35 Best Action Movies on Netflix to get the Blood Pumping

Some movie genres available on Netflix can give an adrenaline rush. Yes, we are talking about the best action movies on Netflix. They can entertain you with seemingly perfect action and how the culprits are dealt with.

If you a fan of murders, kidnapping, zombies, drug lords, mafia, or national security breaches, our pick of action-filled movies are sure to make your blood rush.

Some of these titles are included in the must-watch movies on Netflix because of exciting plots and amazing cinematography. So enjoy the best explosions and fight sequences with these best action movies, and share the enjoyment with your gang for extra fun.

1. Blood Red Sky

A strangely ill lady must release a horrific secret to defend her little kid when a bunch of terrorists hijacks an overnight transatlantic aircraft.

The movie is full of drama, emotions, thrill, suspense and action, making it worth watching.

2. Ava

After challenging instructions and violating procedures, an assassin is designated for death by her own black operations group. She has to use her training and instincts to remain alive.

3. The Courier

It is the real story of a British businessman who was accidentally lured into one of history’s most devastating international battles.

The two men form an unexpected alliance with a Soviet commander wanting to avoid a nuclear war, and they work together to give critical intelligence that helped resolve the Cuban Missile Crisis.

4. Close

When Zoe, a wealthy heiress, is threatened, she has to be protected. When an abduction causes them both to flee, a bodyguard and a counter-terrorism specialist are sent to protect Zoe.

5. #Alive

#Alive is a South Korean zombie movie. The story is based on the struggles of a man who is the sole survivor of a deadly virus. The virus turned everyone into zombies, and every day it is becoming hard to survive.

6. 6 Underground

The plot of the movie revolves around six very different individuals belonging to different parts of the world. Each of them has done something in the past they want to change.

Their will to change the past and future is why they have been selected to go on a mission that will change their lives.

7. Army of the Dead

The series is set in the post-zombie apocalypse. However, the world is not how we know it, and people are looking for haven so they and their families can protect themselves from zombies.

After zombies take over Las Vegas, mercenaries try to get to a quarantine zone, but the journey is full of unexpected dangers.

8. Avengement

Avengement is the story of a low-life criminal who escaped from prison on a mission. He wants to avenge himself against all the people who turned against him and made him a cold-blooded killer.

The plot, gory details, and the mission make it one of the best action movies on Netflix, and you cannot miss it.

9. Beasts of No Nation

Civil war is raging in Africa, and surviving it has become the priority of the people. During this period, a warlord trains an orphan so he can join his gorilla soldier group.

Will the orphan turns the tables on him, or can he count him as a valuable addition to the team? The mystery surrounding this question makes the movie worth your time.

10. Beyond Skyline

To save his estranged kid, Detective Mark Corley storms into an extraterrestrial spaceship. But, when the spacecraft crashes in Southeast Asia, he forms an uneasy alliance with a group of survivors to reclaim the planet for good.

11. Code 8

After committing a minor offence, a desperate young guy with unique abilities battles with the police. Then, in the early twentieth century, the public becomes aware of persons with superhuman powers, known as Powers, leading to the government adopting legislation mandating everyone to register their talents.

They rapidly became an important part of the economy, particularly in developing Lincoln City as the “City of Tomorrow.”

Powers are sidelined in the face of growing mechanization as the Second Industrial Revolution begins, resulting in significant discrimination against second-class people.

12. Extraction

A black-market mercenary rescues the abducted son of an imprisoned international criminal boss with nothing to lose.

However, amid the dark underworld of arms dealers and drug traffickers, a task that is already lethal is on the verge of becoming impossible.

13. Free Fire

Justine is caught in the crossfire when a black-market guns sale goes horribly wrong, forcing her to maneuver through a warehouse full of trigger-happy maniacs who are all holding on for dear life.

Free Fire is full of excitement, fun, trauma, and shoot-outs making it one of the best action movies on Netflix.

14. Headshot

A guy with amnesia washes up on the beach, and a young doctor tends to him. Then, brutally, his history resurfaces to haunt them both.

Lee, a gangster, eludes capture in a firefight that kills hundreds of inmates and guards. Meanwhile, Lee and his henchmen Rika and Besi slaughter a rival gang with brutality. Lee learns about Ishmael from one of the gang’s survivors, and he sent the guy to investigate.

15. Inception

Dom Cobb is a burglar who possesses the unusual ability to infiltrate people’s dreams and take their secrets from their subconscious.

His abilities have made him a sought-after commodity in the world of corporate espionage, but they have also lost him everything he cares about.

Cobb is given a second chance when it is apparently difficult to plant an idea in someone’s head. Cobb’s plan will be flawless if he succeeds, but a formidable adversary is watching his every step.

16. Ip Man

Foshan, a city in China, is known as the hub for martial arts training centres. Various instructors train the student, and their skills are tested via inter-school competitions.

Though Ip Man possesses superior skills as a master, he values his privacy and doesn’t want everyone to know how capable he is. But, can he protect his secret, or will his popularity ruin everything he has been working for?

17. Kickboxer: Retaliation

Kurt Sloane, an MMA champion, is imprisoned in Thailand by a strong mobster a year after avenging his brother’s death.

To reclaim his freedom, he must prepare for an underground death battle against a 400-pound murderer. The ultimate match makes it one of the best crime movies on Netflix.

