34 Best Romantic Movies on Netflix to Feel the Love

We all appreciate love stories, especially if they can make us feel good with a happy ending. Add the emotions, tears, and sad incidents, and the viewers get hooked to the charm of romance. Today we are sharing our personal list of favorites so you can enjoy the best romantic movies on Netflix.

Though we love a romantic movie with a happy ending, some of the included titles can make you cry your heart out. As everyone can relate to the complication of love, there is no wonder that some of the must-watch movies on Netflix belong to the romance genre.

Get ready to fall in with our selection of the most romantic films currently streaming on US Netflix.

1. A Christmas Prince

A Christmas Prince

When a promising young journalist is sent overseas to obtain the dirt on a gorgeous prince poised to become king, Christmas comes early for her.

Can she find the dirty dark secret or fall in love with prince charming? With holiday magic and pure romantic emotions, A Christmas Prince is one of the best romantic holiday movies on Netflix.

2. A Little Chaos

A Little Chaos

The film follows Sabine, a skilled landscape designer who is constructing a garden for King Louis XIV at Versailles.

Sabine faces social obstacles as she gets romantically involved with André Le Nôtre, the court’s renowned landscape artist.

The film never tries to be a historically accurate drama. Sabine is a brusque, strong-willed modern lady who looks completely out of place and out of time.

She is a widowed gardener who lost her young daughter in an accident. Rather than attempting to defend Sabine’s modernity, the film emphasizes the gap between her and her surroundings. She could not possibly have existed in the seventeenth century.

3. About Time

About Time

Tim Lake’s father reveals a family secret to him when he is 21 years old: the males in their family can travel across time. Tim intends to better his life by finding a girlfriend, even though he cannot undo history.

He meets Mary, falls in love with her, and then uses time travel and a little deception to win her heart forming a beautiful love story. However, he discovers that his exceptional talent cannot protect him or those he loves from the challenges of everyday life.

4. Adrift


Tami Oldham and Richard Sharp had no idea they’d be sailing straight into one of the most devastating hurricanes in recorded history. Tami wakes up in the storm’s aftermath to find Richard gravely injured and their boat in shambles.

She must now find the courage and drive to save herself and the one guy she has ever loved, even though she has little prospect of being rescued.

5. All the Bright Places

All the Bright Places


Two people battle with the emotional and physical scars of their past after meeting. They learn that even the tiniest details may have a big impact making it one of the best romantic movies on Netflix.

The duo is stunning together, and they have great chemistry as high school seniors from different ends of the social ladder who quarrel at first but gradually form a wonderful relationship, among other things.

These are the types of folks that resort to each other in late-night messaging exchanges to describe how they feel in their growing relationship, relying on quick, humorous banter to work through deep pain.

6. Always Be My Maybe

Always Be My Maybe

Always Be My Maybe

Sasha is a well-known celebrity chef who lives in the lap of luxury. She reconnects with her childhood boyfriend, Marcus, when she returns to her hometown to open a new restaurant.

After 15 years of not communicating with one other, they begin to bond via everyday experiences. When Sasha’s boyfriend dumps her, Marcus stands by her side, hoping that Sasha will realize his emotions for her.

Unfortunately, Marcus’s strategy was blown by an unexpected twist in the shape of a new boyfriend. The movie is full of embarrassing moments, crazy events, unlimited fun making it one of the best comedies on Netflix abundant in romance.

7. Been So Long

Been So Long

A committed single mother meets a lovely but disturbed stranger on a night out on the town. As she gets to know him better, he starts developing feelings for him.

Can the couple start a new and beautiful life together, or their individual issues will ruin the possibility of a relationship.

As she is living a man-free life, her friends came to her rescue and dragged her to a local pub to get a man and some action.

There, she strikes up a conversation with Raymond, a lone wolf player who is similarly out of social practice, but for less noble reasons: He’s a hapless criminal accomplice who just got out of jail, with a monitoring tag on his ankle and a parole curfew hanging over his head.

