Unplug your Brain with these 25 Best Reality Shows on Netflix

If you want to watch people fall in love or fall off stuff, you can watch it and much more on Netflix. Whether it is Indian anties trying to matchmake unsuspecting single or random strangers becoming the target of Billy Eichner’s silly questions, our picks of the best reality shows on Netflix Canada can entertain you for hours.

We know that these picks are Canada-specific. However, everyone should get the chance to enjoy these fantastic shows, so we came up with the perfect solution, connected to the Canadian server of our picks of the best VPNs for Netflix, and enjoyed these reality shows from anywhere around the world.

Fasten your seat belts because you will be blown away by fun, love, hate, passion, cuisine, infrastructure, and embarrassment.

1. Queer Eye

What happens when design expert Boobt Ber, style expert Tan France, food expert Antoni Porowski lifestyle expert Karamoo Brow, and grooming expert Jonathan Van Ness come together to change your life. This fabulous team is travelling across the country and change the life of one person forever.

Prepare for tears and laughter, and the show is full of fun and emotions, making it one of the best reality shows on Netflix.

2. RuPaul’s Drag Race

The era of ‘Drag ‘is here. With the on-point makeup and over-the-top wigs – self-expression is easier and more fun. The show is focused on changing your favourite celebrities into drag queens. RuPaul advises them about the basis of drag makeovers and helps them express themselves in a fun way.

3. Off Camera

When it comes to the best reality shows on Netflix Canada, Off Camera is full of excitement and beauty. Director and Photographer Sam Jone host it.

The show’s concept is based on sharing professional conversations with directors, musicians, photographers, musicians, and actors. The featured guest included Tony Hawk, Jackson Browne, Robert Downey Jr, Dave Ghoul, Jeff Bridges, and Jessica Chastain.

4. Impractical Jokers

The show identifies and appreciates the funny relation of four real-life best friends, Murr, Joe, Sal, and Q. They engage each other in outrageous stunts and funny dares, which are caught on the hidden Camera.

Each episode brings a dose of fun and laughter in the form of multiple challenges where individuals try to make others fall for their plots.

5. Penn & Teller: Fool Us

Who among us is not a fan of Magic (NOT ME!). Penn & Teller is a competitive reality show where aspiring magicians compete and entertain the audience with their best tricks. The ultimate goal is to fool Penn and Teller (the magical duo).


6. Hyperdrive

If you a fan of racing, this reality show is definitely fr you. It is non-scripted based on auto racing and produced by Charlize Theron.

You can follow all the actions of drifting drivers journeying across the globe in their modified beasts. Who would want to miss all this action?

7. Rhythm + Flow

This show is a Netflix original and is based on a music competition. You can call it American Idol, but it better and more badass. Outstanding judges, including Cari B, Chance the Rapper, ad T. I bring a character to the show, and guest judges, including Ty Dolla $ign, DJ Khaled, and Snoop Dogg, get an oomph factor.

With the grand prize of $250,000, the contenders from Chicago, Atlanta, New York, and Los Angeles bring their best performance to the stage, and you can check the raw and rising talent in the world of hip hop.

If you love music, especially hip hop, you should binge all the episodes, pick your favourite, and enjoy the raw but exciting musical journey.

8. The Big Flower Fight

Ten sets of florists, sculptors, and garden designers head to head in an agreeable botanical battle to see who can assemble the greatest, boldest flower sculpture. 

Blossoms are a vivid image of affection, tranquillity, appreciation, and mother earth in the entirety of its magnificence. ‘The Big Flower Fight‘ is a treat for your eyes, and you can appreciate nature in all its glory. 

The contenders are risking everything and fighting for a chance to showcase their sculpture at the royal garden. The plan of the model incorporates creepy crawlies, seats, mobiles, ocean animals, and fantasy segments, making it one of the best reality shows on Netflix.

9. Somebody Feed Phil

Food-related reality programmes seem delicious even if you can’t taste the delicacies. For example, somebody Feed Phil is a documentary that follows Phil Rosenthal; Everybody Loves Raymond.

Accompany him on a delectable adventure around cities worldwide, as he eats at restaurants, examines the local landscape, and meets new people. You’ll be smiling after watching the programme, and you’ll want to visit the area to appreciate it as much as Phil does!

10. Bling Empire

The show focuses on the wealthy lifestyles of East-Asian Americans and East-Asian socialites in Los Angeles. They call themselves the Crazy Rich Asians, and the whole primary cast is made up of East Asians living in the United States.

The show features diverse Asians, including models, real estate developers, philanthropists, plastic surgeons, entrepreneurs, film producers, and heirs.

Though it is available on Netflix Canada, you can enjoy it from anywhere by connecting to the Canadian server of ExpressVPNNordVPNSurfsharkCyberGhost, and PureVPN

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11. Amazing Interiors

This programme is for you if you enjoy the unique anterior and fantastic style. This show celebrates homes with distinctive and fascinating bespoke interiors by focusing on three buildings in each episode.

The proprietors of these featured properties usually live in a backyard rollercoaster, basement, bunker, hockey fan cave, or garage, which are all part-time museums. The home stands out from the crowd due to its unique location, rich colour, great texture, and gorgeous environment.

