Is The Majesty Of Wolf Available On Netflix Canada in 2022?


Unfortunately, The Majesty of Wolf is not available on Netflix Canada. However, you can watch The Majesty of Wolf on Netflixunblock the series and it right now with the help of a quality VPN like ExpressVPN.

The Majesty of Wolf is a Chinese television series released in 2020. It was aired on iQiyi, Youku, and Tencent Video on 19th November 2020. The Chinese costume drama The Wolf (, Láng Diànxià) was recently unexpectedly released to the general public after years of unexplained delays.

The Wolf is a drama starring renowned actors Wang Dalu, Li Qin, and Xiao Zhan about an adopted prince reared by wolves who falls in love with a government official’s daughter. Reunited after eight years, the childhood sweethearts overcome numerous obstacles caused by injustice, a plot, and retaliation.

Nevertheless, despite not having been previously announced, the drama quickly gained popularity both locally and internationally, partly as a result of the fandom of supporting star actor Xiao Zhan, who plays Ji Chong in the series.

Ma Ying, the governor of Kuizhou city, has a daughter named Ma Zhaixing. She met a teenage boy who is kind-hearted.

This boy spent his childhood in the mountain forest. This teenage boy was the one who saved the wolf. For this reason, he was implicated and hunted down in murder because of the fall from a cliff.

Chu Kui, who is the emperor of the Yang empire, adopted him as a son and gave him the title of Prince Bo. By chance, Prince Bo encountered Ma Zhaixing eight years later. He liked the bravery and wisdom of Ma Zhaixing. Also, Ma Zhaixing figured out that despite of high status, Prince Bo still retains his sense of justice and natural kindness.

Prince Bo had the support of Ma Zhaixing and with this, he opposed harsh governance, supported justice, helped civilians, and prevented brothers from fighting each other. As they passed many tribulations and trials, these two finally got their own happiness.

Intrigued by the plot and wondering, Where can I watch The Majesty of Wolf? You can easily watch the show on Netflix, but you will need to change your Netflix region to watch The Majesty Of Wolf on Netflix in Canada. It is one of the best shows on Netflix, and you will need a VPN to bypass and watch it in your region.

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How to Watch The Majesty of Wolf on Netflix in Canada Using a VPN in 2022

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What Is the Cast and Rating of The Majesty of Wolf (2020)

Below are the details of The Majesty of Wolf Netflix cast and ratings: Let’s discuss the cast and rating of The Majesty of Wolf.

Cast Name  Character Name 
Talu Wang Zhu Youwenn…
Qin Li Ma Zhaixing
Zhan Xiao Ji Chong
Zhilei Xin Yao Ji
Shu-yao Kuo Shu-yao Kuo
Yo-Wei Lin Chu Yougui

Genre: Action, Drama, History, and Romance.

IMDB Rating: 7.8/10.

In Which Countries Is The Majesty of Wolf Currently Available to Stream on Netflix?

The Majesty of Wolf is currently only available on Netflix Korea. So, you won’t be able to view the show on Netflix Canada or any other location outside Korea.

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Why Do You Need a VPN to Stream The Majesty of Wolf on Netflix in Canada?

Many licensing and copyright restrictions prevent you from streaming The Majesty of Wolf in Canada. Netflix does not have the necessary licenses to show all content globally. Therefore, a VPN can help you watch certain content around the world.

Netflix can detect your IP address when you log on to the platform, providing you with content relevant to your location.

For this reason, if you wanted to watch shows like The Majesty of Wolf in Canada, you would need a VPN to change your IP address.

In Canada in 2022, there is no direct method to view The Majesty of Wolf on Netflix because the program is exclusive to Netflix Korea. A high-quality VPN allows you to access the Japanese Netflix library easily.

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The Majesty of Wolf | FAQs

The Majesty of Wolf has 49 episodes in total. Almost all the drama series episodes of the drama series are worth watching, and you will hardly find a boring episode.

The Majesty of Wolf is worth watching if you prefer many surprises and emotional scenes. It is one of the best Chinese drama series that gained popularity worldwide in a concise very short time.

No, Majesty of The Wolf is not a true story. It is based on fictional characters, making the story worth watching.


The Majesty of Wolf is among the best Netflix shows that are worthwhile to watch. It is one of the best Korean shows that gained popularity among viewers in a very short time.

It is regrettable that The Majesty of Wolf is not accessible on Netflix in Canada in 2022. So, you will need a VPN like ExpressVPN to watch The Majesty of Wolf on Netflix Canada.

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