Simone, a whip-smart no-bull, sees right through the attractive stranger’s ruse, convinced herself that the last thing she needs in her sensible life is a jailbird beau.

8. Fools Rush In

Fools Rush In

Alex Whitman, a New York City real estate entrepreneur, discovers she is pregnant three months after a one-night encounter with Isabel Fuentes in Las Vegas.

Even though Alex is a terminal bachelor, he is drawn to Isabel, and the two marry. However, Miguel, Isabel’s father, accuses Alex of evil intentions, and the pair is put under pressure from both sides of their families.

Alex is torn between his new life in Las Vegas and his achievements in New York when he is given a promotion. You can also watch some romantic rom-coms on Netflix.

9. Friends with Benefits

Friends with Benefits

A simple, fun, and happy movie with emotional taste – ‘Friends with Benefits‘ is a fun watch with your friends. When their partners dump two best friends, they decide to start a relationship based on sex.

While spending more and more time with each other, they fall in love. The movie includes all the concepts of an enjoyable rom-com with perfect jokes, emotion, and chemistry.

The journey from a physical relation to an emotional one is worth your time making it one of the best romantic movies on Netflix.

10. Howards End

Howards End

Helen Schlegel has a crush on Paul Wilcox, but he rejects her. Finally, Margaret gets acquainted with his mother, who offers her Howards End, the family home.

Unfortunately, the will is lost after her death, and it looks that the inheritance will be lost as well. Until Henry Wilcox, a widower develops feelings for Margaret.

11. Ibiza: Love Drunk

Ibiza: Love Drunk

Harper, a single 30-year-old New Yorker, lets her hair down on a work trip to Barcelona, which leads to a flirtatious meeting with a famous DJ. If you want to enjoy millennial love, this movie is definitely for you.

The best of friends Harper, Nikki, and Leah have jetted out to Spain for a wild weekend, where they’ll be greeted with the ten words every girl dreams of hearing:

“Please serve yourself with food, beverages, and eye-opening sexual adventures.”

Hernando, the owner of a magnificent home, is one of a soccer team’s worth of suitors seeking to put the Americans to bed. Men come and go with a carefree abandon that isn’t found in most romantic comedies.

12. Irreplaceable You

Irreplaceable You

When Abbie learns she has cancer, she sets out on a hilarious quest to find a new love for Sam, her fiancé and childhood best friend.

As she tries to accomplish her mission, she realizes the true depth of her emotions for Sam making it one of the best romantic movies on Netflix.

13. Love Actually

Love Actually

The nuances of the one feeling that unites us all: love, are explored in nine interwoven stories. David, the gorgeous newly elected British prime minister, falls for a young junior staffer, Sarah.

She is a graphic artist whose commitment to her mentally ill brother affects her love life. The last character is Harry, a married man seduced by his lovely new secretary.

14. Malcolm & Marie

Malcolm & Marie

As a single stormy night decides the fate of their love, a director on the verge of Hollywood stardom and his fiancée, whose tale launched his career, are forced to a reckoning.

When Malcolm & Marie starts, it’s clear that the eponymous individuals have distinct paces. He extols the joys of debuting his first feature picture as a writer and director, which propels him to new heights of power and reputation.

She has a sullen, bored, and completely out-of-it demeanor. The man is coping up with his spiky and fragile ego.

The couple’s resentments and troubles simmer among the beautifully preserved instruments of their house, dressed in a cleanly made suit and gown following the evening’s premiere.

15. Marriage Story

Marriage Story

A director and his actress wife endure a grueling, cross-country divorce that tests their personal and artistic limits.

Will they forget everything and focus on their work, or will their differences destroy their careers? The search for the answer to these questions makes it one of the best romantic movies on Netflix.

16. Nappily Ever After

Nappily Ever After

An accident at her hair salon, a spiritual barber, helps a lady put her life back together after realizing she isn’t enjoying life to the fullest.

The innovative narrative places a greater emphasis on the heroine’s emotional development and personal growth than on her eventual relationship status.

