40 Best Horror Movies on Netflix Enough to Give You Nightmares

Horror is an entertainment genre enjoyed by millions. The horror fans cannot deny the rush of the gory details, a brutal murder, an unnatural presence, and the victims’ bloodcurdling screams. Considering what horror fans like the best, we have come up with forty best horror movies on Netflix to make you run for cover.

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Let’s dive into the screaming horrors without any further delay.

1. Escape Room

Six daring individuals visit a mystery facility to participate in an escape room game, in which participants compete to solve a series of riddles to win $10,000.

As the four men and two women find, each chamber is an elaborate trap that is part of a cruel game of life or death; what begins as seemingly innocent fun quickly turns into a living nightmare.

2. Truth or Dare

Olivia, Lucas, and many of their college pals take the last trip to Mexico before graduation. A stranger persuades one of the kids to play an innocuous game of truth or dare with the other pupils while they are there.

When the game begins, something terrible rises, a monster that drives the companions to divulge dark secrets and confront their greatest fears. Tell the truth or die, complete the dare or die, and if you quit playing, you will die.

3. 1922

The plot focuses on a rancher who seeks financial gain as a result of his wife’s death. He had to persuade his son to murder her because he planned to. Because the father wants his son’s cooperation, he keeps his girlfriend hostage.

They dispose of the body in the well, where rats consume it. The couple had to face the repercussions of their crimes as the rats continued to hunt them.

4. As Above, So Below

Scarlett Marlowe is an archaeologist who has spent her entire life locating Flamel’s Philosopher’s Stone. The stone’s mystical qualities are discussed in tales.

It can bestow eternal life and turn any metal into gold. Scarlett gathers a team when she discovers the stone’s location, unaware that she leads them to their deaths.

5. 1BR

Sara has recently relocated to Los Angeles and is seeking a place to make her own. She falls into the grips of a cult while fleeing her domineering father. With Brian’s participation, her ideal of a regular and quiet existence comes tumbling down.

He is a sadist who wishes for Sara to be free of human faults like selfishness. The movie steadily intensified Sarah’s trauma, which may startle your head and make you feel uneasy.

6. Alive

#Alive is a South Korean zombie movie. The story is based on the struggles of a man who is the sole survivor of a deadly virus. The virus turned everyone into zombies, and every day it is becoming hard to survive.

The movie revolves around the concept of modern isolation. The struggles of survival are what make this piece one of the best horror movies on Netflix.

7. Would You Rather

Iris is imprisoned at Shepard’s house with seven other needy individuals. Shepard compels them to play a cruel game in exchange for a significant quantity of money, but the problems escalate.

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8. We Summon the Darkness

Alexis Butler and her two pals, Val and Bev, are on their way to a heavy metal concert when a milkshake is thrown over their window from a blue vehicle. When they get at the front, they spot a blue van that looks identical, and Val throws a rocket into it, forcing the three young guys inside to flee.

Ivan owns the van, and his buddies Kovacs and Mark, who are about to fly to Los Angeles, are smitten with the young girls. Alexis invites the young men to her father’s unoccupied house after the play. During a Never Have I Ever game, the young girls drug the young men’s drinks and reveal their plan to murder them.

9. Under the Shadow

Shideh’s flat gets struck by a rocket during the Iran-Iraq War, and an eccentric neighbour speculates that the missile was cursed and was carrying terrible Middle-Eastern spirits.

She believes that a heavenly power within the building is attempting to kidnap her small girl Dorsa, and she must choose to fight these forces if she is to preserve her daughter and herself.

10. The Platform

The term “class” accurately describes capitalism. The plot focuses on a vertical jail where food is distributed according to one’s level. The best food is provided to the convicts on the higher levels, while the leftovers are given to the prisoners on the lower levels.

The film depicts both the positive and terrible aspects of human nature, how higher-level inmates devour their meals, and how they are famished. Hunger brings out the worst in certain people, and the films go into great depth into this aspect of human nature.

