Best Alien Movies On Netflix Australia For Extraterrestrial Action

What shape might aliens take if they ever decided to visit our tiny planet? Would they be cute tiny blue monsters with glowing paws or slimy giants hellbent on destroying the world?

Many of us here prefer alien fiction to other genres. However, as the entertainment giant ruling over the streaming arena, there is no shortage of entertaining content on Netflix, providing you with some of the megahits and must-watch Netflix Australia titles

In the last few years, Netflix has improved its extraterrestrial movie game, now including some of the best alien movies of all time.

Netflix’s film library is particularly great when it comes to 21st-century indie films like Okja and Safety Not Guaranteed, as well as Netflix originals like Project Power and The Platform.

Whether you’re seeking aliens, superheroes, space travel, technological perils, or innovative peeks into the future, it’s an exciting moment for speculative fiction to watch the best alien movies on Netflix in Australia.

Now without further ado, let’s enjoy the best alien movies to watch on Netflix in Australia.

25 Best Alien Movies On Netflix in Australia [January 2022]

1. Starship Troopers: Traitor of Mars (2017)

Starship Troopers Traitor of Mars

IMDB Rating: 5.5/10

Director: Shinji Aramaki

Writers: Edward Neumeier

Stars: Dina Meyer, Justin Doran, Emily Neves

Runtime: 1h 40m

Johnny Rico has been downgraded to the rank of colonel and moved to a Martian space station to train a fresh group of troops following the events of the Invasion.

Unfortunately for him, his team is inept. Mars has a low level of support for the battle, as their planet is untouched by the insect fight and has even suggested withdrawing from the combat.

The inhabitants of Mars were caught off guard when the bugs struck because of their laid-back demeanor. Sky Marshal Amy Snapp conducts her power ambitions behind everyone’s backs. 

2. Jiu Jitsu (2020)

Jiu Jitsu (2020) - Best Alien Movies on Netflix

IMDB Rating: 2.9/10

Director: Dimitri Logothetis

Writers: Dimitri Logothetis

Stars: Nicolas Cage, Mary Makariou, Rick Yune

Runtime: 1h 42m

The fate of humanity hangs unevenly as soon as Jake Barnes, a renowned Jiu-Jitsu MMA fighter, disagrees with a new facing Brax, an invincible extraterrestrial entity.

Jake is arrested by an army team unprepared to confront the vicious invader who has landed onto the world, injured and struggling from acute amnesia.

Jake is saved by Wylie and the years-old order of Jiu-Jitsu fighters, which will help him restore his memory and power so that they may join together and destroy Brax in the ultimate battle that will decide humanity’s fate.

3. Zathura: A Space Adventure (2005)

Zathura A Space Adventure (2005)

IMDB Rating: 6.2/10

Director: Jon Favreau

Writers: Chris Van Allsburg

Stars: Josh Hutcherson, Tim Robbins, Dax Shepard

Runtime: 1h 41m

When their father is summoned to work, two little boys, Danny and Walter, are left in the hands of their adolescent sister, Lisa. They are advised to stay inside.

When their house is flung into space, Walter and Danny are surprised when they start playing Zathura, a space-themed board game they discover has mysterious abilities.

The lads seek to return home with the assistance of an astronaut. It is one of the best movies of its era, which still entertains its audiences fabulously and has been top-ranked in the list of best alien movies on Netflix in Australia.

4. Stargate (1994)

Stargate (1994) - Best Alien Movies to watch on Netflix

IMDB Rating: 7.1/10

Director: Roland Emmerich

Writers: Dean Devlin

Cast: James Spader, Viveca Lindfors, Mili Avital

Runtime: 2h 1m

An expedition discovered a weird contraption in Egypt in 1928. Dr. Daniel Jackson, an exiled linguist, is recruited by a mystery lady to translate an ancient hieroglyph in a military installation in the present day.

Soon after, he discovers that an intelligent society created the gadget and creates a doorway that allows him to go to another planet.

Colonel Jonathan ‘Jack’ O’Neil invites Dr. Jackson to join a military team investigating the new planet under Colonel Jonathan ‘Jack’ O’Neil’s command.

They discover a place that resembles Egypt and individuals who worship and are slaves to Ra, the Sun God. However, they quickly learn the strange “stargate’s” secret.

