How to watch One Small Problem (2021) on Netflix Outside US in 2022

One Small Problem (2021) is a Mexican rom-com film. This film is accessible for streaming on American Netflix from February 8, 2022. However, if this movie is not available in your country, you can still unlock it by following our simple guide.

If you are a comedy lover but cannot stream this film due to geo-restrictions, you can change your Netflix region to the US and start watching it.

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How to watch One Small Problem on Netflix Outside the US

Can’t stream One Small Problem (2021) in your region? Not a big issue. Follow these simple steps to watch this film using a VPN app.

  • Subscribe to ExpressVPN.
  • Download and install the app on your streaming device.
  • Connect to an IP address based in America.
  • Access your Netflix account in your region and start streaming One Small Problem (2021).

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Title: One Small Problem (2021)

Release Date: March 19, 2021

Genre: Romance, Comedy

Director: Roberto Fiesco

Writer: Mariano Vera, Anaí López

Cast: Francesca Mercadante, Miguel Jiménez, Ela Velden, Ximena Romo, Giovanna Zacarías, Christian Ramos, Alfonso Dosal, Regina Blandón

Movie Synopsis

The plot of One small problem (2021) orbits around a beautiful pair of a father and daughter who share a loving bond between them. Fidel is a single parent who raised her daughter, Ari, all alone, after her wife and Ari’s mother left them. Since Fidel is quite young, he needs a life partner who understands him and is on his side in every thick and thin.

He meets Marina, and both of them get clicked and start dating, but despite all his courage, Fidel fails to tell Marina that he is already a father of a young child since he knows that Marina doesn’t like to be around children. He fears that once Marina will find the truth, she will definitely leave him.

Everything is moving forward smoothly until one day Marina visits Fidel unannounced and finds Ari in the house, Fidel instantly comes up with a lie and introduces Ari as his sister, and Marina and Ari start to get along very well. Things get ugly when Marina finds the truth despite Fidel’s lies. Will Marina be able to forgive Fidel for his lies and for how he hid her daughter from her? Find it by streaming One small problem (2021) on your Netflix account.

Trailer: One Small Problem (2021)

The trailer seems funny, full of comedy, and romance. A father is so concerned about her daughter’s life because his new girlfriend does not like children. Are you curious how they change their mindset and create a friendly bond with each other for being a family? Enjoy the trailer here:

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Why You Need a VPN to Watch One Small Problem on Netflix In the US

Netflix is a great streaming platform for entertainment where you can find a lot of famous TV shows and movies. The catalog of Netflix, however, varies from region to region due to copyright agreements, and there are several titles that you are likely to miss out on. One Small Problem is one such film that is not available to stream in every country. But you needn’t worry as a VPN app can unblock restricted titles for you.

Streaming platforms like Netflix detect your location through your IP address and offer you a customized content library according to your location. However, a VPN app lets you change your location virtually by connecting to an intermediary server where your favorite content is available for streaming. This way you can easily access almost any title available on Netflix without any problem.

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Is One Small Problem (2021) worth watching?

Yes, it is a film worth watching. It is a combo of comedy and romance.

Is One Small Problem (2021) based on a true story?

No, this movie is based on a fictional romantic comedy.

What are some best films to watch next if you like One Small Problem (2021)?

A few of the similar films to One Small Problem are as follows:

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