The highlight also includes before and after footage of the renovation, allowing you to understand the expense, time, and work that goes into constructing a one-of-a-kind home.

12. Death by Magic

Death By Magic is a show that focuses on dangerous magic feats and techniques that should never be tried at home. The use of authentic, piled weaponry, rushing trains, shot, and enclosed areas filled with water are just a few of the tricks.

During these fantastic performances, the audience usually screams and becomes enthralled. However, if you want to see how powerful illusion and Magic can be, this performance will make you forget to breathe with unrivalled moves and mind-blowing feats.

13. Blown Away

Glass art is, without question, a difficult medium to master. The arduous labour that goes into making a masterpiece is sometimes overlooked. You can watch the behind-the-scenes effort that goes into making some of the most incredible artifacts because it’s a glass-blowing competition.

The programme is relaxing and visually attractive, and it has earned a spot on Netflix’s best shows list. The competitor blasts your mind and glass with furnaces, molten glass, and blowpipes, but the ultimate result is worth dying for.

14. Survivor

Survivor is without a doubt one of the most exemplary reality programmes on Netflix, with a cult-like fanbase, 40 seasons, and 20 years under its belt. Every year, the participants are divided into tribes and sent to a deserted region to survive. Winning challenges and immunities can make life a little simpler for them.

Every week, a member of the losing tribe is voted off, and this process continues until only one Sole Survivor remains.

15. Love Is Blind

The show set up the pair and arranged blind speed dates for them in a pod separated by a glass wall, intending to bring 30 Atlanta singles together. Without seeing each other for ten days, the contestant date. They must either return home or be married after these ten days.

Following the engagement, the couple meets in person for a three-week countdown to their wedding and embarks on a fantastic honeymoon.

16. The Circle

The Circle, which premiered in 2020, follows a group of characters who live in an apartment building. They must live apart and communicate with one another via The Circle, a social networking app.

The competitors vote off other contestants based on their interactions and likeability. You may be anyone and select whatever personality you choose while dealing with others.

17. Selling Sunset

The show revolves around real estate brokers. The Oppenheim Group; Given that they are transacting in the Los Angeles high-end home market, you may expect drama and greed. With its excellent infrastructure and large structures, it is regarded as real estate porn.

18. Dating Around

Dating Around is the best pick for you if you want flair, glamour, and the crème of dating reality programmes. The show’s premise is very standard: a participant is sent to five blind dates.

All of these dates take place at the same restaurant and are flawlessly edited together. The dater must choose one choice worthy of a second date after weighing the options.

19. Shine on with Reese

Hosted by Reese Witherspoon, the show is focused on visiting the women who made their mark in the world and set the goals other women can achieve. Whether it is an actress, anger, entrepreneur, Reese will talk to every one of them.

20. The Chase

The game is a quiz show in which participants compete for money by confronting the chaser, a quiz show expert. Then, each participant takes part in a 60-second “chase” called the Cash Builder, in which they try to answer as many questions as possible in 60 seconds.

The contestants need to win as much money as possible to contribute to the team’s reward pool. In addition, the player must answer enough questions to stay ahead of the chaser on the gameboard. Otherwise, their earnings for that round would be forfeited.

21. The Rap Game

In this reality series executive produced by Queen Latifah and Shakim Compere, Jermaine Dupri coaches five young hip hop artists, aged 12 to 16, for a chance to sign a deal with his company.

22. The Big Day

Featuring some of the craziest and most extravagant Indian weddings, ‘The Big Day is all about making your big day the biggest deal. It shows the Indian culture, the wedding jitters, the dance, the colour, and a juicy Indian wedding component. 

Another factor that makes this show a hit – is the modern twist and individualized component added by the couples to make their special day different. Though an added oomph factor is added in each wedding – you won’t miss the must-have cultural features of a big fat Indian wedding. 

23. Best Leftovers Ever!

It’s a culinary programme in which three home cooks who are experts at producing wonderful dinners out of leftovers are pushed to create high-end, well-presented dishes using whatever leftovers they’re given.

24. Voices of Fire

Voices of Fire is a 2020 gospel musical documentary television series that follows Pharrell Williams, his uncle Bishop Ezekiel Williams and his team of gospel leaders. They hunt for exceptional singers to establish a world-class gospel choir in Pharrell’s birthplace of Hampton Roads, Virginia.


25. Glow Up

Glow Up is focused on finding new makeup stars that can revolutionize the beauty industry. Ten makeup artists compete in various tasks, with the winner receiving a contract with a well-known makeup artist.

These aren’t simply YouTubers who show you how to make the perfect smokey eye. Instead, these are MUAs who work on painting images on people’s faces using makeup, creating fake gore, and other similar tasks.


Reality shows can be the best form of entertainment if you have a curious mind. You can watch any type of reality show, including bakeoff, dating, matchmaking, car racing, interior designs, fashion, modelling, and much more. Our picks for the best reality shows on Netflix can help you satiate your craving for creativity.

Appreciate the talent of the artist and take ideas for your next family dinner. Even if you live outside Canada, you can enjoy these picks by connecting to the premium VPN services. So, connect to the Canadian server, grab the drinks, and enjoy unlimited creativity.

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