18. Manhunt

James Earl Cash, a death row convict, awakens after his “execution” to find that prison authorities had been paid to fake his death and throw him into the grips of a snuff film group looking for a new star.

19. Master Z: Ip Man Legacy

Cheung Tin Chi, a martial arts master who Master Ip defeated, seeks to live a regular life in Hong Kong until triad bosses entice him back into combat.

20. Midnight Run

When Eddie Moscone employs tight-lipped bounty hunter Jack Walsh to discover and bring a mafia accountant dubbed “The Duke” to L.A., Eddie promises Jack that the task would be straightforward or a Midnight Run.

When Jack locates The Duke, the FBI and the mob are eager to get their hands on him. Jack must elude the cops, hide from the mob, and keep The Duke’s volatile personality from driving him insane in a cross-country chase.

21. Ninja Assassin

Raizo is a member of the Ozunu, a clan of assassins who have been trained in assassination tactics since childhood. On the other hand, Raizo breaks away from the Ozunu after they slay his companion and departs.

Europol agent Mika Coretti, meanwhile, discovers a money trail tying the organization to killings. Raizo rescues Mika from his old colleagues and joins forces with her to end the Ozunu’s reign of terror.

22. Olympus Has Fallen

The unimaginable happens when heavily armed and well-trained terrorists undertake a daring daytime attack on the White House.

President Benjamin Asher and his staff are held prisoner when the facility is invaded. Mike Banning, a former presidential security officer, is fortunate for Asher, is on the scene.

With time running out, Banning must locate Asher’s son before the radicals do, as well as rescue the president before his captors carry out their last plot.

23. Outside the Wire

A drone pilot dispatched into a conflict zone is teamed with a top-secret android officer on a mission to prevent a nuclear strike shortly.

The contact threat of the world ending makes it one of the best action movies on Netflix, and you should definitely give it a try.

24. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Scott Pilgrim is a bass guitarist for a garage rock band. When it comes to getting girls, according to his friends, he is the blessed one. As he falls for Ramona Flowers, he has to compete with an unending list of exes.

The army of ex-suitors is trying their best to eliminate Scott from Ramona’s life. But, with this new problem, Scott is trying his best to get Ramona’s attention.

25. Sin City

A mystery salesman tells a heartbreaking narrative of co-dependency in this quartet of neo-noir tales. At the same time, a musclebound vigilante shreds his way through the criminal underground in quest of his lost love.

In another section of town, a grizzled detective foils a child-plans killer while an ex-prostitute eludes her ex-pimp with the assistance of her new lover, Dwight.

26. Stardust

A young man named Tristan goes into the world of fairies to collect a fallen star to win the heart of his sweetheart. But, on the other hand, Tristan discovers a woman called Yvaine, not a fragment of space rock.

Yvaine is in grave peril since the king’s sons require her abilities to protect the kingdom, and a wicked witch seeks to use her to gain perpetual youth and beauty.

27. The Debt Collector

A British martial arts master finds a job as a debt collector for the mob while seeking work in America. However, he is forced to battle his way out of trouble when a job goes sour.

28. The Night Comes for Us

A gangland enforcer named Ito is caught in the middle of a vicious and brutal insurgency inside his Triad criminal family. The story is full of plot twists, action, drama, and sacrifices making it worth your time.

29. The Old Guard

A crew of mercenaries, all centuries-old immortals with the ability to repair themselves, discovers that their secret has been discovered, and they must battle to maintain their independence.

30. The Siege of Jadotville

The Siege of Jadotville recounts how a group of 157 Irishmen, commanded by a tactically competent leader, routed a force of 3,000 assailants, killing 300 of them while incurring no casualties.

The suspense, thrill, planning, and immaculate implementation of the plan make it one of the best action movies on Netflix.

31. The Wandering Earth

When the sun dies, the inhabitants of Earth construct massive thrusters to propel the planet out of its orbit and into a new star system. Thus, young people are continuing the struggle for everyone’s survival after 2,500 years.

32. Total Recall

In 2084, Douglas Quaid is a bored construction worker who dreams of visiting the colonized Mars. He goes to “Rekall,” a firm that implants false memories in people’s heads, to feel the excitement of Mars without having to travel there.

However, something goes awry during the surgery, and Quaid finds that his entire existence has been a false memory implanted in his mind, and the people who implanted it now want him dead.

33. Triple Frontier

Former Special Forces members gather to plot a robbery in a sparsely inhabited South American multi-border zone. For the first time in their illustrious careers, these unsung warriors risk their lives for themselves rather than the country.

However, as events take an unforeseen turn and threaten to spin out of control, their abilities, loyalties, and morals are tested in a titanic struggle for survival.

34. Triple Threat

The plot of the movie revolves around a hit on the daughter of a billionaire. But, unfortunately, a crime syndicate made her the target of an assassin team.

A small group of guards is making every effort to keep her alive. But, unfortunately, the constant fear and extreme approaches make it one of the crime movies on Netflix.

35. Wheelman

During a botched bank heist, a getaway driver gets double-crossed. With his family on the line, he rushes against the clock to figure out who betrayed him.


Though you can watch anything and everything on Netflix, including family movies, thrillers, holiday movies, rom-comKoreanHalloweenanime, comedy, reality, and horror – our picks of the best action movies on Netflix can make your blood pump faster.

Get ready for the action rush and enjoy these amazing picks with the gang. Happy streaming.

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