he manages to reinvent the wheel, extracting fresh laughs from age-old circumstances like our binge-watching fixation and his love-hate relationship with food.

7. Disgraceful

Disgraceful - Best Standup on Netflix

Tom Segura’s third Netflix special feel at ease, as if the comic understands how streaming works and isn’t afraid to join in.

He has relevant stuff, such as gags about PC culture and the like, as well as relatable humor, particularly when it comes to parenthood.

8. Elder Millennial

Elder Millennial 2

Elder Millenial teaches guys all they need to know about women. For those with a Y chromosome, this may sound off-putting.

Still, Iliza Shlesinger manages to poke fun at everyone this time around, cracking jokes about society’s fixation on women finding spouses, having babies, and hiding their inner-she-dragons.

9. End Times Fun

End Times Fun 2

The comic, who spoke with UPROXX about the process of creating a Mike Pence penis joke, discuss everything from doomsday planning to the overabundance of politics in the media to vitamin hoarders.

He never shies away from contentious, hard-hitting news commentary, but he elevates crude comedy and incisive satire to something that seems pleasurable and uniting, rather than divisive.

10. Fire in the Maternity Ward


Anthony Jeselnik’s whole stand-up performance is built around fabrication rather than exaggeration, as is typical of most comics; he’s portraying a character, a made-up psychopathic supervillain who invites you to laugh at his boundary-pushing, pitch-dark humor because the persona is too bizarre to be believed.

11. Great America

Great America

Williams has always been one of the hardest-working comedians onstage, straining himself and the audience physically and emotionally.

He’s not nearly as athletic as he once was, but he makes light of it by making jokes about growing older and the importance of savoring your youth while you still have it.

As a result, Williams makes fun of himself for slowing down and being more prone to catastrophic injury without effort.

12. Homecoming King

Homecoming King 2

Hassan Minaj is a comic genius, and Homecoming King is the reflection of it. His comic description of Indian-American belonging and the cultural difference make the show one of the best standup to watch on Netflix in UK.

When it comes to the sessions by Hassan, you can count on some harsh truths with the icing of humor, including Trump’s presidency mishap, Muslim bans, and other issues faced by brown men in America.

13. Inside

Inside 2 - Best Standup on Netflix

Burnham goes darker, producing full bangers on anything from the white savior complex to cancel culture, toxic masculinity, melancholy, and global economic injustice, all with self-deprecating comedy and infectious rhythms.

It’s one of the most beneficial things to emerge from quarantine, and his stance makes the sessions one of the best standup on Netflix to watch in the UK.

14. Kevin Hart’s  Guide to Black History

Kevin Hart’s Guide to Black History

Through a series of reenactments, the one-hour show explores the lives of unsung black heroes. Viewers will learn about polar explorer Matthew Henson, astronaut Mae Jemison, and performer-turned-Allied spy Josephine Baker.

15. Kid Gorgeous at Radio City

Kid Gorgeous at Radio City

Mulaney’s trademark good-natured charm eviscerates pretty about everything (school assemblies, aging, etiquette, church). He even manages to get into the thorny political realm with horse parallels and a refusal to name a particular orange-haired president.

16. Legalize Everything

Legalize Everything

Eric Andre does a hilarious and relevant stand-up routine making it one of the best standup on Netflix in UK. It’s a mash-up of scathing jabs at the defunct Cops docuseries, Xanax blackouts,  satirical history lectures about John Calvin and Puritanism, and Tupac holograms.

17. Live in Concert

Live in Concert

Richard Pryor’s landmark 1979 film Live in Concert is a must-see for any comedy fan with a Netflix membership. Live in Concert was the first feature-length film to focus solely on a stand-up comedy act, and it was directed by the famous concert filmmaker Jeff Margolis.

18. Lobby Baby

Lobby Baby

Seth Meyers opens up about parenthood and that harrowing delivery tale – his wife went into labor in the lobby of their building — while gleaning laughs from the most absurd events in his life.

He brings his usual charisma and charm to the stage, but he appears most at ease when aiming his humor at himself, for our amusement.

19. Making America Great Again

Making America Great Again

David Cross blasts Donald Trump, religious taboos, and American arrogance on a funny yet controversial comedy night. It’s a wonderful example of the comic’s willingness to go to great lengths to avoid rehashing old jokes.

20. Nanette


You are living under the rock if you enjoy the amazing stand-up session brought by Hannah Gadsby. She is an Australian comic bringing you a dose of humor, laughter, and sarcasm.

Gadsby’s routine focuses on the delights and challenges of being a queer woman, her youth in Tasmania, her admiration for Monica Lewinsky, her analysis of why sexuality and comedy go hand in hand.

She also aims her early inspirations, guys like Louis C.K., who have now turned into an issue and make her session one of the best standup to watch on Netflix in UK.

21. Not Normal

Not Normal

Wanda Sykes’s session covers everything from Trump to aging and body image with self-aware humor and good-natured pessimism that feels approachable, conversational, and academically useful.