17. Remember Me

Remember Me

Tyler and his father have had a tense connection since a family tragedy. He’s rebellious and tormented, and he believes no one understands his plight until he meets Ally.

They fall in love as her warmth and energy begin to cure him. But, just as Tyler begins to regain pleasure and meaning in his life, their romance is jeopardized by hidden truths.

18. Safe Haven

Safe Haven

Katie Feldman relocates to a tiny coastal town in North Carolina, ready to start afresh. She works as a waitress and keeps a low profile, but she is quickly won over by the close-knit community’s warmth and compassion, particularly widower Alex.

Katie learns to love and trust again with the aid of Alex and his children, but when a mysterious visitor arrives and begins probing questions, Katie’s dark history threatens to recapture her.

19. Safety Not Guaranteed

Safety Not Guaranteed

A disgruntled magazine intern befriends a strange man seeking a companion to accompany him on a voyage back in time.

The concept of time travel is the focus of this piece. Time-traveling and getting stuck into a different century is the plot that interests millions making it one of the best sci-fi movies on Netflix.

20. Set It Up

Set It Up

Kristen Stevens is a boss lady, and her assistant has to deal with her demands and tantrums. But, on the other hand, Rick Otis is as successful as Kristen and makes his assistant’s life hell.

The assistant comes together to lock set up their bosses. Their plan was successful as Kristen and Rick enjoyed each other’s company and left their assistant alone when the plan backfired.

21. Someone Great

Someone Great

When her long-term sweetheart recently dumped her, a music journalist selects her two dearest companions for one final crazy experience in New York City before moving to San Francisco.

Getting over past relationships and open your heart to new possibilities or possible relations make it one of the best romantic movies on Netflix. You can watch this movie with your girls’ family on Netflix.

22. Spanglish


A Mexican immigrant and single mother, Flor Moreno gets cleaning employment with Deborah and John Clasky, a wealthy couple with two children.

Deborah believes they should move into the Clasky mansion when Flor reveals she can’t manage the schedule because of Cristina’s daughter.

As Flor and the Claskys try to share space while raising their children independently and in very different terms, tensions rise.

23. Stardust


A young man named Tristan goes into the world of fairies to collect a fallen star to win the heart of his sweetheart. But, on the other hand, Tristan discovers a woman called Yvaine, not a fragment of space rock.

Yvaine is in grave peril since the king’s sons require her abilities to protect the kingdom, and a wicked witch seeks to use her to gain perpetual youth and beauty.

Do you like some romantic anime movies on Netflix? Then you must watch them this weekend!

24. The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

In 1946, a London-based author begins exchanging letters with the people of Guernsey, which was seized by the Germans during WWII. She feels driven to go to the island and imagines what life was like during the occupation.

25. The Half of It

The Half of It

Paul Munsky is the secondary school’s horrible football crew member. He requests that Ellie assist him with composing a love letter to Aster Flores, a lovely novice who’s hesitantly ended up tucked away in the well-known inner circle.

While Paul is attracted to her for her looks, Ellie’s fascination runs further as she perceives something more considerable inside her.

What should have been only one letter prompts a to and fro on instant message, with Ellie-in-mask trading book and film references and philosophical insights that Paul would never gather.

26. The Ottoman Lieutenant

The Ottoman Lieutenant

A strong woman, frustrated by ongoing injustice at home, leaves the United States after meeting Jude. Jude is working with the Ottoman Empire on a medical mission.

When she falls in love with a lieutenant in the Ottoman Imperial Army, she finds her devotion to Jude and the mission’s founder put to the test.

27. The Theory of Everything

The Theory of Everything

Stephen Hawking, a Cambridge University student, and future physicist fall in love with Jane Wilde, a fellow collegian, in the 1960s.

Hawking is diagnosed with motor neuron disease at the age of 21. Despite this, and with Jane at his side, he embarks on an ambitious study of time, of which his doctor claims he has minimal left.