11. The Perfection

Charlotte Willmore is a talented young cellist who had to leave Bachoff, a prestigious Boston high school, to care for her very ill mother. Charlotte contacts Anton, the institute’s top executive, and travels to Shanghai, where she meets Lizzie (the institute’s star pupil), years after her mother’s death.

Charlotte befriended her, and it was subsequently revealed that she drugged Lizzie using medications prescribed by Charlotte’s late mother. Lizzie sliced her hand because the medications were causing her to have hallucinations.

12. The Invitation

A man comes to realize that his ex and her new spouse have terrible plans for the visitors while attending an evening event at his old home. When he saw the main door closed and a stack of sleeping tablets, his suspicions were confirmed.

As night falls, the wicked plan becomes increasingly apparent, and everyone must fight for survival. Is the evening going to be a disaster?

13. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

Mikael Blomkvist is a disgraced financial report which seeks redemption after being hired by wealthy Swedish businessman Henrik Vanger to investigate the killing of Vanger’s niece, Harriet, 40 years ago.

Vanger accepts that a member of his own family murdered Harriet. Finally, Lisbeth Salander, a strange yet intelligent expert whose acute trust isn’t quickly gained, joins Blomkvist on his dangerous quest for the truth.

14. The Forest

Sara, a young American, becomes determined to discover what happened to her twin sister when she goes missing in Japan. Sara’s examination takes her to the magnificent Aokigahara Forest, located at Mount Fuji’s foot.

She enters the mysterious wild with ostracising Aiden after being warned to “keep on the road.” Her investigation plunges her into a bleak realm in which the dead’s angry and anguished ghosts pursue those who attempt to study the wilderness.


15. The Conjuring 2

In 1977, paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren took a break from their planned vacation to visit Enfield, a borough in north London. They encounter Peggy Hodgson, an overbearing single mother of four who warns them that something terrible is at work in her house.

When the most youthful girl begins to show signs of evil belonging, Ed and Lorraine believe her account. The Warrens focus on the poisonous soul as they try to assist the abused young lady.

16. The Conjuring

Lorraine and Ed Warren, paranormal experts and demonologists, were summoned to Carolyn and Roger Perron’s house in 1970. The Perrons and their five daughters have recently relocated into a secluded farmhouse, where an unearthly presence generates a commotion.

Even while the signs are typically evident from the start, things quickly escalate into terrifying proportions, especially once the Warrens discover the house’s gruesome history.

17. The Ritual

Following the terrible loss of one of their classmates, four high school buddies reconnected and embarked on a trip across the Scandinavian countryside. They are sent to the strange Norse timberlands by an off-base metamorphosis, pursued by an ancient demonic. The fear of the unknown is what makes this film so compelling to watch.

18. The Boy

Greta, a young and lively American, gets a job as a babysitter in a remote English village for an 8-year-old child. Greta is shocked to learn that her new bosses’ kid is a life-size doll. They treat the doll as if it were a human, which helps the couple cope with the death of their kid 20 years sooner.

Greta’s biggest fear came true when she disobeyed a list of strict restrictions, and a series of horrific occurrences revealed that the doll is alive.

19. The Blair Witch Project

The Blair Witch, an incredible neighbourhood murderer, is the subject of a discovered video film that chronicles the storey of three film understudies who have travelled out to an inconspicuous community to gather narrative film about her.

The understudies speak with locals for a few days and cobble together facts to support the story’s validity. The adventure, however, takes a terrible turn when the understudies become disoriented in the wooded areas and begin to hear terrifying commotions.

20. The Blackcoat’s Daughter

An unhappy young woman embarks on a bizarre journey to an independent private institution where two abandoned understudies confront a horrible threat from a secret, sinister force in the middle of winter.

As the teacher’s and students’ journeys develop, they must contend with the persistent danger of an unknown presence. This piece is one of the finest horror movies on Netflix because of its mystery, thrill, and tension.

21. The Babysitter: Killer Queen

The tale continues in this sequel to ‘The Babysitter.’ Cole overcame his babysitter, who was the leader of a demonic organization, two years ago. Now that the time has shifted, Cole must once again face Bee and her troops. When his greatest dread comes true, he is still perplexed about how the old evil has resurfaced.

