How to Fix Netflix Error 0041 in 2022 [8 Quick Fixes]

Errors occurring on Netflix are quite uncommon, perhaps that’s why they seem so annoying whenever they tend to appear out of nowhere disrupting your peaceful binge-watching session. Netflix always makes sure that its users get the best experience out of its platform, thus it has various ways from which it can maintain protocol and minimize any kind of damage on the website.

There are many Netflix error codes but today we are going to be talking about the error code: Netflix error 0041 to help you conquer this tiny problem without the strenuous exercise of going through each website page and looking for a specific solution.

In this article, we will provide you with all the possible guidelines which can be used to remove the error code: Netflix error 0041.

What is Netflix Error Code 0041?


Before trying to resolve an issue, one must be aware of what the issue is about. Therefore, you need to learn what is Netflix Error Code 0041?

This error refers to run-time error code 41 of Netflix and it usually means that Netflix failed to run or crashed in the middle of streaming. It does not necessarily mean that it is broken, but there could be a glitch or bug that needs to be fixed to stop this from happening.

You might also come across these errors M7111 5059, M7361-1253, and N-W-2-5  which won’t let you enjoy the American Netflix

What Causes Netflix Error Code 0041?

There are several reasons why you are being shown the Netflix error code 0041.

There could be potential viruses, a glitch caused by programming design, bad graphics, or just a lot of incompatible programs running at once causing Netflix to crash again and again.

How to fix Netflix Error 0041 in 8 Easy Steps

You might be aware of the causes and symptoms of the error code 0041, but the main thing is knowing how to execute the solution for this error code. We have compiled all the possible actions you can take to rid yourself of this error code and continue streaming your favorite Netflix movies and shows for your utmost benefit.

  1. Clear Your Netflix App Data

This would clear your app data, but it will also remove all the offline downloads you have made on your device through Netflix.
Visit the Settings menu on your device

  • Go to the Apps section
  • Click to Manage Applications
  • Find Netflix from the menu bar
  • Select Storage and proceed further to Clear data/storage
  • Press OK to save your preference
  • Check to see if Netflix is still showing any errors.

 2. Stop Conflicting Programs

You need to remove all other programs that are running and might be conflicting with Netflix at the same time.

  • Press CTRL+ALT+DEL from your keyboard to open Task Manager
  • Highlight all the irrelevant programs running from the Processes tab
  • End processes one by one and check to see if the error code is still appearing
  • Once you figure out the exact program causing the glitch, you can stop using it with Netflix again to stop error 0041.

 3. Reinstall / Update Conflicting Programs

There are two ways in which you can reinstall or update the programs conflicting with Netflix.

 1. Through the Control Panel

  • Visit the Control Panel by pressing the Windows key on your keyboard
  • Visit the uninstall programs section
  • Go to Programs and features to view all the programs
  • Click on Update on the program which is interfering while running with Netflix
  • Or you can Uninstall that program and reinstall it from its original source.

 2. Through other methods

  • On Windows 7, press the Windows key and select to update or uninstall from the list of apps being shown
  • On Windows 10, press the Windows key and go to Settings
  • Choose to visit the Apps section and scroll through the list
  • Either choose to uninstall the conflicting app or reset it by going to the Advanced options
  • Hopefully, you won’t be seeing any errors in the near future.

 4. Install Latest Windows Updates or Update Virus Protection Software

There may be a virus lurking on your computer causing you this annoyance of the errors, you can simply look for any viruses by running a check on a virus protection software and fixing the issue by using its recommendations.

 5. Reinstall Your Runtime Libraries

MS Visual C++ package might be causing this error as it might not be installed properly, or completely for that matter. You will need to uninstall it and reinstall it completely to fix the issue.

  • Go to Programs and Features through your settings
  • Go to Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package and uninstall it
  • After the completion, restart your computer
  • After the reboot, go to the Microsoft page and install the package once again completely.

 6. Free up Some Space on Your Computer

You will need to free up the extra space on your computer to have a smooth-running experience. You can try to fix the error by following one of these solutions.

  • Backup your files and then delete the irrelevant ones on your hard drive.
  • Get rid of outdated data by clearing your cache and restarting your computer
  • Run the Disk Cleanup on your C drive

 7. Reinstall Graphics Driver

Netflix error code 0041 might be caused due to a bad graphics driver and you can try reinstalling it to fix your issue.

  • Visit your Settings and go to Device Manager
  • Go to Graphics Driver
  • Find the Video Card driver and right-click on it to Uninstall
  • Restart the computer

 8. What If Error is Due to the Internet Explorer

Using Internet Explorer can also cause this error code: Netflix error 0041, here are some things you can try to correct this issue.

 1. Resetting your browser

  • Go to your internet options
  • Click on the advanced tab
  • Click to reset

 2. Disabling the script debugging and error notifications

  • Go to your internet options
  • Click on the advanced tab
  • Turn on the radio button to Disable script debugging
  • Uncheck the option for “Display a Notification about every Script Error”
  • Click to Apply and press OK for your confirmation
  • Restart your computer to further save changes

Frequently Asked Questions

Netflix follows all of its protocols very strictly and does not deny any chance to correct errors and glitches on its websites. You might be experiencing Netflix error 0041 on kindle fire, Netflix mobile error 0041, or Netflix error 0041 on android.
All of these errors are usually a result of protentional viruses, outdated or corrupt data, glitches or bugs on the website, problems with the program design, or just some other apps or programs interfering with Netflix.

It could be a result of the Netflix server being down all over the globe or just a lack of internet connection. As mentioned in the guidelines above, Netflix will not be able to allow you to continue streaming until and unless you address the said issue and refresh your browser or app to release all of these issues.

You can fix the app by clearing the Netflix app cache or clearing its data for starters.

  • Visit the Settings menu on your device
  • Go to the Apps section
  • Click to Manage Applications
  • Find Netflix from the menu bar
  • Select Storage and proceed further to Clear data/storage
  • Press OK to save your preference

If that doesn’t work then you need to check for protentional viruses, restart your device or check the internet connection stability.


Hopefully, this article helped you fix the issue of the Netflix Error Code 0041 and provide you with the peaceful binge session you were trying to get since the start of your relaxation time.

You won’t be needing to put in any extra effort by searching the internet for different solutions, rather you can just take a look at all the possible scenarios provided by us and fulfill the solution to this problem easily to enjoy the best shows on Netflix.

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