How to Cancel Netflix in October 2021? (Easy Guide)

Subscription to any online service whether it is backup, music, storage, or streaming has become so easy that we often forget to cancel it. If you are wondering how to cancel Netflix, we will guide you through every step.

Though Netflix is the ultimate source of entertainment due to unlimited content after connecting to the servers of the best VPNs for Netflix, sometimes you want to take a break from the service.

Unlike other services, canceling Netflix is pretty easy and it helps you say goodbye to the service on a positive note.

How to Cancel Netflix in 2021: Step by step Subscription Cancellation

Here are the simple steps that can help you cancel your Netflix account without any hassles.

  • Log in to your Netflix account.
  • Select the profile and click ‘My Account‘.
  • Select ‘Membership & Billing‘.
  • Now select ‘Cancel Membership‘.

Cancel Netflix through a Web Browser

Here the steps that can help you cancel Netflix using a web browser.

  • Start the web browser.
  • Go to the official Netflix website.
  • Click the downward-pointing arrow then ‘Account‘.

how to cancel my netflix account

  • Go to Membership & Billing and click ‘Cancel Membership‘.

Web browser cancellation

  • Confirm the action and your subscription will be canceled.

Cancel Netflix through iTunes

Here is how to cancel Netflix on iPhone if your Netflix subscription is billed through iTunes.

  • Start the Netflix app on your iOS device.
  • Select ‘iTunes & App Store’.
  • Select your Apple ID visible at the top of your screen.
  • Tap the ‘View Apple ID‘ option.
  • Select ‘Subscriptions‘.

Cancel netflix subscription on iOS

  • Netflix will appear in the list of active subscriptions, select it.
  • Now select the option of ‘Cancel Subscription‘ and ‘Confirm‘.

Cancel Netflix through Google Play

Here are the simple steps you need to follow to cancel your Netflix subscription on Google Play.

  • Open the Google Play Store.
  • Tap the ‘Menu‘ icon.
  • Select ‘Account‘.
  • Now select ‘Subscriptions‘.
  • After selecting Netflix, tap ‘Cancel‘.

Cancel Netflix on Mac

Here are the steps you need to follow for canceling the Netflix subscription on Mac.

  • Select ‘Account‘ after opening iTunes.
  • Go to ‘Settings‘.
  • Select ‘Manage‘.
  • At the right, select ‘Edit‘.
  • Now tap ‘Cancel Subscription‘ and ‘Confirm‘.

Cancel Netflix on iPhone

These are the simple steps involved in answering the question of how to cancel Netflix subscription on an iPhone.

  • Open the Netflix app.
  • Tap the ‘Menu‘ icon.
  • Select ‘Account‘.
  • Now select ‘Cancel Streaming Plan‘.
  • You are directed to the iTunes subscription page.
  • Select ‘Netflix‘ then ‘Cancel Subscription‘.
  • Confirm the action.

Cancel Netflix on Android

Here the steps you can follow to cancel Netflix on your Android device.

  • Visit the web browser.
  • Open the Netflix application on your device.
  • Select the profile and tap the icon in the upper right corner.
  • Select the account and Cancel Subscription.

The Best Alternatives for Netflix

Though Netflix is the best streaming service with the most extensive collection of horror shows, horror movies, comedy movies, anime, reality shows, comedy shows, and secret codes; if you are serious about canceling the subscription, here are some of the alternatives.

  1. HBO Max
  2. Disney Plus
  3. Hulu
  4. Amazon Prime Video


As gift cards are non-refundable, in case you have canceled your Netflix subscription, you can keep enjoying the service till the gift card balance runs out.

Canceling Netflix steps is easy. All you need to do it to follow the steps above described for each device and you are good to go.

Yes, you can cancel Netflix immediately and still enjoy the service for the remainder of the month depending on your payment.

You can delete any profile on Netflix by going to the ‘Manage Profile‘ section. Select the edit icon of the profile and select the option of ‘Delete Profile‘.

If you canceled Netflix and still getting charged for the subscription it means that someone using your account have accidentally restarted it and you need to cancel the subscription again.

Enjoy the best shows and best movies for the rest of the month even after canceling but make sure to change your password so it does not happen again.


Though Netflix is the best streaming service, this guide about how to cancel Netflix can help you take a break from the service.

The cancelation process is pretty easy because Netflix wants to remember the good time and do not implement the usual hassle associated with the cancellation of any service subscription.


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