25 Best Horror Shows on Netflix – Get Ready For Nightmares

Few can relate to the thrill of blood-curdling screams, and fewer can appreciate the scare of blood dripping from the roof. If you are a fan of these scenarios, you have come to the right place.

Today, we will discuss the best horror shows on Netflix, and let me tell you this, picking the right show for binge-watching is tiresome.

Best Horror Shows on Netflix

With multiple categories and subcategories specified for horror shows, it becomes hard to pick the best ones. This list includes the top horror picks available on Netflix. Being true to the motto of horror, ‘the gruesome, the better’, you can count on our pick being the scariest.

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Let’s begin the journey full of zombies, ghosts, ghouls, and the unfortunate human who will be the target of these supernatural creatures.

1. Van Helsing

Gabriel Van Helsing, the legendary monster hunter, is ordered to Transylvania to help the last of the Valerious lineage kill Count Dracula.

Dracula has forged an unholy partnership with Dr. Frankenstein’s monster, and is hell-bent on executing a centuries-old curse on Anna Valerious’ family, according to Anna Valerious.

Anna and Van Helsing join together to defeat their shared foe, but they unearth some disturbing truths along the way.


2. Slasher

The show revolves around Sarah, a young lady who is confronted with a series of terrible copycat murders that are modelled on her parents’ well-known deaths from years before.

3. Lock & Key

The story revolves around the Locke siblings returning to their ancestral home and their mother after the gruesome murder of their father.

The story is full of suspense, sear, dark doors, and magic keys to open these doors. The series also involves a paranormal presence who wants to access the Omega key and the prize it can unlock.

4. Black Mirror

Black Mirror can be categorized as a sci-fi show, but it includes all the horror series components. The initial release of the first six-episode caused the audience to lose their minds over this series. It is often specified as the modern Twilight Zone that tackles multiple topics, including grief, politics, drama, ambition, and hate.

Though it isn’t packed with demonic monsters and axe-murderers, it can make you scream. The series is focused on the idea that monsters can come in the human form too which makes it one of the best shows on Netflix. 

5. Black Summer

Finally, here is a choice solely focusing on zombies. This series focuses on the true survivalist of the zombie genre and provides some of the best zombie action scenes. If you are interested in knowing what the undead can do, it is a must-watch recommendation.

Rose’s main character is trying to find her daughter during the zombie epidemic, which is spreading rapidly. The selection of characters who are relatable brings a sense of reality to this horror.

6. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Sabina is a modern teenager who is also a witch. This series is included in the list of the best horror shows on Netflix because of the contemporary take on horror’s age-old concepts. It is bright but chilling as Sabrina is involved in activities that can make you scream in fear.

The adventure of a teenager witch can be gruesome, and this show is proof of this statement. Relate to Sabrina and accompany her on the journey of becoming an accomplished witch.

7. Dead Set

With just five episodes, this mini-series is full of zombie action. If you are looking for series set on a medium pace rather than rushing through the event and timeline, Dead Set is just the how for you.

As zombies are roaming on the streets of Britain, the contender residing in the Big Brothers set for the eviction night. Can they face the horror of their world?

8. Ghoul

One may think that with an epic storyline and all the components of a successful horror series, Ghoul was a success but that is not the case. It recently became the focus of horror fans.

Nida is the main character of the show who is a loyal interrogator. As she is interrogating a terrorist suspect, she is followed by the Ghoul. The show is focused on sensitive topics such as religion, personality, politics, and control.

9. Hannibal

Most of the horror shows are set in the alternate world so the users can enjoy the fun and get back to the real world. Hannibal is different from other horror shows in this regard as it grabbed the viewers’ attention from the start.

It is included in the list of the best horror shows on Netflix because it brings all the essential components of horror including drama, eeriness, hype, sensation, suspense, thrill, and blood-curdling screams!

10. Haven

Inspired by the series written by the ‘King of Horror,’ Stephen King, Haven is the story of an FBI agent. He comes across with the residents of a small community and shares one trait, all of them have supernatural abilities.

The dramatic series is full of action, magic, and supernatural events, and these components make it contended to be listed as one of the best horror shows on Netflix.

11. iZombie

Liz is a medical student who will have the perfect job; she currently has a perfect life and a perfect fiancée. She loses everything the night she turned into a zombie. With the less-than-normal heartbeat and the ability to walk and talk normally, she cannot relate to a zombie situation.

To think like a human, she needs the diet of the human brain. As she laded a job in a local morgue, she can access an unlimited supply of brains. As she is working with humans and using her newly-got vision, she is working to better society.

12. Kingdom

Considered to be one of the best horror shows on Netflix, Kingdoms is a story set in 1500s Korea. The royal machinations are facing a pandemic of the undead. The series includes epic battles, bloody battlegrounds, and striking scenery.

It is the story of survival with the addition of politics, drama, betrayal, and a sword-swinging army. The aesthetic of the series sets it apart from other horror shows, and the story adds to the character and rating of the show.

13. Marianne

Marianne is a French-language series that can scare the pants off of anyone. It revolves around a horrifying character Marianne who torment Emma in her childhood dream. When Marianne starts appearing in her dreams again, reality begins blurring into fiction.

