How to Watch She Would Never Know on Netflix in US?

Unfortunately, “She Would Never Know is not available on Netflix US”. However, you can unblock the movie and start watching it on Netflix in the USA right now with the help of a quality VPN like ExpressVPN.

With the help of our easy-to-follow guide, you can change your Netflix region to South Korea by choosing the best Netflix VPN and start watching She Would Never Know on South Korean Netflix. Let’s go into the details.

watch She Would Never Know

How to watch She Would Never Know (2021) on Netflix in US

Doesn’t matter if it’s not available in your region, you can still watch She Would Never Know in the US by changing your location. Just follow these easy steps:

  • Subscribe to ExpressVPN.
  • Get the VPN app on your device(s) and install it.
  • Select South Korea as your region from the server list.
  • Log in to your Netflix account and search for the series.
  • Now you can watch She Would Never Know on Netflix in US.

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Title: She Would Never Know

Release Date: January 18, 2021

Genre: Drama, Romance

Director: Dong-Yoon Lee

Writer: Chae Yoon

Cast: Jin-ah Won, Kim Ro Woon, Hyun-Wook Lee, Joo-Bin Lee, Bit-na Wang, Se-ha Ahn, Kyu-han Lee, Jo-a Yang, Kim Han-na, Hye-In Kim, Kang Hye-Jin, Yoon-kyeong Ha, So-yi Park, Lee Ji-Hyun, Dong-ha Lee, Han-Sol Park, Choi Jung-Won, Seo-ha Kim

Series Synopsis

She Would Never Know is a South Korean TV series based on a web novel of 2017. It tells the story of colleagues working for an established cosmetics brand.

Yoon Song Ah is employed as a marketing executive and enjoys her job with a higher aim to start her own brand in the future. On the other hand, Chae Hyun Seung is a fellow marketing professional who develops a crush for Yoon Song Ah.

Gathering some courage, he tries to express his feelings to develop a romantic relationship with his senior colleague, Yoon Song Ah, but she snubs his advances, not wishing to date men who are younger than her.

Trailer: She Would Never Know (2021)

The trailer was released on January 19, 2021, and perfectly teases the viewers with a melodramatic plot. You can watch the trailer here:

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Why You Need a VPN to Watch She Would Never Know (2021) on US Netflix

Netflix offers varied content libraries for each territory, due to streaming rights and licensing reasons. That’s why She Would Never Know isn’t available in the US because Netflix isn’t allowed to air it. As a matter of fact, this series is available for streaming on South Korean Netflix, but the streaming platform will not let you access it due to the geo-restrictions imposed.

However, with the help of a VPN, you can easily change your IP to another country where this drama series is available to watch i.e. South Korea. The new masked IP address will fool Netflix and you will be allowed to access South Korean content while sitting in the US. This way you can easily watch  She Would Never Know (2021) on Netflix US.

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Is She Would Never Know (2021) worth watching?

With a healthy average rating of 7.6/10 on IMDB and mixed reviews, She Would Never Know is worth watching for sure.

Is She Would Never Know (2021) based on a true story?

No, She Would Never Know is based on a web novel series.

What are some best shows to watch next if you like She Would Never Know (2021)?

Here are some shows you can consider after binge-watching all the episodes of She Would Never Know:

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  • Forecasting Love and Weather
  • The King’s Affection
  • Run On
  • IDOL: The Coup

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