Is The K-chicken War Available on Netflix Canada in 2022


Unfortunately, The K-chicken War is unavailable on Netflix library in Canada. However, you can watch The K-chicken War on Netflix in Canada with the help of a quality VPN such as ExpressVPN.

The K-chicken War aired on November 5, 2021, and the show made its debut on Netflix on November 13, 2021.

The K-chicken is one of the best shows on Netflix, mainly because of the fierce competition in the series. The show is about a cooking competition. If you love cooking and frying chicken, then you are qualified to participate in this fierce competition.

Professionals and amateurs will all compete in a cooking competition where celebrity judges taste and share their critiques with the contestants. The champion of the ultimate soul food will take home a massive prize and the chance to introduce their recipe to the customers.

The K-chicken War is an interesting show, and we will show you how to change Netflix region to watch the show on Netflix in Canada.

How to watch The K-chicken War on Netflix in Canada using a VPN in 2022

To watch The K-chicken War on Netflix in Canada, you need to subscribe to the best VPN for Netflix. Below are the quick steps that will guide you on how to watch the show in Canada.

  • Subscribe to the best VPN for Netflix, ExpressVPN.
  • Download and install the VPN app.
  • Login to the VPN using your credentials.
  • Connect to a VPN server based in South Korea.
  • Stream The K-chicken War (2021) on Netflix in Canada.

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What is the Cast and Rating of The K-chicken War (2021)

Below is the entire cast in The K-chicken War, including the show’s director, writer, and IMDb rating.

Cast Roles
Kim Sung Joo Main Host
Kim Jun Hyun Main Host
Lee Yeon Bok Chef Jury
Jung Ho Young Chef Jury
Kim Poong Chef Jury
Song Hoon Chef Jury
Park Young Tak Celebrity Jury
Lee Hye Sung Celebrity Jury
Jung Sung Ho Celebrity Jury
Choi Min Hwan Celebrity Jury
Park Seul Ki Celebrity Jury
Lee Chae Young Celebrity Jury
Joakim Celebrity Jury
Sam Hammington Celebrity Jury
Andreas Varsakopoulos Celebrity Jury

Genre: Food

Director: Choi Sung Won

Writer: N/A

IMDb Rating: N/A

In Which Countries The K-chicken War Series Is Currently Available to Stream on Netflix

Where can I watch The K-chicken War? You can watch K-chicken War on Netflix Korea. Unfortunately, the show is unavailable on Netflix libraries outside South Korea.

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Why Do You Need a VPN to Stream The K-chicken War on Netflix in Canada?

You will need a VPN to stream The K-chicken War on Netflix in Canada because the show is unavailable on the Netflix library in Canada.

The show is geo-blocked and only available on Netflix in South Korea. Netflix does not own all the content available in its library. Therefore, the platform needs licenses from the companies that own the content.

Unfortunately, Netflix failed to buy the license to have the show K-chicken War in its library outside South Korea. Therefore, due to distribution and licensing agreement laws, Netflix is permitted to have the show in its library in South Korea.

To avoid conflict with content holders, Netflix filters what you can see when you decide to travel to other regions. Once you reach your destination, you will access the Netflix library in that region, which is different from what you watched at home.

That means if you were in South Korea and decided to travel to Canada, there are shows you will not access while in Canada, such as The K-chicken War.

If you try to watch The K-chicken War on Netflix in Canada, you will encounter a Netflix error code NSES-404 that notifies you that you’ve lost your way.

Netflix doesn’t want to violate the agreement signed with content holders by allowing its users to access geo-blocked content. Therefore, geo-restrictions are imposed to restrict its users from accessing geo-blocked content in their region.

The only way to bypass the geo-restrictions that the platform imposes is through a quality VPN such as ExpressVPN. Only with the help of a VPN will you switch your region to that of a country where you want to access its Netflix library.

For example, The K-chicken War is available on Netflix library in South Korea. Therefore, you need to connect to a VPN server located in South Korea to access the South Korean Netflix library in Canada.

Once connected, a VPN server will disguise your original IP address with that of South Korea. When accessing Netflix, it will detect your region as South Korea, giving you access to South Korean Netflix library. You will now watch The K-chicken War on Netflix in Canada.

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Can I use a free VPN to watch The K-chicken War on Netflix?

Yes, you can use a free VPN to watch The K-chicken War on Netflix. But unfortunately, we wouldn’t recommend it. There are good free VPNs that work with Netflix, but most free VPNs cannot bypass the geo-restrictions imposed by Netflix. So, it will prove to be difficult finding a VPN that will work with Netflix.

The reason we wouldn’t recommend the use of free VPNs is that they aren’t safe. You risk exposing sensitive data whenever you connect to a free VPN. Most free VPNs rely on ads to generate income. Therefore, they will store your data and sell it to third parties, including advertising companies.

So when using a free VPN, you should expect annoying ads to pop up. Those ads can direct you to malicious websites if you accidentally click on them. Therefore, putting you at risk of being hacked.

Wrapping Up

The K-chicken War is an entertaining show where worldly competitors, including professionals and amateurs, compete to make the best fried chicken dish. It’s a mouthwatering show worth watching on Netflix.

You will need to use a VPN to watch The K-chicken War on Netflix in Canada, for the show is geo-restricted and only available on Netflix Library in South Korea.

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