Is Inner Senses Available on Netflix US in 2022?


Unfortunately, Inner Senses is not available on Netflix in the USA. However, the good news is, you can unblock the movie and watch Inner Senses on Netflix right now with the help of a quality VPN like ExpressVPN.

Netflix offers a plethora of content for every taste and preference, be it romance, horror, movie shows, TV shows, cooking shows, anime, cartoons, comedy, or thrillers. Inner Senses is the go-to movie for all lovers of psychological thrillers and horror movies. It shows the troubles of depression, trauma, hallucination, and suicide.

Inner Senses is the best movie on Netflix, which revolves around Cheung Yan, a woman who believes that she sees ghosts of people who have passed away. Fed up with her mental trauma, she goes to a psychiatrist Dr. Jim Law. He initially does not believe in supernatural powers, brushes her concerns aside, and tries to treat her with some medication.

Eventually, his suspicions are confirmed when he is subjected to them and starts seeing ghosts himself. Together, the two must find a way out of this spiral to save their lives.

Inner Senses release date was March 28th, 2002, in Hong Kong, and in the Philippines, it was released on 24th September, 2003. The movie was very well received and gained a lot of popularity after the death of its lead character Leslie Cheung and became one of the best movie on Netflix.

It was nominated for multiple awards and is among the best movies on Netflix.

Since you cannot stream Inner Senses on Netflix in  the US, through ExpressVPN, you can change the Netflix region to Korea and enjoy the movie.

How to Watch Inner Senses on Netflix in the US using a VPN in 2022

A VPN is an encrypted private connection. This tool can hide your IP address, so by using a Netflix VPN and following these few simple steps, you can watch Inner Senses (2002) on Netflix.

  • Download and subscribe to ExpressVPN.
  • Select a payment plan.
  • Login using the credentials.
  • Connect to a server in Korea.
  • Enjoy streaming Inner Senses on Netflix from the USA.

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What is the Cast and Rating of Inner Senses (2002)?

Inner Senses cast has the following actors;

Actor/Actress Character Name
Leslie Cheung Jim Law
Hugo Chim Young Jim Law
Karena Lam Cheung Yan
Waise Lee Wilson Chan
Valerie Chow Mrs Chan
Norman Chui Mr Chu
Maggie Poon  Cheung Siu-yu
Samuel Lam Professor Fong
Leung Tin Hospital director
So Hang-suen Siu-yu’s mother
Wong Shu-tong Siu-yu’s father
Lee Pui-shing Mike
Courtney Wu Swimming pool custodian 
Olivia Wong Jim’s assistant
Liu Hongdou Yan’s mother
Sun Liwen Yan’s father
Jova Yuen Jim’s friend
Tony Wong Bathroom ghost
Ho Pui-san Mike’s girlfriend
Stefan Kratz Foreign student
Helda Chan Jim’s classmate
Wat Wai-kwok Head nurse
Josephine choi Jim’s maid
Lai Pui-yin  Chu’s wife
Lee Ting-fung Chu’s son
Stanley Wong Man living upstairs
Zerisawa  Pool security 

Directed by: Law Chi-leung

Written by: Derek Yee, Law Chi-leung, Yeung Sin-ling

Produced by: Derek Yee

Genre: Crime, Horror, Mystery, Romance, Thriller.

IMDb Rating: 6.3

In Which Countries Inner Senses is Currently Available to Stream on Netflix?

After reading about the movie synopsis and the amazing cast, you must be wondering where can I watch Inner Senses? Fortunately, there’s an answer for you. Though the movie is only available to stream on Netflix Korea but don’t worry, you can easily access it by using the best VPN.

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Why You Need a VPN to Stream Inner Senses on Netflix in the US

Because of Netflix’s geo-restriction policies, you will not be able to watch Inner Senses in the USA. Every country has its own policies for content licensing. Some content simply cannot be permitted in another country.

Copyright issues, among many others, can cause geo-restriction. However, with the help of a VPN, you can easily bypass Netflix’s rules. VPN can reroute your IP address on your device or network and make Netflix think you are using it from a country where the movie can be streamed. Not all VPNs work with Netflix, so you need one of the best ones.

A VPN can open the international Netflix catalog and allow you to watch hundreds of new movies and TV shows, irrespective of the country.

This can also come in handy when you are traveling. You can access shows from your home country no matter where in the world you are.

If you try to access Netflix without a VPN, a error message “ NSES-404” will pop up. In this situation, all you have to do is use ExpressVPN and change your region to Korea.

Express VPN is easy to use, protects the user’s privacy, is very fast, and works with various Netflix libraries. So you can watch Inner Senses on Netflix through ExpressVPN.

Can I Use a Free VPN to Watch Inner Senses on Netflix?

You can, but it won’t be the safest thing for you. First, Netflix has strict geo-restriction policies that any free VPN cannot get past.

After connecting, you will receive a proxy error message and cannot proceed. A good VPN is crucial to safely browsing the internet because if they provide weak security and poor privacy policies, you will be at an increased risk of third-party invasion of your data. It’s difficult to check the quality of encryption for the user, thus, it’s recommended that you use a reliable VPN.

Unfortunately, many free VPN providers ignore protecting users’ privacy and anonymity. Moreover, they have download restrictions, advertisements, and data limits.

In the case of limited servers, leading to slow speed and gives the viewer a more challenging time in streaming HD quality.

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Inner Sense is a movie worth watching if you can handle horror movies. It is intense and mentions depression and suicide a few times throughout the movie, so those who get triggered shouldn’t watch the movie.

No, it is not, as it is a dark movie. Children are not advised to watch it even under adult supervision as it can have an adverse effect on their minds.

You can only stream Inner Senses (2002) on Netflix Korea; however, you can watch it anywhere via Express VPN.

No, it is an individual movie without sequels or prequels.

The course of Inner Senses is one hour and forty minutes.

Wrapping Up

Even though you have so much content on Netflix, some movies are too good to let go of. Inner Senses is one such movie being among the best movies produced in Hong Kong. It is heavy on the heart and mind but worth watching if you are into horror movies.

So invite over some friends, get some snacks to keep you company, and watch Inner Senses on Netflix through the simple, easy steps we have provided. Happy streaming!

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