Sykes can crack jokes about 45, speculate about old age, moan about relationships, and more with a laid-back charm that only helps to emphasize her true message: things aren’t normal right now.

22. Oh, Hello on Broadway

Oh, Hello on Broadway

Nick Kroll and John Mulaney are parodies of a generally shared plight: older relatives with erroneous beliefs who aren’t afraid to crack a racial joke.

In the realm of comedy, boomers are an obvious target. Still, Kroll and Mulaney elevate their program to more than merely ridiculing the elderly by refusing to follow a standard formula.

23. One of the Greats

One of the Greats

It’s an hour that’s intentionally overwrought, with almost as much humor about comedy as pure stand-up. Self-reflective character work isn’t for everyone, yet Peretti manages to pull it off without breaking a sweat.

It’s entertaining on its own, but Peretti’s One of the Greats is much better when seen right after a standard stand-up special.

24. Overqualified Loser

Overqualified Loser

Urzila Carlson, a stand-up comic, keeps the audience roaring with her musings on recasting “The Biggest Loser,” sex video regrets, and boxed wine hangovers.

The Australian comic knows what points to raise to get the audience’s reaction, making it one of the best standup on Netflix in UK.

25. Private School Negro

Private School Negro

Kamau Bell and his wife try to instill hope and optimism in their kids. Bell joked that he could have found one answer in a woke children’s cartoon TV show.

He also entertains us by punctuating some of his punchlines by shouting them triumphantly into the sky, à la Oprah Winfrey.

26. Right Now

Right Now-Best Standup to watch on Netflix

Following claims of sexual harassment, Aziz Ansari’s debut Netflix special is an exercise in current comic criticism.
He discusses wokeness, the value of family, and, yes, the #MeToo debate in a hilariously profound way.

It’s a rare glimpse at a performer ready to sift through the layers of celebrity and self-preservation to uncover something more universal and thus meaningful.

27. Stage Fright

Stage Fright

Jenny Slate has created a show that is equal parts stand-up comedy and documentary. Slate takes viewers on a journey through her life, youth, and career, interspersing video and confessionals with behind-the-scenes pieces that demonstrate her comic talent.

28. Standup for Drummers

Standup for Drummers - Standup specials to watch on Netflix

Fred Armisen, a comedian, and drummer deliver stand-up comedy, music, and skits for a crowd of drummers.

In the end, it feels like something only Armisen could come up with. Yet, even if the rhythm is often difficult to follow, the fact that it exists is a small miracle.

29. Staying Alive

Staying Alive

Tracy Morgan’s show is full of “F” words, “B” words, and “P” words. Morgan has previously sparked debate with his quips. But, as with all humor, mileage varies from listener to listener and from joke to joke for any particular listener.

30. Talking for Clapping

Talking for Clapping-Best Standups Netflix

In this specific humorous performance, the very nerdy, opinionated, and truly great performer doesn’t hold back on the more important, serious problems facing modern society.

Things include Donald Trump’s absurd presidential campaign, the wonders of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), and the joyous hazards of parenting are focused on by Patton Oswalt.

31. Tamborine


In Brooklyn, Chris Rock performs a comedy show packed with biting insights on parenting, adultery, and American politics.

While racial criticism has always been Rock’s lingua franca, and there’s enough of that in Tamborine, he has the most to say about the politics of love.

32. The Age of Spin

The Age of Spin - Best Standup to watch on Netflix

When scrolling through Netflix’s comedy selections, it’s tough to miss Dave Chappelle. The sessions are either more evidence of his genius or symptoms of a superstar striving to stay relevant in society.

Critics and fans alike agree that Spin is one of Chappelle’s best comedic efforts in recent memory. But, of course, because we’re talking about Dave Chappelle, none of his routines are without controversy.

33. The Tennessee Kid

The Tennessee Kid

Bargatze never makes a fool of himself. His “not clever” insights belie his actual comic brilliance, as he calls them. He isn’t gullible. And he’s never arrogant.

Bargatze’s wit also allows for some deliberately ridiculous embellishments, such as giving the family dog feelings and fictitious language for each of the events he nostalgically recalls.

34. Thoughts and Prayers

Thoughts and Prayers

Whether he’s on stage or tweeting, his humor is delightfully caustic, and it’s earned him a slew of enemies.

If you’re in the mood to chuckle while also feeling bad about yourself, Anthony Jeselnik’s comedy show Thoughts and Prayers is for you.

35. Weirdo

Weirdo-Best Standup to watch on Netflix

Donald Glover spends his time on stage discussing sex, race, and feces, many poop jokes. He also gets serious about his attempts to fit in as a child and the absence of black superheroes on screen.


Though you can watch anything and everything on Netflix UK, including comedy, thriller, horror shows, suspense, horror movies, cartoon, anime, romance, cooking shows, sci-fi, reality, emotional drama, and documentaries – you cannot get better than standups.

With our list of the best standups on Netflix to watch in UK, you have the humor fix for months. Happy Streaming!

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