Because the narrative is a continuation, we recommend watching the prequel first. Cole’s terror is heightened by the attractiveness of a teenager and the thrill of youth.

22. The Babysitter

Cole is a typical adolescent with a thing for her caregiver. He once stayed up late to discover that his babysitter was a member of a demonic organization.

She and her other members performed a satanic ceremony in his living room to discover that Cole had witnessed the rite. They are now attempting to murder him to silence him at any costs. Cole is fighting for his life, and the worst thing is that no one seems to believe him.

23. Shutter Island

With a clever murderess on the loose, US Marshals Teddy and his new colleague are forced to visit the Ashecliffe Hospital. On a windswept isolated island, it is a fortress-like institution for the incurably mad.

The murderess fled from a locked chamber, and horrible things began to happen in the hospital area after she vanished. Teddy must face his anxieties as the inquiry progresses if he is to escape the island alive.

24. Shutter

Ben is a photographer who wants to make his honeymoon a business trip. He lands an exciting assignment in Japan, and his new spouse is ecstatic at the prospect of seeing the country.

They slammed into a lady while climbing the mountain one night but couldn’t discover her body. The incident is remembered as the pictures develop because there are ghostly images in the shots.

25. Ravenous

Following reports of missing people at Fort Spencer, Capt. Joh Boyd of a remote army outpost investigates the incidents. Frontiersman F.W. Colghoun remembers a terrifying storey as they assist the injured following their arrival at the new station.

The guide, a deranged US Army colonel, assassinated a wagon train. The regiment sets out to check Colghoun’s horrific accusations, bracing for the worst.

26. Pan’s Labyrinth

The action of the narrative took place in 1944 when the Allies invaded Nazi-controlled Europe. A unit of troops is dispatched to a distant woodland in Spain to ferret out the rebels. Captain Vidal, a murderous sadist, is in charge of the men.

His new wife and her daughter from a previous marriage accompany him. The kid is lured to Pan’s Labyrinth, filled with legendary entities, while she watches her new father’s violence.

The presence of a legendary entity gives this film an edge above other options, making it one of best horror movies on Netflix. 

27. Okja

Mija has been caring for Okja for ten years. She is a regular friend to the colossal creature with a giant heart. Mirando Corporation takes Okja for themselves, causing her life and happiness to be disturbed. They bring her to New York and offer her as a potential meat supplier.

Mija embarked on a journey to save Mija with no clear plan. Even though it is rarely classified as a horror film, it contains all of the elements. Throughout the film, you will encounter heartache, love, grief, camaraderie, and horror.

28. Little Evil

Gary is more than ready to accept Samantha’s kid Lucas when they marry. He tries and tries, but he can’t seem to connect with the silent Lucas. Lucas’s principal summons Gary and informs him about a teacher who committed herself after Lucas ordered her to go to hell.

Gary soon comes to believe that Lucas is a devilish antichrist who must be put to death. They bond as father and son when he brings him to an amusement park. Gary’s devotion for the child drives him to protect him at any costs and make the piece one of the best horror movies on Netflix. 

29. Knock Knock

Evan is a happily married architect who, owing to physical treatment visits and a job, lives alone with his dog. His wife and kids are taking advantage of a planned family beach tree.

When two ladies, Bel and Genesis, arrive at Evan’s door, he answers it and aids them in locating a party address. Evan’s life is turned upside down when a seemingly casual conversation evolves into a sexual encounter and a sequence of inexplicable incidents.

30. It Comes at Night

After a devastating epidemic destroyed the bulk of the population, a couple lives in a secluded region. Another family soon joined them in need of a place to stay.

As the families get closer, they begin to suspect each other of being infected, with the afflicted killing the innocent, demonstrating that nothing is more horrifying than human nature.

31. Insidious

A family relocates to a new home in the hopes of a better life. When their kid went into a coma, they received the shock of a lifetime. Odd and frightening happenings begin to occur following these occurrences, suggesting something nasty threat lurking in the house.

