How to Watch BACKFLIP!!: Season 1 (2021) on Netflix US in 2022

Backflip!!: Season 1 (2021) is a genuine Japanese anime television series cartooned by Zexcs. This series emphasizes sportsmanship and not only learning new things in life but also practicing them to their excellence. Backflip!! Season 1 is not available to stream on American Netflix.

So if you really want to enjoy this series, you will have to do it in an indirect but safest way. You can change your Netflix region to Japan through a VPN app and watch BACKFLIP!!: Season 1 on Netflix in US. Read further to know how to do it.

watch Backflip!!: Season 1

How to watch BACKFLIP!!: Season 1 (2021) on Netflix in US

If you want to watch Backflip!!: Season 1 but could not do it because of streaming restrictions, just follow these steps:

  • Get a premium VPN app. We recommend ExpressVPN.
  • Download the app on your device.
  • Connect to a server located in Japan.
  • Open Netflix in the US and stream Backflip!!: Season 1 (2021).

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Title: Backflip!!: Season 1 (2021)

Release Date: April 9, 2021

Genre: Animation, Sport

Director: Toshimasa Kuroyanagi, Seishirō Nagaya

Writer: Toshizo Nemoto

Cast: Katsuyuki Konishi, Kenichirou Matsuda, Ayumu Murase, Daiki Yamashita, Daisuke Ono, Tomokazu Sugita, Kaito Ishikawa, Hiro Shimono, Kenichi Suzumura, Hiroshi Kamiya, Shimba Tsuchiya, Takahiro Sakurai, Soma Saito, Reina Ueda, Takashi Kondo, Ayane Sakura

Series Synopsis

Shotaro Futaba is a high school student who loves sports but has never excelled at any despite his sheer will. One day, on his way home from school, he comes across a group of teenagers in a park doing gymnastics.

He watches them and finds himself so indulged that he follows them to their club. A boy grabs his attention at the club as he does beautiful backflips. On his way home he decides to join the club for rhythmic gymnastics.

The story leads further as Shotaro Futaba joins the team of rhythmic gymnastics and prepares to win for an upcoming tournament. Along with the will to win for the tournament, Shotaro fantasized to excel on a backflip which grabbed his attention when he first visited this club.

Viewers witness beautiful formations of rhythmic gymnastics with spectacularly animated scenes as the team strives to win the tournament.

Trailer: BACKFLIP!!: Season 1 (2021)

The trailer portrays Shotaro Futaba being impressed by the stunts and beautiful moves of male gymnastics later aiming to be a part of their club. Some scenes show how generously rhythmic club members welcome Shotaro into their group by motivating him how to do better in his performance. They collectively try to win the tournament.

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Why You Need a VPN to Watch BACKFLIP!!: Season 1 (2021) on US Netflix

Netflix is an entertainment producing and streaming company. It offers an independent library of films and TV series through distribution deals throughout the world.

Despite being a huge global platform of entertainment, Netflix faces restrictions from content creators to stream their content in specific regions because of licensing agreements. For instance, the Japanese anime series Backflip!! Season 1(2021) is not available to watch on American Netflix because of region restrictions.

If you live in America and want to watch Backflip!!: Season 1, you can get the help of a VPN app. A VPN will let you relocate your location somewhere in Japan while being in America and let you stream Backflip!! Season 1 (2021) on your US Netflix by changing your IP address.

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Is BACKFLIP!!: Season 1 (2021) worth watching?

Yes! This series shows the struggle of some teenagers trying to make their mark in rhythmic gymnastics. If you want to experience some adrenaline rush and a dose of motivation, this series is a must-watch for you.

Is BACKFLIP!!: Season 1 (2021) based on a true story?

No, this story is not based on real-life events but it’s a light novel that lets you live the life and daily struggles of a sportsperson.

What are some best shows to watch next if you like the BACKFLIP!!: Season 1 (2021)?

A few of the similar shows to the series Backflip!!: Season 1 are as follows:

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  • Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru
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