25 Best Horror Movies on Netflix Enough to Give You Nightmares

Horror is an entertainment genre enjoyed by millions. The horror fans cannot deny the rush of the gory details, a brutal murder, an unnatural presence, and the victims’ bloodcurdling screams. So, considering what horror fans like the best, we have come up with forty best horror movies on Netflix that can make you run for cover.

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Let’s dive into the screaming horrors without any further delay.

Best Best Horror Movies on Netflix

1. A Quiet Place

They will pursue you if they hear you. To evade strange monsters who hunt by sound, a family must live in quiet. Evelyn and Lee are determined to protect their children while urgently seeking a means to fight back, knowing that even the tiniest whisper or footstep might result in death.

2. Annabelle Comes Home

In this entertaining and family-oriented PG-level horror adventure, the tween daughter of famous demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren must face not just the titular cursed doll but a whole menagerie of spirits unleashed from their collection of occult artifacts.

3. Annihilation

An elite team of military experts is entrusted with studying the isolated impact site after a tiny meteor collides with Earth. The crew encounters altered wildlife, twisted human remains and discovers that they can no longer recall lengthy periods as they investigate “The Shimmer.”

From then, things just get stranger. While Annihilation may be appreciated just as a sci-fi horror picture, it also succeeds as a cerebral one. When it isn’t grossing you out with gore, Annihilation poses huge issues about what it means to be human.

4. Bird Box

Only one thing is evident when a mysterious force decimates the population: if you see it, you will die. The survivors must now avoid colliding with a creature that takes on the appearance of their darkest nightmares.

A mother and her children set out on a dangerous trip through the woods and down a river. They are searching for a haven of refuge, hoping to find hope and a new beginning. But, to make it, they’ll have to blindfold themselves and shield their eyes from the horror pursuing them.

5. Bone Tomahawk

Farmer Patrick Wilson, gunfighter Matthew Fox, and old coot Richard Jenkins are led by grizzled sheriff Kurt Russell on a mission to rescue a kidnapped woman.

They come upon a forgotten clan of Native American cannibals known as “troglodytes.” This is a terrifyingly effective survival horror film that is not for the faint of heart.

6. Carrie

This time around, Chloe Grace Moretz plays the titular adolescent misfit, tormented by both school bullies and her religious nut mother until her budding telekinetic talents are released after one too many humiliations at the Prom.

The revenge, trauma, emotional abuse, and violence make it one of the best horror movies on Netflix Australia, so do give it a try.

7. Doctor Sleep

Years after the horrifying events at the Overlook Hotel, psychic Dan Torrance, now a recovering alcoholic, battles a coven of rapacious immortals led by Rose the Hat for the soul of a psychically gifted child.

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8. Don’t Breathe

A group of drunk teenagers, including Jane Levy, go out to rob a blind man’s home, only to discover that the older adult is far more deadly than they could have imagined.

Fede Alvarez milks the gruesome house invasion concept for maximum suspense, resulting in a fast-paced, violent, and at times unsettling urban thriller.

9. Eli

In this flawed but delightful horror film, jump scares are plenty. The story follows a young kid suffering from an undisclosed disease and is confined in a haunting home while receiving treatment.

The set-up is frightening, the effects are fantastic, and the final 15 minutes are insanely intense. In addition, the twists will have you on the edge of your seat.

10. Fright Night

William Ragsdale, a horror movie fanatic, believes his new neighbour is a vampire. Unfortunately for him, he is correct, but we can only hope that washed-up horror presenter Roddy McDowell can rediscover his mojo before our hero turns into a liquid lunch.

The movie is full of scares that can make you scream your lungs out, and this is why it is one of the best horror movies on Netflix.

11. His House

His House is about a refugee couple that flees to England from war-torn South Sudan. They have a hard time adjusting to their new surroundings, including a run-down London mansion haunted by a less-than-benevolent spirit.

His House is a top-tier horror film that is both engaging and aesthetically stunning, with a lot to say about assimilation and loss. You’ll get chills from it.

12. I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House

A nurse caring for a senile writer develops suspicions that the writer’s home is haunted and discovers a murder from the early 1800s. When she uncovers the truth, her life becomes disrupted by the entity’s involvement in her life.

The story, plot, suspense, thrill, and horror make it one of the best horror movies on Netflix, and you should not miss it.

13. Interview with the Vampire

Louis, a bicentennial vampire, was born as an 18th-century nobleman and is now recounting his storey to an enthusiastic biographer. After losing his family, he becomes suicidal until he encounters Lestat, a vampire who convinces him to choose immortality over death and become his companion.

Louis eventually decides to leave his cruel creator, but Lestat persuades him to stay by transforming a little girl, whose arrival to the “family” causes even more strife.

14. It Chapter 2

The wicked clown Pennywise returns 27 years after being defeated by the Losers’ Club members to threaten Derry, Maine, once more. But, unfortunately, the childhood pals, who are now adults, have long ago parted ways.

