Movies Leaving US Netflix in June – Don’t Miss These Movies

Netflix’s content catalog is evolving. While new movies are added to the platform on a monthly basis, some of them are leaving. The removal might be due to a number of factors, including the expiration of a licensing deal or the arrival of new movies

Whatever the cause, this is your last chance to see the movies leaving Netflix in June, and some of them are rather good. Because this soon-to-expire list is exclusive to the United States, you may connect to the US server of our best Netflix VPN selections and watch them from anywhere.

Without further ado, let’s get started with the list of movies we’ll be missing.

1. The Secret Life of Pets 2

Leaving Netflix: 26th June 2021

Have you ever wondered what your pets think about and do when you leave for office. The Secret Life of Pets 2 is the answer to this question. The story revolves around a terrier named Max who encounters a canine-intolerant cow.

He also came across scary turkeys and hostile foxes when he visits the countryside. Luckily he soon meets Rooster and catches a break from his wildlife mishaps. Rooster is a gruff farm dog who is trying to cure a pooch of his neuroses.

2. Crazy, Stupid, Love

Leaving Netflix: 30th June 2021

The story revolves around Carl who is a middle-aged man been cheated by his wife with a coworker. After going through multiple disasters, he found solace in his new friendship with Jacob who guides him about picking up girls in the bar.

Jacob is the ultimate playboy when it comes to the diligence with females but he soon finds out a perfect partner. As he guides Carl to be a better version of himself his own life becomes pretty cluttered with emotional turmoils.

3. Back to the Future

Leaving Netflix: 30th June 2021

Marty McFly, a small-town California adolescent, is catapulted back into the 1950s after an experiment by his eccentric scientist buddy Doc Brown goes awry in this 1980s sci-fi classic.

Marty finds youthful versions of his parents while traveling through time in a modified DeLorean automobile, and must ensure that they fall in love or he will cease to exist. Even more terrifying, Marty must travel back in time to save Doc Brown’s life.

4. Fiddler on the Roof

Leaving Netflix: 30th June 2021

Considered to be one of the classics and an all-time hit, the story is set in a pre-revolutionary Russian village. It is an Oscar-winning adaptation of the Broadway musical life in a Jewish community.

A poor milkman is the focus of the story and he wants to find good husbands for his daughter. He not only consult with a matchmaker but also has a word with God to help him in accomplishing this new goal.

As the movie is only available on American Netflix, you have to change your region by connecting to the US server of ExpressVPNNordVPNCyberghostSurfshark, or PureVPN to enjoy it.

5. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Leaving Netflix: 30th June 2021

After being recruited by rich Swedish entrepreneur Henrik Vanger to solve the 40-year-old murder of Vanger’s niece, Harriet, disgraced financial reporter Mikael Blomkvist has a chance to redeem himself.

Harriet was allegedly murdered by a member of Vanger’s own family, according to Vanger. Lisbeth Salander, an unconventional but brilliant investigator whose fragile trust is not easily earned, eventually joins Blomkvist on his deadly hunt for the truth.

6. The Land Before Time

Leaving Netflix: 30th June 2021

Littlefoot, a baby plant-eating dinosaur, is orphaned after his mother dies defending him from a ferocious predator. She teaches him how to journey to the mythical Great Valley, where he will be reunited with others of his kind, with her dying breath.

Littlefoot sets off for the mythical land with his companion Cera, encountering a variety of new pals along the road while also being pursued by the murderous dinosaur that killed his mother.

The emotions, trauma, and survival struggles make this one of the best movies leaving Netflix in June.

7. Training Day

Leaving Netflix: 30th June 2021

An experienced cop leads a rookie on his first day with the LAPD’s difficult inner-city drugs squad in this police drama. “Training Day” is a horrific action drama that invites the viewers to judge what is essential, heroic, and what crosses the line in the tumultuous grey zone of urban crime combat.

Is it true that law-abiding law enforcement is at odds with justice and public safety? Do we want safe roadways at any costs if this is the case? The moral dilemma is what makes this piece one of the best movies leaving Netflix in June.


We wanted you to have one last chance to see these incredible performances. We are saddened by any movie leaving Netflix since it gives the highest streaming quality. Take advantage of the opportunity to see these incredible selections while you still can, because who knows whether they will ever return on Netflix.

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