15 Best French Movies On Netflix You Should Not Miss

With amazing stories, wonderful cinematography, and sizzling passion, there is no wonder that some of the movies included in the list of must-watch movies on Netflix are French. This is the main reason we have picked the list of the best French movies on Netflix.

We understand that sometimes you need to taste exotic cuisine in terms of foreign entertainment and enjoying films produced by other countries can help you with it.

French movies are also the best approach for learning the French language. So, whatever your goal is, we are here to help with the list of the best French movies.

1. Le Monde est à toi (The World Is Yours)

The movie is a crime-based comedy that focuses on the life of a drug dealer. He wants to move to Morocco, get out of the business, and start a new life.

After taking on a project as his last job, he gets involved in a secret society (Illuminati), and his life changes forever. The confusion, secrecy, comedy, and conspiracies make it one of the best French movies on Netflix.

2. Funan

If you are a fan of an emotional tearjerker, Funan is definitely for you. The movie is set in 1975, Cambodia, which a family is trying to flee from. But, unfortunately, they are captured and separated by the Khmer Rouge.

Though the family is miles apart, the member’s continuous search for others makes it worth your time and tears.

3. La Vie scolaire (School Life)

It follows the new Vice Principal of a middle school in the Paris suburbs as she gets to know the pupils and works to turn the school around.

It’s a funny and engaging take on the inspirational teacher-meets-at-risk-youth film trope making it one of the best French movies on Netflix.

4. Bon Cop, Bad Cop

Two Ontario and Quebec police officers strive to put their differences aside and work together to stop a serial killer. The difference in the culture of these colleagues is the main focus of the movie.

You can enjoy the suspense of finding a serial killer, the confusion related to cultural norms, and the comic instances.

5. La femme la plus assassinée du monde (The Most Assassinated Woman in the World)

It is based loosely on the life of Paula Maxa, a real-life actress. Paula, who has been slain thousands of times on stage as part of her employment with the notoriously violent theatre company, is hunted by a real-life assassin in the film.

6. Je ne suis pas un homme facile (I Am Not An Easy Man)

There is no doubt that we are living in a patriarchal society but what will happen when the table turns. The movie is based on the story of a chauvinist man who falls into a matriarchal world.

Here, he is the recipient of catcalls. Though the concept of the movie is not new, critics and audiences agree that Je ne suis pas un homme facile does it with a fresh take.

7. Les affamés (Ravenous)

A flesh-eating epidemic terrorizes a small, secluded community in upstate Quebec. It breaks down residents’ bodies and turning them on their loved ones while survivors flee to the woods.

If you are a fan of a zombie apocalypse, do not miss the horrors brought to you by this French classic.

8. Blue is the Warmest Color

In a lesbian club, a French youngster establishes a strong emotional and sexual bond with an older art student. The classic story of young love is the highlight of the movie.

Will, the teenager, defy the societal norm, or another love story will end tragically?

9. April and the Extraordinary World

Avril, accompanied by Darwin, her talking cat, and Julius, a young street rascal, sets off in quest of her parents, lost scientists, in a bizarre alternate-history universe.

The expedition to find the lost family and how a young girl faces unknown challenges make it one of the best French movies on Netflix.

10. The Pianist

Wladyslaw Szpilman, a pianist for a Polish Jewish radio station, witnesses the steady transformation of Warsaw as World War II begins.

During Operation Reinhard, he is separated from his family. He hides in different spots among the rubble of Warsaw from this time until the concentration camp captives are liberated.

11. He Even Has Your Eyes

When Paul and Sali, a French-African couple, learn that the baby they will adopt is white, their family is thrown into disarray.

Few films target the concept of racism with such bluntness and leave the viewer educated and ashamed at the same time.

12. MFKZ

French cinema is obsessed with Japanese anime, culture, and martial arts, and MFKZ proves that. After an otherwise unremarkable scooter accident, a young man gains magical abilities in Dark Meat City.

The young man’s life is transformed after gaining the superpowers, but how will he use them?

13. Banlieusards (Street Flow)

The destiny of three brothers from a politically charged Paris neighborhood is the focus of this movie.

Soulaymaan, a Paris-based student lawyer, excelled in his studies. The eldest, Demba, marches to the rhythm of his own drum. Noumouke is the younger brother who is still figuring things out.

14. L’ascension (The Climb)

What do we do for love? The movie is focused on a man who is trying to impress the love of his life. So he selected an unconventional approach to do it by climbing Mount Everest.

The story is full of emotional turns and the question, ‘will this feat impress the woman,’ or will she ask for stars and moon?

15. Mon frère (Brother)

Teddy is taken to a closed educational facility, a terrible place where he doesn’t know the rules, after being suspected of murdering his abusive father. How will he survive the most brutal environment?


Though you can watch the best shows and movies on Netflix, including comedy, thriller, horror shows, suspense, horror movies, cartoon, Halloween movies, romance, anime, cooking shows, Korean movies, sci-fi, reality, emotional drama, holiday, and documentaries – our picks of the best French movies on Netflix can help you try a different genre of entertainment.

With the ability to switch the subtitles and audio, you can also learn French without getting bored. So, Happy Learning and Happy Streaming!

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