He and Jane overcome all difficulties to forge new ground in medicine and science, accomplishing more than any of them could have imagined.

28. The Time Traveler’s Wife

The Time Traveler’s Wife

Henry De Tamble is a Chicago-based librarian who suffers from a rare genetic condition. Due to this genetic condition, he drifts back and forth through time uncontrollably.

On one of such drifts, he finds the love of his life, Claire. He marries Claire, but due to the continuous out-of-sync, their relationship is in turmoil.

As a time traveler’s wife, how will Claire face these unseen and unknown difficulties? The complex relationship and the undying love make this movie one of the best romantic movies on Netflix.

29. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

The contents of a teenage girl’s love letters are revealed, causing chaos in her life. All of her crushes know that she has feelings for him, making the situation awkward for her.

30. What Women Want

What Women Want

Nick is a smooth-talking and charming advertising executive. His life was ordinary before an accident that gives him the power to hear what women are thinking.

Imagine knowing every secret and the power to manipulate any woman you can. The romance, drama, emotion, and confusion make it one of the best romantic movies on Netflix.

31. The Power of the Dog


Phil Burbank is a cruelly seductive man, severe, pale-eyed, and attractive. Phil’s romanticism, strength, and vulnerability are all bound up in the past and the land: he can castrate a bull calf with two rapid strokes of his knife; he swims nude in the river, coating his body with mud.

He’s a cowboy as untainted as his skin. It’s the year 1925. The Burbank brothers are affluent Montana ranchers. On their way to advertise, the brothers encounter Rose, the widowed proprietress, and her impulsive son Peter at the Red Mill restaurant.

32. Through My Window

Through-My-Window (1)

Raquel is head over heels in love with Ares, her beautiful and intriguing next-door neighbor. The fact is, she’s been staring at him from a distance because, much to her chagrin, they haven’t said anything.

Raquel, on the other hand, is on a quest to make Ares fall in love with her. She is not, however, an innocent, defenseless girl, and she is not willing to give up everything to attain her objective, most notably herself.

33. 365 dni

365-days (1)

Massimo Torricelli, a young and pretty head of a Sicilian Mafia family, is forced to take over when his father is slain. Laura works as a sales director in a posh hotel in Warsaw.

She has a good profession, but her personal life is lacking in enthusiasm. She’s giving it one final try to save her relationship.

She travels to Sicily with her moronic boyfriend, Martin, and a few other buddies. She does not anticipate Massimo, the most terrifying guy on the island, to come in her way, kidnap her, imprison her, and give her 365 days to fall in love with him.

You can also watch exciting romantic Korean movies on Netflix.

34. Bad Trip

bad trip (1)

This mash-up of a written buddy comedy crime drama and a true hidden camera prank shows chronicles the wild exploits of two friends who are stuck in a rut and embark on a cross-country road journey to New York City. The plot establishes surprising real-life pranks.


Though you can watch anything and everything on Netflix, including thrillers on Netflix, holiday movies, Halloween on Netflix, comedy, and horror on Netflix – our picks of the best romantic movies on Netflix can make you fall in love again.

The selection includes some of the best movies of all time including all the boys series, incredible Jessica James, always be my maybe, and boys I’ve loved based on the budding romance.

Some of the most appreciated actors and actresses are also listed including Adam Driver, Ali Wong, Ben Lamb, Brittany Snow, Charlie Cox, Damon Wayans Jr, Gina Rodriguez, Glen Powell, Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica James, Rachel Mcadams, Randall Park, Richard Madden, Robert De Niro, Robert Pattinson Jessica Williams, Joey King, Jordan Fisher, Justice Smith, Kristen Stewart, Lara Jean, felicity jones, Leah Lewis, and Lily James.

Our selection boasts some of the best romance movies, best picture winners, movies based on best selling novel, recommendations of book clubs, best films, broadway musicals, academy awards winners, charming romantic comedies, and coming of age films.

Enjoy them with your loved one and use the advice to find new love. Happy streaming.


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