How To Fix Netflix Error Code W8226 on Windows in the UK

Getting back home from work or school and trying to play the Netflix movie or season finale you have been dreaming about the whole day. A chilled can of soda and pizza delivery on the way. Dim lights, cozy night PJs, and your significant other cuddled up next to you on your cushioned sofa that you both just sink into. However, when you hit play you see a Netflix Error Code W8226 in the UK.

Now your mood is ruined, and the night is ruined, but wait. We know how to fix Netflix Error Code W8226 in the UK, and we won’t let this night end without you relaxing through your entertainment picks.

Most of the time, the solution for different Netflix Errors is right in front of us and we are unable to identify it. Just like that this guide will identify the solution and get you to the solution right away.

What is Netflix Error Code W8226?

This Netflix error code W8226 usually appears on Windows 8 software, and it is usually the result of a connectivity issue either from your device, the Netflix app, or your internet router itself.

What Causes Netflix Error Code W8226?

This error code appears when there are some internet issues or connection problems. However, you can ask around if Netflix UK is blocked if you are using public Wi-Fi at a restaurant, library, school, or any workplace.

If you aren’t using a public network then you should try to check your connection speed according to Netflix UK.

Definition Required Data
Standard definition (SD) 1 Mbps
720p 3 Mbps
1080p 5 Mbps
4K/Ultra HD (UHD) 15 Mbps

If you are using a hotspot or satellite for accumulating WIFI signals, then you may also experience low-speed levels and connection issues.

Look out for these issues to clear up the Netflix error code W8226 in the UK.

How to fix Netflix Error Code W8226 on Windows 8 in the UK in 2022


Now as we know what is Netflix Error Code W8226, it’s time to fix it. Here are a few tried and tested solutions to fix this error instantly.

Check your Internet Connection: First of all, you need to check if your internet connection is stable and provide the recommended speed limit by Netflix. Plug out the router and wait for 30 seconds Plug it back in and check to see if the problem has been solved.

Restart the Netflix App: If you are certain that there is nothing wrong with the internet service, you can try exiting the Netflix app or closing the browser. Try signing out and signing in again.

Restarting the Device: If this also doesn’t solve your problem, you should try to restart your Windows 8 device and try to get back to streaming without the Netflix error code W8226 disturbing you again.

Make sure your Network is set up for Netflix

Most of the time, Netflix is blocked by many public networks. If you connected through Wi-Fi at a public restaurant, workplace, university, or any other router it would be blocked by the server due to restrictions on usage of the internet over streaming videos or such.

You can either restart your device or the Netflix app if you are certain that the network you are using hasn’t restricted Netflix from being accessed.

Why does my Netflix keep giving me an Error Code in the UK?

There are a number of reasons why you can be getting all kinds of Netflix error codes like Netflix error code m7361-1253, Error Code NW-2-5, UI-108, Error UI-800-3, and many others let alone the Netflix error code W8226. It could b due to connectivity issues, blank screen issues, audio blockage, content unavailability, restricted locations, use of  Netflix VPN and etc.


Hopefully, this guide helped you in reviving your streaming experience and getting back to enjoying your evening once again. Getting these kinds of errors really ruins your family gathering, a watch party, or just an intimate movie marathon between you and your spouse.

Luckily, when the next time the error W8226 annoys you, it won’t be an issue to instantly know where to look for solutions!

Here are the quick fixes to other Netflix errors that can ruin your streaming experience.

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