Is Dororo Available On Netflix US In 2022


Unfortunately, Dororo is unavailable on Netflix US. However, you can watch it on Netflix in the United States using a quality VPN such as ExpressVPN.

Dororo is a Japanese series that aired on January 6, 2019. It made its debut on Netflix on November 12, 2021. It’s one of the best shows on Netflix in the category of anime because of the show’s storyline and the action-packed scenes.

In pursuit of power, a greedy father decides to give away some parts of his unborn son to demons as payment to rule the country. An offer the demons couldn’t resist.

When Hyakkimaru was born, he was different from other kids, as he lacked 48 body parts as they were taken from him by demons. All because of his father’s greediness.

After seeing his mess, Daigo Kagemitsu, Hyakkimaru’s father, abandons him and has him thrown into the river. Fortunately, a kind sage finds him and decides to adopt him.

Years have passed, and Hyakkimaru is now a grown-up and has obtained a fake body. However, that doesn’t satisfy him as he wants what is rightly his from the demons. Therefore, he decides to wage war on the 48 demons who took his body parts.

To watch Dororo on Netflix in the USA, you will need to change Netflix region, and we’ll show you how you can do that below in this article.

How to Watch Dororo on Netflix in the US using a VPN in 2022

Below are the quick steps you will need to follow in order to watch Dororo on Netflix in the USA.

  • Download and subscribe to ExpressVPN.
  • Select a payment plan.
  • Login using your credentials
  • Connect to a server in Japan.
  • Enjoy streaming Dororo on Netflix from the USA.

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What is the Cast and Rating of Dororo (2019)?

Below is the full cast involved in the series Dororo including the director, writer, and IMDb rating.

Actor/Actress Character Name
Jason Douglas Narrator
Crystal Boike Child
Rio Suzuki Dororo
Crystal Ruiz Farmer
Mugihito Narration
Aki Kanada Saru
Chaney Moore Dororo
Houston Hayes Asakura Soldier
John Swasey Villager
Jay Hickman Buddhist Monk
Shelley Calene-Black Lady in Waiting
Andrew Love Hyogo
Gabriel Regojo Daigo Spy
Chie Arikawa Sanba B
Ikue Ôtani Yokai Kozo
Ayano Hamaguchi Maimai-onba
Junko Takeuchi Sukeroku
Mizuka Arima Sanba A

Genre: Animation, Action, Adventure

Director: Kazuhiro Furuhashi

Writers: Yasuko Kobayashi, Osamu Tezuka

IMDb Rating: 8.3/10

In Which Countries is the Dororo Series Currently Available to Stream on Netflix?

Dororo is available on Japanese Netflix only. The anime show is unavailable on Netflix libraries outside Japan.

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Why Do You Need a VPN to stream Dororo on Netflix in the US?

You need a VPN that works with Netflix to watch Dororo in the USA because the show is only available on Netflix Japan. With a VPN, you will bypass the geo-restrictions imposed by Netflix and watch Dororo on Netflix in the USA.

Netflix imposes geo-restrictions to restrict its users from accessing geo-restricted content. 

Because the platform doesn’t want to violate its distribution and licensing agreements, once you sign in to Netflix, it automatically detects your IP address. It then provides you with content available in that region. 

They do that to ensure that you will not be able to access geo-restricted content. That’s where a VPN comes in.

All you need to do is subscribe to a quality VPN, such as ExpressVPN, and connect to a server based in Japan. Once connected, a VPN will replace your original IP address with that of Japan. Now, it will make it look like you are accessing Netflix in Japan and, therefore, accessing Netflix Japan’s content. Making it possible for you to watch Dororo on Netflix in the USA.

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Dororo | FAQs

Is Dororo a boy or a girl?

Dororo was born as a girl, according to the manga’s final chapter. Her parents raised her as a male, and she has lived as one for as long as she can remember.

Is Dororo based on a true story?

Tezuka Osamu wrote Dororo, and he got his inspiration from real history in the era of Sengoku Jidai.

Is Dororo worth watching?

Dororo is an interesting anime worth watching. It tells a story of an innocent child born with a curse because of his father’s deal with the demons. Are you wondering where to watch Dororo? You can watch the show on Netflix USA using a VPN.

How many season does Dororo have?

Currently, there is only one season of Dororo consisting of 24 episodes, each having a runtime of 30 minutes. Where can I watch Dororo season 2? Unfortunately, there isn’t any announcement regarding season 2 of Dororo.

Is Dororo a remake?

Dororo is a 2019 anime series produced by Tezuka Productions and MAPPA. It is a re-adaptation of the 1969 series.

Wrapping Up

Dororo is a dark fantasy manga series that tells the story of a young child born with disabilities because of a deal his father made with the demons. It is a series that has a deep storyline and one that is worth watching.

To watch Dororo on Netflix in the USA, you will need to use a VPN because the show is unavailable on the Netflix library in the USA.

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