How to Watch Netflix on Mac in April 2022 – Step by Step Guide

Netflix is known as the king of entertainment and the title is justified. With thousands of movies and shows available with a single click, you can have access to unlimited entertainment. What’s more convenient is that this entertainment is not limited to a single device.

You can enjoy Netflix on multiple devices including Mac which is considered to be a cult favorite. Today, we are going to answer all your questions including how to watch Netflix on Mac? How to download it? and what to do in case Netflix is not working on Mac.

The bonus section of this piece is unblocking foreign Netflix libraries with the help of our tried and tested list of the ‘best VPNs for Netflix‘. If you want to get the answer to all your queries, let start this informative journey.

Can you download the Netflix app on Mac?

The simplest answer to this question is, No! Because the Netflix app is not available for Mac even though you don’t have to face this issue in the case of an Android or iOS device. You can enjoy your favorite shows /movies on Netflix or stream it via AirPlay or casting devices.

How to download Netflix on Mac?

Downloading Netflix on Mac is not simple. Even though the Netflix app is available for iOS and Android, it is not – in the case of Mac. The legal way to enjoy Netflix on your Mac device is to use the website or use AirPlay.

Netflix is supported by Safari, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. Here are the steps involved in watching Netflix on Mac.

  1. Get the paid Netflix subscription as it is the primary requirement for watching or downloading Netflix.
  2. Select the title you want to watch and choose the download option. Some titles do not have the download option so you cannot watch them on Mac.
  3. Check for your active Wi-Fi connection.
  4. Check if your device supports Netflix.
  5. You can stream the content using AirPlay.

How to download movies and shows from Netflix on Mac?

If you want to download movies and shows, streaming Netflix with AirPlay is the preferable option, here are the steps to follow.

  1. Check for the active Wi-Fi connection.
  2. Download the Netflix app on your iOS device.
  3. Open AirPlay on your iOS device./Tap ‘Screen Mirroring‘.
  4. Select your Mac device.
  5. Open Netflix app.
  6. Select the show/movie you want to watch, click the download button.
  7. Select the downloaded title you want to enjoy.
  8. Enjoy

How to Watch Netflix on Mac in April 2022

Accessing unlimited content on Netflix is s dream shared by many. As Netflix uses a geo-restriction barrier to control the content available for streaming, a VPN is your solution to this problem.

We have tested and finalized the top three VPNs based on their speed, user interface, multiple device connectivity, and speed. Here are the winners and their details so you can make an informed decision.

1. ExpressVPNThe Best VPN for Unblocking Netflix

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Compatible with PC, Linux, Mac, Android, ad iOS – ExpressVPN is the ultimate solution if you want to enjoy Netflix on different devices. The customer support staff is always ready to help and provide an immediate solution in case of any issue.

You can unblock major Netflix libraries including the US, UK, Germany, Australia, Korean, and Canada. Offering over 3000 servers in 94 countries – you cannot go wrong with the largest and most trusted VPN service.

Pros & Cons of ExpressVPN:


  • Availability of multiple servers
  • Round the clock chat support
  • Compatible with multiple devices
  • Buffering-free streaming due to fast speed


  • Costly

With some of the most advanced features, ExpressVPN is the first choice of many. If you want to know more about the pricing, speed, and performance of this VPN, check out our complete guide on ExpressVPN Netflix.

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2. NordVPN – Uninterrupted Netflix Streaming

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If you want to enjoy Netflix in all its glory – without interruption, buffering, and compromising the video quality, NordVPN is the answer. It offers a wise server range of around 5,200 servers operating in 60 countries. In case one server is blocked by Netflix, you have a list of options.

NordVPN ensures absolute anonymity making sure that your actual IP address cannot be traced. You can pretend to be in any country by connecting to the server and overcome the geo-restriction barrier of major streaming hubs including Netflix.

Pros & Cons of NordVPN:


  • Designated Netflix servers
  • Fastest speed
  • Six device connection
  • Optimize servers


  • Torrenting glitches

Constant buffering can ruin your streaming experience and NordVPN can solve this issue. If you are still not sure – Check out our complete guide on NordVPN Netflix, and you will be a fan too!

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3. SurfsharkUnlimited Connections for Netflix On Limited Budget


If you are looking for premium VPN features on a limited budget, we have the perfect solution. Surfshark is providing the features boasted by high-end VPN services in an affordable range. The best part of the offer is – it does not compromise on the quality of the services.

Surfshark can help you unblock major Netflix libraries including the US, UK, Germany, Australia, Japan, and Canada. Another remarkable feature offered by Surfshark is its ability to connect to unlimited devices so you can enjoy a secure connection on every device.

Pros & Cons of Surfshark:


  • Accepts bitcoin
  • Unblock major Netflix libraries
  • Unlimited device connection


  • Server glitches (occasional)

High-end VPN feature in a limited budget, what more do you want? In case you want to learn more before making a final decision – check the complete guide on Surfshark Netflix for further information.

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This guide was our attempt to assist the Mac users and help them get the answer to how to watch Netflix on Mac. The internet is full of false claims regarding the solution that can help you download Netflix on Mac. The majority of these solutions are ransomware that can harm your device and collect personal data to blackmail you.

Rather than focusing on the rumors related to downloading and recording Netflix on Mac, check the reliability of the claims and stick to the legal options via AirPlay.

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