When individuals start missing, Mike Hanlon summons the rest of the team for one last stand. The united Losers, scarred by the past, must overcome their darkest fears to defeat the shape-shifting Pennywise.

15. Malevolent

When a brother-sister pair who fabricates paranormal encounters for a living takes a job on an estate with actual paranormal activity, they receive more than they bargained for.

16. May the Devil Take You

A young woman visits her father’s old villa searching for answers to her father’s strange sickness and finds a terrifying truth from the past. But, as she comes close to revealing the truth, her life becomes chaotic by the interference of an unknown presence.

17. Misery

Novelist Paul Sheldon is saved by former nurse Annie Wilkes, who claims to be his biggest admirer after a catastrophic automobile accident. Annie takes him to her isolated cottage to recuperate, but her obsession takes a sinister turn.

She learns that Sheldon is murdering one of her favourite characters from his books. Annie becomes increasingly oppressive, even aggressive, as she drives the author to alter his writing to suit her warped fantasies and Sheldon devises escape schemes.

18. Orphan

Kate and John are devastated by the loss of their newborn child and decide to adopt a kid. Both are captivated by a small girl called Esther in the orphanage, and the couple soon adopts her as their new daughter.

But, as a sequence of scary events unfolds, Kate comes to believe that something sinister lurks underneath the child’s beautiful façade.

19. Overlord

On the eve of D-Day, American paratroopers infiltrate the walls of a fortified chapel and destroy a radio transmitter by dropping behind German lines. But, as the soldiers approach their objective, it becomes clear that there is more going on in the Nazi-occupied town than a straightforward military operation.

The outnumbered soldiers stumble onto a nefarious experiment as they make their way to an underground lab, forcing them into a brutal struggle against an army of the undead.

20. The Shining

Jack Torrance takes a job as a winter caretaker at Colorado’s remote Overlook Hotel, hoping to break his writer’s block. Instead, he and his wife, Wendy, and their son, Danny, who suffers from psychic premonitions, move in.

Jack learns the hotel’s dark secrets and begins to disintegrate into a murderous madman hell-bent on tormenting his family as his writing goes nowhere and Danny’s visions get increasingly unsettling.

21. The Witch

When a farmer’s youngest son Samuel mysteriously vanishes in 1630 New England, his wife and children are filled with fear and sorrow. Thomasin, the oldest daughter who was minding the kid at the time of his abduction, is blamed by the family.

Mercy and Jonas, twin siblings, suspect Thomasin of witchcraft as suspicions and paranoia grow, putting the clan’s faith, devotion, and love to the test.

22. Train to Busan

As zombie hordes wreak havoc on South Korea, citizens flock aboard the titular train in the hopes of finding safety. While Gong Yoo’s single father battles for his young daughter’s safety, you can witness the love and courage.

As the dead begin to pile up and eventually rise, the chances of survival appear to be dwindling, so what will a father do to save his daughter?

23. Us

Adelaide Wilson returns to the beachside home where she grew up, accompanied by her husband, son, and daughter. A horrific incident from her past haunts Adelaide, and she is more worried that something horrible may happen.

When four masked individuals descend upon the House, driving the Wilsons into a struggle for survival, her darkest nightmares become a reality. When the masks are removed, the family is shocked to see that each attacker appears to be one of them.

24. Velvet Buzzsaw

Who doesn’t appreciate the beauty of art? What should you do if the art is hell-bent on murdering you? The film is based on the same plot, in which an undiscovered artist’s work is unearthed. Because of their selfishness, individuals attempting to benefit from the art face doom after the discovery.

The freshly discovered paintings and art are causing a stir, and everyone wants a piece of the action. But, unfortunately, the search into the artist’s origins reveals some dark realities, such as child abuse and human experimentation.

The artwork wishes for the gallery owner to appreciate the art for its own purpose, not for the sake of profit. But, unfortunately, greed is the driving force behind the fury of art, murdering virtually everyone engaged with selling, purchasing, or showing artworks.

25. Veronica

During a solar eclipse, an adolescent girl and her pals wish to use an Ouija board to call the ghost of the girl’s father. However, during the session, she loses consciousness, and it quickly becomes apparent that wicked demons have arrived.


Will (Armie Hammer), a New Orleans bartender, begins receiving frightening pictures on the phone left in the dive where he serves drinks, and things only get worse from there.

Wounds is a decrepit exercise, with every set, scene, gore joke, and even character oozing with physical and moral degradation. Wounds is a coating that clings to your skin and festers there.


The selection is a definite gift for Australian residents, but you don’t have to worry if you are not in Australia. You can always change the Netflix regions to change these hits. 

As you now have access to the best horror movies on Netflix, you can enjoy this list for months. A word of caution, watch them at your own risk. Happy streaming!

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