Is Ten Months Available On Netflix US in 2022


Have you been meaning to watch Ten Months on Netflix US. Unfortunately, the movie isn’t available for US subscribers. The movie is, however, available on Netflix in South Korea’s extensive library. The South Korean Netflix Library can be accessed using a high-quality VPN like ExpressVPN.

The directorial debut of Namkoon Son. Ten Months’ release date was 14th October 2021. The movie talks about the hardship of women, especially when faced with an unwanted pregnancy. The film beautifully illustrates how there is a disproportionate burden placed on women during an unwanted pregnancy.

The movie starts with 29-year-old Mi-Rae (Choi Sung-Eun) trying to find a cure for her sickness. Feeling sick, she can’t figure out what’s causing her nausea, taking a pregnancy test as a last resort. She is shocked to find that she is indeed pregnant, and her pregnancy causes the sickness.

Now knowing that she is pregnant, Mi-Rae begins to take a hard look at her life and the options that are provided to her. The movie speaks on how Korean women are now moving towards a high-paced career and home life and how something as significant as pregnancy can disrupt a work-life balance.

The movie currently has a high IMDB rating, with reviewers claiming that Ten Months is the best movie on Netflix Library currently. You, too, can watch this movie, but you must change Netflix region to South Korea.

How To Watch Ten Months On Netflix In The US Using A VPN In 2022?

A high-quality VPN, such as ExpressVPN, serves as a gateway between you and a treasure trove of content that might be hidden from you. Now stop asking yourself the questions such as, how can I watch Ten Months on Netflix US? Or Where can I watch Ten Months in the US?

The answer is a reliable VPN service that would connect you to your favorites with just a click of a button. Here are a few steps to help you watch Ten Months on Netflix in the US.

  • Subscribe and form an account on, ExpressVPN.
  • Pick a payment plan that fits your budgetary needs.
  • Download the VPN application to your devices.
  • Log in using your account credentials.
  • Connect to the South Korean server to view South Korean content.
  • Log on to your Netflix Homepage using the best VPN for Netflix.
  • Stream Ten Months on Netflix with ease in the US.

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Using a reliable VPN like Express VPN, you can easily bypass geo-restrictions created by Netflix. A VPN gives you access to the South Korean library where you can watch Ten Months and many other titles that fit your interest.

What Is The Cast And Ratings Of Ten Months (2021)?

The movie features an entire south Korean cast, with actors that have had both previous and current hits, such as Choi Sung-Eun in the title role of Mi-Rae was cast as Yoon Ah-Yi in the popular webtoon adaptation of Sound of Magic.

Here is a comprehensive list of Ten Months cast members

Actor Character
Choi Sung-Eun  Mi-Rae
Seo Young-Joo Yoon-Ho
Yoo Yi-Deun Kim-Kim
Baek Hyun-Jin Ong-Joong
Kwon A-Reum Kang-Mi
Son Sung-Chan Hong-Sung
Kim Geun-Young Soon-Ja
Oh Tae-Eun Eun-Ok
Song Kyung-Eui Sung-Tae
Kim Sung-Hyeok Dae-Sik
Jo Hyung Chan Tae-Hoon

Ratings – 7.1/10

Genre – Comedy, Drama

Director – Sun Namkoong

Writers – Sun Namkoong

In Which Countries Ten Months is currently available to stream on Netflix?

Looking into where to stream Ten Months on Netflix in the US? Since the movie is only available on Netflix Korea Library. You can watch Ten Months (2021) on Netflix by downloading a high-quality, reliable VPN service.

Using a high-quality VPN, you can surpass the geo-restrictions imposed by Netflix on their content. A VPN helps you by masking your original IP address with that of a more suited host server’s IP address.

Now with a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN, the best VPN for Netflix. You can access the best libraries offered by Netflix, all from the comfort of your own home.

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Why Do You Need a VPN to Stream Ten Months on Netflix in the US?

Since Netflix implements geo-restrictions on their libraries, which stop people from one region from viewing the content from libraries of other regions. In order to view libraries from different regions, you would have to switch your area.

Using a VPN is the best option to bypass geo-restrictions and gain access to otherwise geo-locked content. With a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN, you can stream Ten Months (2021) on Netflix.

When you log into your Netflix account, Netflix starts tracking your location. As per your location, you are given access to libraries of content. Your particular area might carry one title, but the next region might not have the same titles available in its library.

A good quality VPN doesn’t just allow you to unlock otherwise geo-locked content, but it also provides you with internet security. With a VPN, your IP address and identity are protected, making you safe from hackers and online scammers that can otherwise use your data for wrong purposes.

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Can I Use A Free VPN To Watch Ten Months On Netflix?

Moving on from answering the question: watch Ten Months (2021) on Netflix? We found the best-suited answer in VPNs. Using a high-quality VPN allows you as a user to choose your server of choice.

You can use a free VPN to watch Ten Months on Netflix. The only issue you might face would be the automatic random server selection that most free VPNs offer. A free VPN automatically connects to the best-suited server it can find, taking away your choice to pick your server based on preference.

Also, there is a high chance of a free VPN. You might run into the issue of overcrowded servers, which can result in slower streaming speeds. A slow streaming speed can cause lags and buffers in between your stream, spoiling the whole viewing experience.

A free VPN service can also share your data with data miners and marketers. As a free VPN has a more relaxed security policy, they are not bound by law against sharing your data with third-party sources.

Wrapping Up

Netflix, with its plethora of genres, offers a wide variety of titles to its viewers. Offering a little something for everyone. Netflix is the streaming service of choice for many. Offering movies and TV shows that cater to the interests of almost everyone, Netflix has a versatile and intriguing library of titles.

We started off this article wanting to answer the question. How can I watch Ten Months (2021) on Netflix? Well, since Ten Months is only available in the South Korean library. You can use a reliable VPN such as ExpressVPN to watch Ten Months on Netflix.

Using a VPN would allow you to bypass the geo-restrictions set by Netflix, to access to the South Korean library. Now that you have insight into how to watch Ten Months (2021), we suggest taking the lead and downloading and subscribing to ExpressVPN, the best VPN for Netflix.

Stream the way you want, when you want, without worries.

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