How to Fix Netflix Error Code 0013 [Quick Fixes in 2022]

After a long and tiring day, you just want to enjoy some time alone watching your favorite show when you get interrupted by making streaming impossible. Netflix Error Code 0013 is the reason why most of us cannot watch our favorite shows. As the problem is severe, we need to know about quick fixes that work magically to solve this issue.

Netflix Errors while streaming is a common occurrence. Sometimes, you can get an error due to connecting to a blocked VPN server (that’s why we recommend trying our list of the Best Netflix Australia VPNs) and sometimes due to a lousy internet connection.

Today, we will know what this Netflix error 0013 is, what causes it, and how to get rid of it instantly. So let’s start the journey of uninterrupted and smooth entertainment.

Netflix Error Code 0013

What is Netflix Error Code 0013?

Netflix Error 0013 is caused by stored data and when the data needs to be refreshed on your Android device. It appears when you try to stream videos on the Netflix app. Even though the solutions are pretty simple, most of us don’t know about them.

There is no consistent reason for his error, and the error looks like this.

“Sorry, we could not reach the Netflix service. Please try again later. If the problem persists, please visit the Netflix website (0013).”

On which Devices can you Get this Error?

Unlike other Netflix errors, including NW-2-5M7111-5059, and M7361-1253 – Code 0013, Netflix error is specific to android devices (Smart TV, mobile phones). If you are trying to watch your favorite Netflix show on android operated tablet or smartphone, there is a high possibility that you will get this error while streaming.

Here is how to Fix Error Code 0013 on Netflix

Here is the list of options you can imply for resolving the issue. If the first one does not work, try the second and so on till the issue is resolved.

1. Use a different internet connection

The first solution is connecting your android device to a different access point. This approach will rue out any network configuration issues. Here are some of the methods to go about it.

  • Connect to a different Wi-Fi network.
  • Bring your device to a different location and try streaming any show.
  • Use cellular data for connecting to Netflix. This fix is specific for locating the problem as we dont recommend using cellular data for streaming.

If you were able to stream after this practice, check with whoever set up your home network to resolve network configuration issues.

2. Clear Netflix cache

The majority of the time, app data is stored in Netflix and caused the error. Clearing the Netflix cache can help you fix the 0013 error. Here is how you can clear the Netflix cache quickly.

  • Go to Setting of your device.
  • Select App.
  • Go to the App Manager.
  • Tap on the Netflix app.
  • Select Clear Data.
  • Go to Settings again.
  • Select Restore Factory Settings.

These steps can help you retore the pre-installed or default app on your android device. Open the app and check if the issue is resolved.

3. Install the old Netflix version

This solution may seem absurd, but it is effective nonetheless. Sometimes, the updated version of Netflix is not compatible with the firmware of your device. If you want to fix the 0013 Netflix error, install the old version of Netflix and enable “Unknown Sources” in the security settings.

4. Try a different video

Sometimes the title can be the culprit. Try a different video to make sure that there is no issue with your selected show. If you can play a different video, go to the Viewing Activity page and select the Report a Problem commonly available next to the title. If the option is not available, it means that the problem has already been reported.

5. Restart your device

Considered to be the most common solution for most devices, services, and applications error, there is no doubt that it is an effective one. Long Dress the power button and select the restart option. Restarting the device clears the stored data; it can help you fix the 0013 error.

How to stop automatic updates of the Netflix app

As you now know the steps that can help you fix the 0013 error, you should control the automatic Netflix update. In case the app automatically updates, there are chances that you will get this issue again. Here is how you can control the update.

  • Open Google Play Store App.
  • Click My App.
  • Select Netflix.
  • Tap on the More options icon.
  • Clear Automatically Update Option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Error code 0013 is commonly caused due to already stored data, and it is specific to android devices. Even though the error is pretty common, it is easy to fix. Try the step-by-step approach to resolve the issue and enjoy your favorite show without any interruption.

The error code 0013 means that the data stored on your Netflix account is interfering with your device’s performance.


A word of advice for dealing with the 0013 error is not to panic. Just like any other error, this can also be fixed, but it takes patience. Known what is causing the issue and implemented the fixing approaches step by step. Happy streaming!

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