5. Planet 51 (2009)

Planet 51 (2009) - Best Alien Movies on Netflix

IMDB Rating: 6.0/10

Director: Jorge Blanco

Writers: Joe Stillman

Cast: Jessica Biel, Gary Oldman, Dwayne Johnson

Runtime: 1h 31m

Except that he’s an extraterrestrial, Lem is just an ordinary adolescent trying to snag the girl and further his profession at the local planetarium.

At least, that’s the hope of US astronaut Captain Charles T. Baker, who lands on Lem’s planet in the hopes of planting a flag quickly and returning to Earth and his millions of shouting admirers.

However, the media on this strange world has labeled spacemen as brain-eating, fantasy monsters, prompting Baker to flee for his safety and into Lem’s home.

It’s now up to the green locale to return the clumsy astronaut to his spaceship before military tyrant General Grawl, and psycho scientist Prof Kipple destroys the Earthly guest.

6. Beyond Skyline (2017)

Beyond Skyline (2017)

IMDB Rating: 5.3/10

Director: Liam O’Donnell

Writers: Liam O’Donnell

Cast: Jonny Weston, Frank Grillo, Callan Mulvey

Runtime: 1h 46m

In a parallel story to Skyline, Mark Corley, a Los Angeles police detective, assists his estranged son, Trent, get out of jail just as an extraterrestrial invasion begins.

A blue light draws the whole inhabitants of the city into several spacecraft. Although most humans are murdered or captured one by one, Mark leads a group of remaining humans via subway tunnels to escape.

Following the city’s nuclear devastation, the survivors – Mark, Trent, Audrey, Sarge, who is immune to the blue light due to his blindness – flee to the harbor, only to be taken into the alien flagship by a towering alien tanker.

7. Dark Skies (2013)

Dark Skies (2013) - Alien Movies Netflix

IMDB Rating: 6.3/10

Director: Scott Stewart 

Writers: Scott Stewart

Cast: Josh Hamilton, Kadan Rockett, L.J. Benet

Runtime: 1h 37m

The Barrett family lives on a quiet suburban street in an undisclosed American city, with mother Lacy, father Daniel, elder son Jesse, and younger son Sammy.

Lacy, a real estate agent, is now responsible for sustaining the family because Daniel is unemployed.

Their two sons have a good bond and converse with each other through walkie-talkies from their mattresses. A series of weird happenings beset the family.

When she turns on the light, she discovers that the room is completely dark. Sammy is discovered wandering away from the house, but he has no recollection of leaving.

Lacy, Daniel, and Jesse all have catatonic episodes and wake up with no memory of what happened to them.

8. The Signal (2014)

The Signal (2014)

IMDB Rating: 6.1/10

Director: William Eubank

Writers: Carlyle Eubank

Cast: Brenton Thwaites, Beau Knapp,  Laurence Fishburne

Runtime: 1h 37m

Jonah, Nic, and Haley, three MIT students, are on a road trip to transport Haley to California, a choice that is putting strain on Nic and Haley’s relationship.

Nic says that he doesn’t want his myopathy to hold her back, and Haley senses Nic is pulling away. Nic and Jonah learn that the hacker NOMAD has discovered their position and is tormenting them with bizarre and eerie emails while staying at a motel.

They trace NOMAD down to an abandoned home near their trail in Nevada and decide to pursue him. Nic and Jonah hear Haley scream and rush outdoors to watch her lifted into the sky before dissolving into the white light.

9. Battle: Los Angeles (2011)

Battle Los Angeles (2011)

IMDB Rating: 5.7/10

Director: Jonathan Liebesman

Writers: Christopher Bertolini

Cast: Will Rothhaar,  Jim Parrack, Aaron Eckhart

Runtime: 1h 56m

Meteors are bombarding Los Angeles and other places worldwide, and they appear to slow down until they enter the Earth’s atmosphere.

The planet is abruptly besieged by space aliens who land off the coast of Los Angeles and start slaughtering everyone on the beach. The military has been called to action.

Marine Staff Sergeant Nantz was relocated to a new platoon when he was ready to retire. A new 2nd Lt. Martinez is leading the platoon, carried by chopper to the forward operating post at Santa Monica Airport.

