How to Easily Fix Netflix Error Code nw-3-6 [Quick Fixes]

Netflix is popular among viewers globally, courtesy of its huge media repository. However, sometimes network configuration or connection issues interrupt the streaming by presenting Netflix error code nw-3-6.

Sometimes you get Netflix streaming errors and other times you can get a proxy error if you are using a free VPN rather than opting for a premium VPN service for Netflix.

Since you are here, it means you have encountered error codes, such as nw-3-6, nw-2-5, 300, and others.

That’s why this guide presents the troubleshooting techniques to resolve the Netflix error code to enjoy watching your favorite shows on Netflix undisturbed.

What is Netflix error code nw-3-6

If you see a message on the screen saying there is a problem connecting to Netflix, it is referred to as Netflix error code nw-3-6. Don’t worry; it’s quite a common error you can get while streaming Netflix on a smart TV, Xbox, or Windows browser.

The good news is you can easily resolve the issue by following the steps mentioned in the below guide.

What causes Netflix error code nw-3-6

Before we discuss how to fix the error code, let’s briefly understand why this error occurs in the first place:

  • If you use a VPN to watch Netflix, fluctuation in Internet connection can cause an interruption when you try to access Netflix.
  • The error occurs due to an outage at one of the Netflix servers.
  • A configuration issue at your Internet Service Provider end can lead to the Netflix error code.
  • An Internet outage within the area can interrupt Netflix streaming.

Steps to fix Netflix error code nw-3-6

Read along to find out the resolution methods to fix the Netflix error code nw-3-6. We recommend you follow the steps in the same order to save your time.

1. Check your internet connectivity

Let’s start with the basics and check the Internet connection at your end. For example, you can check if the Internet is connected to the device. Similarly, you also need to check the throughput and speed using the speed test software.

For instance, you can try to disconnect the Internet connection and try again after some time.

Similarly, you can refresh hardware to clean the cache and memory. It happens when you don’t restart the device for a long time. That’s why you can turn off the device and turn it on to clear the cache.

If you are using a wireless connection, you can use the LAN cable as an alternative to resolve the Netflix connectivity issue or not.

2. Restart your internet router

The next step is to restart the router using the reset button available on the router. Alternatively, you can use the web browser to restart the router. Restarting the Internet router allows you to reset the configurations and restore the default settings. Similarly, you can clear the memory of the router by restarting the router.

Alternatively, if you have a different modem and router, you can connect the smart device to the modem directly to bypass the router.

3. Disconnect your VPN

If you use a VPN to access Netflix in your region, you can disconnect the VPN and use the regular Internet connection. This way, you can check if the VPN connection is the primary cause behind Netflix error code nw-3-6.

4. Check your DNS Setting

If you use Xbox or PlayStation to stream Netflix, you can check the DNS settings to resolve the error code.

For PlayStation, you can follow these steps:

  • Select “Settings,” go to “Network Settings,” and select “Internet Connection Settings.”
  • Next, you need to open “Custom” and select “Wired Connection” or ‘Wifi.”
  • You can choose “Automatic” for IP Address Setting and “Automatic” for DNS Setting.
  • Lastly, choose the “Test Connection” option to see if it resolves the error.

For Xbox, you need to navigate to “Settings” and select “System Setting.” Next, you can go to “Network Settings” and then “Advanced Settings.” Here, you can select “Automatic” for DNS settings and save the changes.

5. Connect your game console directly to your modem

A temporary solution is to bypass the router and connect the gaming console directly to the modem. All you need to do is turn off the Xbox One and use an Ethernet cable to connect the console directly to the modem. If it resolves the issue, it means the problem lies with the router.


How do I fix Netflix error code nw-2-5?

You see the Netflix error code nw-2-5 on the screen if the device can’t reach the Netflix service. It means the device on which you are trying to open the Netflix app is unable to access the Netflix service. This problem occurs when:

  • The device isn’t connected to the Internet
  • There is a network issue at the ISP side
  • There is a glitch with the device
  • The issue lies with the Netflix app or account

What is Netflix error code 300?

The Netflix code error code 300 usually occurs while streaming Netflix on Blu-ray player or Sony TV. You can see the error as a result of the communication issue with Sony services.

However, you can troubleshoot the issue by restarting the Netflix app via the “Retry” option available on the screen.

Nonetheless, if you can’t fix the issue by restarting the app, you can wait for a couple of minutes for the network congestion to clear out.

Lastly, if you cannot fix the Netflix error code 300, contact Sony customer support for further guidance.

What does Netflix error code 111 mean?

You can see Netflix error code M7111-1331 or MZ111-1331-2206 on your laptop screen if the browser requires refreshing. This error code is common, especially when you use the Google Chrome browser. It means the browser isn’t compatible with Netflix or using an invalid extension.

If you see the error, it means the browser has stored bad data that you need to clear out to resolve the Netflix error code 111.


Though Netlfix provides ultimate entertainment, errors such as Netlfix proxy errorError Code 0013nw-2-5error code M7361-1253m7111-5059UI-800-3, and tvq-st-103 can ruin the streaming experience.

One of the most significant reasons for using Netflix is its compatibility with all smart devices, including smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, laptops, PlayStation, Xbox, etc.

However, you can encounter different connection errors while streaming Netflix.

The primary takeaway of the above guide is to understand the error type, most common causes, and relevant troubleshooting techniques.

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