Marianne uses familiar tricks from distended mouth to leering figures to horror playbooks. The visceral reaction of Emma is what makes the series more interesting and believable.

14. Penny Dreadful

Even though monster mashes have been famous for ages, they lack the devotion which has been shown in Penny Dreadful. The series is divided into three seasons and revolves around timeless characters, including Dr. Frankenstein and his monster, the Wolfman, and Dorian Grey.

The story is set in Victorian England and includes all the components of gothic horrors. As these monsters are the classic literature product, they need to be taken seriously, and the story respects their origins.

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15. Ratched

Classified as a suspenseful drama, it revolves around the character of an asylum nurse Mildred Ratched. When she arrived in Northern California in 1947, she was seeking employment at a renowned psychiatric hospital. Soon she realized that the human mind had become the target for unsettling experimentation.

Ratched was an orphan who was transferred from one foster home to another. At the end of these shifts, she landed in a twisted family where she came to the target of violence and sexual abuse. These incidents shaped the protagonist and her action as a nurse.

16. Santa Clarita Diet

Santa Clara Diet may give a comedy show vibe, but don’t let it fool you. It is full of brain-eating incidents, biting into the bone, blood drippings, bile, and body parts. The story revolves around a woman who turned into a zombie overnight.

Her family is adjusting to her new undead life while she is craving human blood, bones, and brain. You can call it a zombie comedy, but it includes all the horror concepts with the gruesome scenes and the bones’ crunch.

17. Scream

Scream is considered a straightforward slasher series, and you can have plenty of fun watching this series. Even though the plot twists are pretty predictable, the characters’ performance makes it worth your time.

Some of the most ruthless kills make it one of the terrifying horror series. If you are searching for a modern touch of horror, give ‘Scream’ a try.

18. Stranger Things

Even though you have never watched the show, you must have heard about it. This sci-fi Netflix series follows the story of a young boy who disappeared from a small town in the 1980s. He left his mom devastated, and his friends have to play detective.

When a typical night of Dungeons & Dragons turns into a saga of alternate dimensions and demons, the adult gets involved in the events, and the plot takes a twisted turn.

19. The Exorcist

The Exorcist was first premiered in the year 1973. It changed everything for the horror niche as the whole world got involved in demonology. Since the initial release, not much has been done in the field of exorcism-based horror.

Considered to be one of the best horror series, it follows the cases of demonic possessions. The Catholic priest’s involvement and his assistance to the woman with a possession provide the perfect component of a scream-worthy horror.

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20. The Haunting of Hill House

The haunted lives of the withering Crain family are the focus of this series. It revolved around the incidents when Crain’s spent summer in a haunted mansion, and in the aftermath, they face incomparable trauma and grief.

Some specific scenes can give you nightmares and full-body chills. The series’ emotional components are the cherry on top, so get ready for a night of restless sleep.

21. The Mist

Another masterpiece of Stephen King, The Mist, is focused on an explained mist that is enveloping Bridgeville town, Maine. It creates an impenetrable barrier that affects the visibility of the residents. Soon, the truth unfolds that the mist is killing everyone who dares to enter it.

Several people are trapped in hospitals, churches, and shopping malls. As the apparition in the mist became clear to the residents, they find that their past guilt and fear are trying to kill them.

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22. The Twilight Zone

If you want to get the feel of the hidden gems of horror, you have to check out any episode of ‘The Twilight Zone.’ Each story, plot, and sound effects are enough to chill your bones and give your nightmares for weeks.

The perfect mix of sci-fi and horror is what makes this series a strong contender for your must-watch horror list. As the show is only available on Australian Netflix, connect to the Australian server of CyberGhost and enjoy unlimited content from the Netflix library.

23. The Walking Dead

If you are a fan of gnarly kills, The Walking Dead is the perfect series for you. With genuinely moving character, it only focuses on the survival tactics and focuses on what you need to live for beyond just surviving.

Comparing to other zombie shows, it is a winner. When it comes to horror, the influence of this series cannot be underestimated.

24. Two Sentence Horror Stories

This horror anthology is a collection of multiple short horror stories. The episodes start with providing the users with the first sentence of the horror story. This sentence is often forgotten with the creeps and progress of the story. The conclusion of the story makes the viewers remember the opening. 

With all the fantastic horror concepts, including scare, plot, story, blood, and gory – it becomes the must-watch horror recommendation. Even though some stories are better than others, generally, all of them are worth your time 

25. Love, Death + Robots

Eighteen short sci-fi stories provide the users with a new story to enjoy. It is an experimental production by Netflix where each story is described in a different animation style. If you are looking for modern stories with philosophical concepts, it is the perfect choice for you.

Though it does not show the human race positively, it makes you question your values and existence. Are we worthy of being called humans?


As now you have the list of the best horror shows on Netflix, get ready for the scares. This selection offers horror at its best with the selection f modern to classic horror. If you are a fan of horror shows, these recommendations will be a worthy addition to your list of must-watch horror shows.

Even though you can enjoy our recommendation on any device compatible with Netflix, we would advise a Smart TV to get the feel of bone-chilling horror on a widescreen. Enjoy the top horror picks at your own risk! Happy streaming.

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