They are dispatched on a mission to save several citizens who are trapped in an alien police station. Unfortunately, they barely have three hours to finish their objective and leave before the Air Force strikes the area.

10. Godzilla: The Planet Eater (2018)

Godzilla The Planet Eater (2018)

IMDB Rating: 5.1/10

Director: Hiroyuki Seshita

Writers: Gen Urobuchi

Cast: Takahiro Sakurai, Tomokazu Sugita, Daisuke Ono

Runtime: 1h 30m

The last Bilusaludo aboard the Aratrum demanded punishment for Haruo demolishing what they believed was essential to battle Godzilla after the devastation of Mechagodzilla City.

Haruo unveiled Bilusaludo’s actual objectives of integrating Earth, according to the humans. The Bilusaludo revolted and closed down the ship’s engine compartment, forcing the ship to operate on backup batteries for the next two days.

Haruo learns from Dr. Martin on Earth that Yuko is brain-dead but that the nanometal in her body is keeping her alive.

He also discovers that those treated by the Houtua escaped the nanometal’s attempt to absorb them, with Methphies convincing the survivors that their survival was due to divine intervention. 

11. Mars Attacks! (1996)

Mars Attacks! (1996)

IMDB Rating: 6.3/10

Director: Tim Burton

Writers: Len Brown

Cast: Glenn Close, Pierce Brosnan, Jack Nicholson

Runtime: 1h 46m

President James Dale convenes a conference with his advisers after US satellites image many flying saucers approaching Earth.

Despite General Decker’s cautions, he is persuaded by Professor Donald Kessler that Martians will have a sophisticated civilization and would be peaceful by nature.

Authorities, some residents, and the media organize a welcome committee for the aliens, unaware that Mars is invading Earth.

12. Escape from Planet Earth (2012)

Escape from Planet Earth (2012)

IMDB Rating: 5.9/10

Director: Cal Brunker

Writers: Cal Brunker

Cast: Rob Corddry, Jessica Alba, Jason Simpson

Runtime: 1h 29m

Highly regarded astronaut Scorch Supernova is a true hero among the blue aliens on the planet Baab. Scorch is a maestro of daring rescues, and with the silent assistance of his geeky, by-the-rules brother Gary, chief of mission control at BASA, he pulls off incredible exploits.

Scorch dismisses Gary’s concerns and runs out for yet another thrilling adventure when BASA’s no-nonsense leader Lena alerts the brothers of an SOS from a famously deadly planet.

Gary is left to defend his brother, his planet, his loving wife Kira, and their adventure-hungry kid Kip as the cosmic stakes soar to unprecedented heights.

13. Home (2015)

Home (2015) - Best Alien Movies on Netflix

IMDB Rating: 6.6/10

Director: Tim Johnson

Writers: Tom J. Astle

Cast: Steve Martin, Matt Jones, Jim Parsons

Runtime: 1h 34m

The Boov, a race of aliens, are fleeing the Gorg, their arch-enemy. They arrive on Earth and relocate humans to specific cities so that they can live there.

Oh, one of the Boov is obnoxious yet wants to be liked. When he mistakenly sends a signal out of the planet, the Boov are afraid that the Gorg will follow it to Earth, and they point the finger onto Oh.

He flees, which is something the Boov are skilled at. He meets Tip, a girl who hasn’t been evacuated. She wishes to track down her mother, and Oh agrees to assist her if she assists him. They have a unique friendship.

14. A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon (2019)

A Shaun the Sheep Movie Farmage

IMDB Rating: 6.8/10

Director: Will Becher 

Writers: Mark Burton

Cast: John Sparkes, Kate Harbour, Justin Fletcher

Runtime: 1h 27m

This movie stands in the top positions of best alien invasion movies to watch on Netflix in Australia. After the great rescue effort in Shaun the Sheep Movie, something sinister is happening in the idyllic community of Mossingham (2015).

A mysterious, incredibly quick UFO enters the Earth’s atmosphere. It crashes near the lush Mossy Bottom Farm while cheeky Shaun buys pizza for the woolly flock under the nose of the Farmer and Bitzer, the ever-vigilant sheepdog.

Can Shaun and the other lambs provide a hand and safeguard their new extraterrestrial friend from the Ministry of Alien Detection and its ruthless boss, Agent Red?

15. Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle (2018)

Godzilla City on the Edge of Battle (2018)

IMDB Rating: 5.8/10

Director: Hiroyuki Seshita

Writers: Gen Urobuchi

Cast: Kana Hanazawa, Yûki Kaji, Mamoru Miyano

Runtime: 1h 41m

The Aratrum is unable to reach Haruo and the others after their encounter with the original Godzilla during the events of Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters.

If the Aratrum’s drones do not discover survivors within 48 hours, the Captain orders, the ship to be withdrawn. Haruo Sakaki is revealed to have been saved by a native girl named Miana, who used a mysterious substance to cure his wound.

Before being abducted by Miana’s hunting party, Haruo reunites with some of his colleagues after being accosted by who they subsequently learned to be Miana’s twin sister Maina.

16. Monsters: Dark Continent (2014)

Monsters Dark Continent (2014)

IMDB Rating: 4.3/10

Director: Tom Green

Writers: Jay Basu

Cast: Sam Keeley, Kyle Soller, Johnny Harris

Runtime: 1h 59m

The Infected Zones have now spread throughout the globe ten years after the events of Monsters. A new uprising has erupted in the Middle East.

At the same time, there has been an increase in the number of Monsters in that area. To deal with the rebellion, the Army decided to conscript extra troops.

We accompany four brand-new recruits from Detroit as they eagerly await the opportunity to put their training into action.

The youthful warriors venture deep into the IZ on a life-changing assignment through the center of monster territory. Unfortunately, by the time they get to their destination, they will have had to confront the actual horrors of destroying the alien menace. 

17. Green Lantern (2011)

Green Lantern (2011) - Alien Movies on Netflix

IMDB Rating: 5.5/10

Director: Martin Campbell

Writers: Greg Berlanti

Cast: Blake Lively, Mark Strong, Taika Waititi

Runtime: 1h 53m

The Green Lantern Corps has flourished for generations, sworn to uphold cosmic order. Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds), the newest recruit, is the first human to join the ranks.

Humans, who have been unable to command the abilities of the ring each member wears, are treated with contempt by the Green Lanterns.

When a new enemy known as Parallax threatens the worldwide balance of power, Jordan, a skilled and arrogant test pilot, may be the corps’ only hope. 

18. Alien Xmas (2020)

Alien Xmas (2020) - Best Alien Movies to Watch on Netflix

IMDB Rating: 6.2/10

Director: Stephen Chiodo

Writers: Kealan O’Rourke

Cast: Kaliayh Rhambo, Barbara Goodson, Keythe Farley

Runtime: 42m

The Klepts, a colorful alien race, got greedy and pillaged their home planet’s resources long ago. Finally, their hue faded, and they embarked on a journey through space, grabbing anything they could.

Supreme Leader Z, the Klepts’ leader, plans to plunder all of the “things” on Earth.

Her plan entails constructing a gadget known as “the Gyrotron” on the North Magnetic Pole that will erase Earth’s gravity; things on the globe will be propelled into orbit, where the Klepts’ spacecraft can gather them. This is among the best alien movies to watch on Netflix in Australia right now.

19. Skylines (2020)

Skylines (2020)

IMDB Rating: 4.7/10

Director: Liam O’Donnell

Writers: Matthew E. Chausse

Cast: Jonathan Howard, Rhona Mitra, Lindsey Morgan

Runtime: 1h 53m

Rose is in command of the human spacecraft fleet, which is battling the alien spaceship fleet. The ‘Harvesters,’ as the aliens are known, are aboard the mothership, the Armada, orbiting the Moon.

Rose, however, stops before she can fire after bursting past enemy lines, and one of her ships is destroyed.

Rose is forced to destroy one of her ships when it gets caught in the crossfire as the Armada prepares to fire on Earth, sacrificing hundreds of her troops in the process, but she succeeds in defeating the Armada.

20. Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (2001)

Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius (2001)

IMDB Rating: 6.0/10

Director: John A. Davis

Writers: John A. Davis

Cast: Mark DeCarlo, Jeffrey Garcia, Mary Hart

Runtime: 1h 23m

The simple narrative of a 10-year-old kid and his robot dog combating evil, retrieving his parents, saving the Earth, and coming home in time for supper is told in “Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.”

