Is Opera Girl Available On Netflix US In 2022


Sadly, you cannot watch Opera Girl on Netflix US because Japan is the only region where the show is available. However, you can unblock this anime and start watching it in the US with the help of a robust VPN like ExpressVPN.

Opera Girl is about Ai Narata, a girl who swears never to interact with a male fan ever again after an awkward incident. Her new commitment leads her to audition at the all-female Kouka School of Musical and Theatrical Arts, famous for producing the best actresses.

However, Ai Narata’s temperament alienates her from her classmates and Sarasa Watanabe is the only one who can tolerate her. But Sarasa’s determination to play male roles and her inability to read the room places her at odds with the other girls, including Ai.

Against all odds, Ai and Sarasa become roomies and link up in many classes. But the girls soon find out it takes more than pure talent to graduate as an actress in Kouka. Jealousy, deceit, and constant backstabbing put the girls’ mental grit to the test. Will Ai and Sarasa conquer the ills in Kouka?

Opera Girl anime is incredible and is one of the best shows on Netflix for how it breaks down the show business. It shows the darker aspects of the entertainment industry and what girls have to do to make it.

The series, also known as Kageki Shoujo, premiered on July 4, 2021, and finished airing on September 26, 2021, then headed to Netflix on December 22, 2022. You’ll need a VPN to change Netflix region to watch Opera Girl on Netflix in the US, and this guide shows you how.

How to Watch Opera Girl on Netflix in the US using a VPN in 2022

A VPN is the best tool to change your region to watch Opera Girl on Netflix in the US. Follow the steps below if you’ve never used a VPN before:

  • Subscribe to the best Netflix unblocking VPN, ExpressVPN.
  • Provide your details to sign up for the service.
  • Choose your preferred payment plan.
  • Download and install the VPN app.
  • Log in with your username and password.
  • Connect to one of the four servers in Japan.
  • Watch Opera Girl on Netflix in the US.

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What is the Cast and Rating of Opera Girl (2021)?

Opera Girl accurately depicts the acting world and tackles fundamental issues head-on. Here are the Opera Girl characters and the talented staff involved in the show, including the director and writers

Actor/Actress Character Name
Kayleigh McKee Sei Satomi
Anjali Kunapaneni Keito Mitsuki
Keith Silverstein Kazuo Takagi
Dorothy Elias-Fahn Yukie Shirakawa
Sayaka Senbongi Watanabe Sarasa
Courtney Lin Ruri Shinohara
Sumire Uesaka Sugimoto Sawa
Jun’ichi Suwabe Andô Mamoru
Rico Sasaki Yamada Ayako
Risae Matsuda Sawada Chika
Satsumi Matsuda Sawada Chiaki
You Taichi Hoshino kaoru
Kenji Nojima Narata Taichi
Yumiri Hanamori Narata Ai
Yumiri Hanamori Narata Ai
Caitlyn Elizabeth Kimiko Narata
Ellen-Ray Hennessy Dorm Mother
Kestin Howard Mikiya Kitaouji
Kana Hanazawa Hijiri Nojima

Director: Kazuhiro Yoneda

Writer/Creator: Kumiko Saiki

Genre: Comedy, Drama

IMDB Rating: 7.5/10

In Which Countries is the Opera Girl Series Currently Available to Stream on Netflix?

Opera Girl is only available on Netflix Japan because the streaming service doesn’t have a deal with Funimation, the show’s licensors, to air it outside Japan.

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Why Do You Need a VPN to Stream Opera Girl on Netflix in the US?

You’ll need a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to watch Opera Girl on Netflix in the US because the show is only available in Japan. Netflix licenses most of its content, which dictates where to air the show. In this case, Netflix lacks the licensing agreements to broadcast the show to its American audience.

You’ll get the error code NSES-404 if you try to access the show on Netflix via a link or Google Search. The Netflix geo-restriction system generates the error code, which prevents subscribers from watching shows unlicensed for their region.

Using a VPN for Netflix is the easiest method to bypass the Netflix geo-restrictions to stream a film or show unavailable in your region. A VPN hides your device’s IP address, which contains location information, and assigns a new one from the connected server.

For example, your streaming device is assigned a Japanese IP address when you connect to a server in Japan. The Japanese IP address opens up the country’s Netflix library so you can watch anything unavailable in the US, like opera Girl.

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Wrapping Up

Opera Girl is a realistic anime demonstrating the darker aspects of show business and the pressure these girls are under to succeed. It’s an eye-opening anime, and you’ll be surprised by the characters’ development throughout the season.

Netflix has a lot of content, including hidden gems like Opera Girl, but sadly, most aren’t available in the US because of licensing agreements. That’s why you’ll need a VPN to watch Opera Girl on Netflix or any other show unavailable in the US.

Choose a VPN with a proven track record for bypassing the robust geo-restriction system used by Netflix. We’ve tested many VPNs, and ExpressVPN is our number one VPN for unblocking any Netflix version. Subscribe to ExpressVPN to expand your anime watch list.

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