When medical aid fails, people turn to psychic and paranormal investigators for assistance. Due to a lack of time and the presence of demons, it becomes vital to safeguard the child’s body.

32. I’m Thinking of Ending Things

Jake, a woman’s seven-week boyfriend, is on the verge of breaking up with her. When she arrived at Jake’s parents’ sole property, she noticed marks on the basement door.

She notices her image while getting to know Jake’s parents and sees Jake’s parents transform into their younger selves. As the situation grows increasingly perplexing, she attempts to figure out what’s going wrong. Confusion, dread, and mystery combine to make this one of Netflix’s finest horror films.

33. Hush

Maddie is a deaf horror novelist who has taken to the woods to enjoy a tranquil existence. Sarah is her sole companion in the woods, and a masked assailant murders her. When the killer discovers, Maddie is deaf.

He tries to turn her into a victim. She must battle for her life. The chase and the thrilling events make it one of the best horror movies on Netflix.

34. Apostle

Thomas Richardson returned home in 1905, only to earn that his sister is being held for ransom by a religious cult. He is determined to get her back at any cost.

As the cult is residing on the idyllic island, he travels there and infiltrates their community. As he is trying to find his sister, he uncovers the evil secret that can ruin everyone’s life.

35. Before I Wake

Jessica and Mark are happy to become the foster parents of Cody, who is eight years old. He tells his new mother that he is afraid to fall asleep, who assumes it is a fear of a young child.

When the dead son of the couple appears in the living room, things take a twisted turn. They get to know that Cody’s dream can turn into reality, and they need to understand why.

The movie’s concept and the trill are unmatchable, and it is often titled one of the best movies on Netflix.

36. Cam

Alice works as a camgirl for the FreeGirlsLive website. She broadcast sexual content and wants to be on the top spot. Her mother does not know about her career, but her brother often advises her to spill everything.

She is so obsessed with the top spot that she fakes her suicide to gain viewership. One morning she tries to log into her account, but all of her attempts failed. When she noticed that her identical is streaming and pretending to her, she wants to know the truth.

The search for the truth and the twisted incident make it one of the best horror movies on Netflix so you should give it a try.

37. Cargo

With a spread of a virus, the infected are turning rabid in 48 hours. The Rose family is living safely on a houseboat in rural Australia. Andy leaves the boat to find food, later Kays to collect supplies, and gets attacked by a rabid human. She later bites Andy, who is now working on the goal to protect Rosie.

Thoomi (once a school teacher) promises to protect the child and start the journey to a safer place. The survival skill, hope to live, and constant fear is what make this movie a must-watch.

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38. Child’s Play 2

Serial killer Charles Lee Ray inserted his soul into a Chucky doll. Two years after this incident, the toy company recreated the doll bringing Ray back into action. The possessed doll is trying to claim a body and kill his way towards the former owner.

As Andy’s foster parent believes him to be a troubled child, his sister tries to protect him. Who will Chucky kill next? The gross killing and the storyline make this series one of the best horror movies on Netflix.

39. Creep

Aaron is a struggling videographer who is trying to make ends meet. He responds to a stranger’s ad to make a movie for his unborn child. As the day progresses, Aaron starts getting uncomfortable with the house and Josef’s behaviour.

Somehow he manages to flee from the house but soon realizes that Josef is stalking him. The movie is full of suspense, emotion, drama, and a constant mystery trying to get the actual picture of Josef.

40. Gerald’s Game

Jessie and Gerald are trying new approaches to revive magic in their married life, and a handcuff is a new addition to their collection. As Gerald handcuff Jessie to the bedpost, she starts having doubts about it and asks Gerald to stop.

As Gerald pays no heed to her pleas, she kicked him and killed him in the process. As she realizes that there is no one around, she starts hallucinating about her impending doom. The emotional dilemma make it one of the best horror movies on Netflix. 

The selection is a definite gift for the Canadians, but you don’t have to worry if you are not in Canada. As you now have access to the best horror movies on Netflix, you can enjoy this list for months. A word of caution, watch them at your own risk. Happy streaming!

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