Jimmy is constantly developing new devices to spice up his life in Retroville. Jimmy, a young genius with true kid emotions, fantasizes about living on his own from time to time.

When Jimmy’s hometown’s parents are stolen by invading aliens, he rapidly learns that things aren’t so wonderful without them.

21. Extinction (2018)

Extinction (2018)

IMDB Rating: 5.8/10

Director: Ben Young

Writers: Spenser Cohen

Cast: Lizzy Caplan, Erica Tremblay, Emma Booth

Runtime: 1h 35m

A family’s father has dreams about terrorist strikes. His family is concerned about his well-being. He thinks he’s having another nightmare one night during a party.

But his worst fears are becoming a reality. He and his wife are frantically trying to get their children to safety. They begin to discover that the assailants are not all that unlike themselves. 

22. Revolt (2017)

Revolt (2017) - Best Alien Movies on Netflix

IMDB Rating: 5.3/10

Director: Joe Miale

Writers: Joe Miale

Cast: Jason Flemyng, Lee Pace, Sekoati Sk Tsubane

Runtime: 1h 27m

After being knocked unconscious after combat with highly electrified bipedal robotic creatures, an American Special Forces man stationed in Kenya experiences memory loss.

He subsequently awakens in a detention cell, wearing ripped fatigues and no recollection of anything beyond excruciating pain.

In the neighboring cell, he meets Nadia, a French foreign aid military doctor who tells him he “sounds American” and kidnaps them by a group of xenophobic thugs.

23. Cosmic Sin (2021)

Cosmic Sin (2021)

IMDB Rating: 2.5/10

Director: Edward Drake

Writers: Edward Drake

Cast: Bruce Willis, Corey Large, Perrey Reeves

Runtime: 1h 28m

Comic Sin is a new epic sci-fi alien adventure that stars Bruce Willis and Frank Grillo and is set in the year 2524, four hundred years after humanity began colonizing the outer planets.

After a hostile extraterrestrial fleet attacks soldiers on an isolated planet, retired military general James Ford is summoned.

The danger to humanity develops into an unavoidable interplanetary conflict, in a rush to thwart the impending onslaught before it’s too late, General Ford partners up with General Eron Ryle and a team of elite warriors.

24. Doom: Annihilation (2019)

Doom Annihilation (2019)

IMDB Rating: 3.7/10

Director: Tony Giglio 

Writers: Tony Giglio

Cast: Dominic Mafham, James Weber Brown, Nina Bergman

Runtime: 1h 36m

Dr. Betruger’s experiment is effective, although the victim is somewhat disfigured as a result. A detachment of Marines on a mission to protect the Phobos base emerge from cryosleep aboard a UAC transport vehicle.

Joan Dark, a disgraced lieutenant that the other Marines are hesitant to work with, is one of them. Bennett Stone, a physicist and Joan’s ex-boyfriend, joins them.

The Marines are given orders to investigate and restore electricity after they cannot contact or access the facility.

Bennett learns that the reserve power has been reduced to 2%, giving them 90 minutes until the fusion reactor explodes as they enter through the emergency door.

25. Rim of the World (2019)

Rim of the World (2019)

IMDB Rating: 5.2/10

Director: McG

Writers: Zack Stentz

Cast: Miya Cech,  Alessio Scalzotto,  Annabeth Gish

Runtime: 1h 39m

Summer camp has hardly just begun when aliens abruptly invade the world. Four misfit teenagers are unexpectedly presented with a key that holds power to prevent the invasion at a campsite that was once brimming with people.

Without adults or technologies to assist them, they must come together, face their anxieties, and save the world.


Though you can watch anything and everything on Netflix Australia, including comedy, thriller, horror shows, Halloween movies, suspense, horror movies, cartoon, action, romance, cooking shows, sci-fi, reality, emotional drama, Marvel shows, and documentaries – its time to enjoy the best alien movies on Netflix in Australia.

In the list of best alien movies to watch on Netflix in Australia, alien presence has always been a topic of contention, and Hollywood has only fueled our otherworldly dreams.

Whether aliens are viewed as benign or evil, it’s always fascinating to see another life form shown on screen. So if you’re looking for something unique to watch on Netflix, go no further than these fascinating extraterrestrial films.

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