How to Watch Vikings: Season 5: Vol. 2 (2017) on Netflix Canada in 2022

Sadly, Vikings: Season 5: Vol. 2 (2017) is unattainable in Canada. The geo-restriction policy of Netflix and licensing issues and the main reasons for its unavailability. The content of Netflix’s library varies in every region. You cannot access the shows which are not available in your region.

If you are in search of a way to watch Vikings: Season 5: Vol. 2 (2017) on Canadian Netflix, don’t look further. You have come across the right article in which we will guide you on how to trick Netflix and enjoy watching this historical nation series.

To stream Netflix’s geo-restricted content, you’ll need a premium VPN subscription (we highly recommend ExpressVPN). With the use of a VPN, you may change your Netflix region. Switch to an Australian Netflix server and watch Vikings: Season 5: Vol. 2 (2017).


How to Watch Vikings: Season 5: Vol. 2 on Netflix Canada

Even though Vikings is not available on Netflix Canada. Still, you can stream it with the help of a VPN Service (we suggest ExpressVPN) to overcome Netflix’s geo-restrictions and alter your Netflix region. You have to connect to a server having Vikings: Season 5: Vol. 2 (2017) and follow the instructions below:

  1. Subscribe to a trustworthy VPN service. ExpressVPN is highly recommended.
  2. Install the VPN on your device once it has been downloaded.
  3. Connect to an Australian server.
  4. Use your Netflix credentials to log in.
  5. Grab some snacks and watch Vikings: Season 5: Vol. 2 (2017) on Netflix Canada.

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Title: Vikings: Season 5: Vol. 2

Release Date: November 29, 2017

Genre: Adventure, Drama, Action

Director: Ciaran Donnelly, Ben Bolt, Anthony Karkosza, David Wellington, Steve Saint Leger

Writer: Michael Hirst and Justin Pollard

Cast: Katheryn Winnick, Alexander Ludwig, Gustaf Skarsgård, Georgia Hirst, Travis Fimmel, Jordan Patrick Smith, Alex Høgh Andersen, Maude Hirst, Linus Roache, Peter Franzén, Jack McEvoy, Kris Holden-Ried, Mei Bignall, Morgane Polanski, Ferdia Walsh-Peelo, Jordan Patrick Smith, Jonathan Delaney Tynan, Marco Ilsø

Movie Synopsis

Lagertha’s army is on the verge of being driven from Kattegat in Norway, and Ivar is ready to seize the city and exact his retribution. Following King Aethelwulf’s death in England, Aethelred rallied the Lords around Alfred, his half-brother, and declared him King of Wessex.

The animosity between Eyvind’s and Kjetill’s families in Iceland escalates to the level where all of their sons are murdered. Floki presents himself as a sacrifice to avert future violence.

Season 5 begins with the entrance of a renowned Viking, Duke Rollo, who causes even more turbulence in a Kattegat reeling from Ivar’s ascension to the throne. Ivar’s dictatorial reign over Scandinavia brings in a new Dark Age unlike any other, as Lagertha and Bjorn flee Ivar’s deadly armies with Bishop Heahmund.

In the end, the sons of Ragnar will oppose Ivar’s rule, and old foes will become partners to overthrow the dictator who has proclaimed himself a God on Earth. Meanwhile, in Iceland, Floki faces the weather and the thirst for revenge among his settlers to establish a Viking colony on the magnificent but lonely landscape.

Trailer: Vikings: Season 5: Vol. 2 (2017)

The trailer is extremely promising, full of action, adventure, drama, and war. Here is a glimpse of the plot.

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Why You Need a VPN to Watch Vikings: Season 5: Vol. 2 on Netflix Canada

Netflix has a geo-restriction strategy to deal with copyright and licensing issues. Each Netflix library offers a different selection of content that cannot be watched outside of that country, so you must subscribe to a premium VPN service to dodge geo-restrictions.

When you connect to Netflix, it promptly recognizes your location and displays the existing content in your area. If you want to see geo-restricted content, you’ll have to change your area. You’ll need to have a premium VPN for this since it will convince Netflix that you’re in the area where Vikings: Season 5: Vol. 2 is available.

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Is Vikings: Season 5: Vol. 2 worth watching?

Yes, Vikings: Season 5: Vol. 2 is worth watching, especially if you love watching thrill series as Vikings: Season 5: Vol. 2 is a complete package of drama, adventure, and action.

Is Vikings: Season 5: Vol. 2 based on a true story?

No, Vikings: Season 5: Vol. 2 is not based on a true story. It is entirely a made-up story.

What are some best series to watch next if you like Vikings: Season 5: Vol. 2?

If you are interested in action series and you like Vikings: Season 5: Vol. 2, you will probably like the following series.

  • The Last Kingdom
  • The Bastard Executioner
  • Peaky Blinders
  • The White Queen
  • Sons of Anarchy

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